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Avitaweek 2009: Hunting for ghosts

Tonight, Amy and I are staying at a bed and breakfast that is supposedly the most haunted in Central Florida. When the TAPS team from Ghost Hunters visited it, they had several strange occurrences, including shadow figures, a chair that seemed to have a figure sitting in it, and a flip flop that went missing.

While we’re planning on enjoying ourselves there, we don’t expect to experience anything paranormal at all, for the following reasons:

1. Amy will just assume that any strange noises are made by me.
2. I’ll sleep through anything.
3. Without her glasses on, she won’t notice any shadows, much less a real person standing right in front of her.
4. My snoring will scare away any ghosts that might be within a 10-mile radius.
5. If something gets misplaced, Amy will just assume that she put it away in the wrong place.

We’ll totally be the worst amateur ghost hunters ever!

Also? I think I love these two girls:

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19 Replies to “Avitaweek 2009: Hunting for ghosts”

  1. Jerri Ann

    Ok, first of all, where in Central Florida are you? I lived in one part of Central Florida (I mean, it is a big area) at one time and I don’t recall any ghost houses…but it’s a good thing.

    As for the flipflops? I wish I had known before I had to buy a pair just because I needed one for the broken foot…strange thing…you can’t buy those things in singletons….oh well…have fun…

  2. hello haha narf

    wait. you are staying there on purpose? oh hell no. i would be too scared. and would hate to have to explain to the owners that i peed the bed.

    those girls are phenomenal. even though i am guilty of never touching the shift key, i would totally do them

    ignore me, please. i think i am still drunk. britt tried to kill me with alcohol. she came close to succeeding. stupid half a bottle of vodka.

  3. Sybil Law

    That video is awesome! :lmao:
    I wonder if the ghosts will anally probe you?! :lmao:
    Damn, I am tired today.
    Okay – have fun and tell Casper “HI!”, for me.
    Protect Amy!

  4. whall

    If this is the last post you ever have done (live I mean, because I know you’re the kind of person who would have pre-posted a bunch of comments like PS I Love You Long Time), I’d like to remind everyone that you were going to send me, like a lot of money and stuff.

    oh, and I love that video.

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