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Crackling and crispy

How could be any better than it already is?

Add bacon!

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37 Replies to “Crackling and crispy”

  1. Cris

    So today was a snow day. Mrs. Cris gets up and makes coffee and the house fills with the smell of bacon. Mrs. Cris is NOT known for her domestic skills, so this is a real treat. In fact, I can’t resist going in the kitchen and swiping a small thin (almost translucent) strip of bacon to try out.

    Immediately my mouth is filled with bacony goodness but soon the flavor turns all wrong. The texture is not right and I can’t even seem to bite through it. Finally it grows so nasty I gag and pull it out of my mouth like a sword swallower in the circus. That’s when we realized my dainty lil Miss Homemaker had fried up a package of bacon for the family… and fried a strip of the plastic package while she was at it! Yup, I had a mouth full of bacon flavored plastic toxins. I will probably be dead by morning.

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