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Soup or bowl

Most of you know how I feel about spectator sports. I don’t understand what you retards enjoy about living vicariously through a team of athletes chasing a ball around a field or a court. Loyalties to a team because they’re from a certain town or part of the country or because your parents rooted for them is blindingly stupid in a world where players jump teams like frogs on crack in a pond full of lily pads.

I’ve figured out one reason that matters, though. One reason that makes it worthwhile to cheer for a team and feel tension during each play. One reason to care about football or baseball or basketball or hockey.


After winning $25 during the Super Bowl last night, I’ve figured out that I could totally care about sports if I bet on one of the teams.

Goodbye apathy about sports. Hello degenerate gambling!

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72 Replies to “Soup or bowl”

  1. Amanda

    I’m with you, only with no desire to gamble. I watched the fourth quarter because I was worried I would miss the office if the game ran over or under so I wanted to make sure I got to see it all

  2. Undomestic Diva

    After a recent trip to Vegas, I learned that while my husband will cash-out because he’s up $10, I will play until the money is gone. I don’t play to win, I play to… play.

    Such is the case with the $20 I threw away in one of those Super Bowl pools this weekend. Have I ever won one? No. Will I ever? No. Will I still buy a square or three next year? OF COURSE. Do I have a point? No.

  3. bluestreak

    I agree completely. There is no reason ever to care who wins unless you really have something to lose.

    Well, or unless you have awesome seats to a game, in which case I would root for whoever’s side I was sitting on, you know, just to keep the peace.

  4. Grant

    Who won? For that matter, who played?

    I’m just glad it’s over. I’m sick of all the excuses we’ve had to clog every store since Thanksgiving (pre-xmas shopping, after xmas sales, winter clearance, etc.). I want the shopping world to return to normal so I can buy a soda without standing in line for half an hour.

  5. Jay

    I got myself into trouble at work once for suggesting we start a weekly football pool. They acted like I was the mafia trying to take control of all the illegal gambling in the area.

    So I guess next season you will be making picks against the spread and betting teasers and parlays and all that fun stuff? Maybe you should move to Vegas?

  6. NYCWD

    I don’t bet on the team.

    I bet on the coin toss and the colors.

    I’ll also bet on Summer Blockbusters… like from last night I’m willing to bet GI Joe grosses more than Transformers 2.

  7. LV Lizard

    If it wasn’t for sports betting and cheerleaders, I’d be happy to let them all just disappear, but since it’s a decent moneymaker for me, I’ll let all the guys in tight clothes keep touching each other on television :cocksuck2:

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