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Fun and prizes! Well, prizes at least.

Today is the birthday of my good friend and proud fellow geek, Heather. She’s 37, which means that she will soon be a decrepit gimpy old lady on her deathbed.

In her honor, I have written her a special message:

Scraro acworaaoacworc’c aoacahrcaoro-cwohowowhaoac roworarc rhwo rac rhoohuwhaoahwwhuan rac aoacwo wwanworac ahwh anooohrhraoaoara’c wwhurc.

Clearly, it’s in some type of code.

The first person to correctly translate it in the comments wins a $25 Amazon gift card!

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23 Replies to “Fun and prizes! Well, prizes at least.”

  1. Vic

    Well I could go for the obvious happy birthday, but I won’t. It’s probably something rather insulting and unmentionable if I don’t want to upset Heather who I don’t know. So I won’t mention it.

  2. shiny

    This was painfully easy. All you have to do is reverse the order of the letters in each word!

    The message reads:

    Orarcs c’crowcaoaarowca oroacrhacaoa-caoahwowohowc crarowor owhr car nauhwwhaoahwuhoorh car owcaoa carownaww hwha c’araoaoarhrhooona cruhww.

    Email me privately for my mailing address.

  3. Jeff

    It says, “you people are all idiots for wasting your time on this because I just put down a bunch of gibberish” which is ironic because when you translate it – it’s NOT gibberish. Brilliant!

  4. Beth

    “Screw Heather, this is ADAM’s blog and you must only focus on ONE thing. The fact that ADAM has a heinously large penis”

    Here’s my address, send the card ASAP

    Blah Blah Blah
    12 Inches is Not Enough
    Cummington, IN 69696

  5. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    OK, I just sat and complained on my post yesterday about how my age is stealing my IQ, along with assistance from screaming kids?!? And you want me to translate my happy birthday message? From Wookie-speak? When I visited an official Star Wookie-speak language page and this is nothing like that?

    Screw it. Thanks for my present, thanks for the post, and thanks everybody for my birthday wishes! :thumbsup:

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