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Can’t read my handwriting

My block

Let me tell you about this block. It was made in Adobe Photoshop CS2. I made it by using the shape tool to make three squares. Then I edited the perspective to make the sides look three-dimensional. I added a gradient to give it a bit more shading, and then added lighting effects to it.

I started making this block at 12:10 on Friday, February 6th, and finished at 12:15. I named it “block.jpg” so that I would be able to easily find it in My Documents.

I wrote this post because I was trying to think about something to write. I keep a notebook where I jot down ideas for blogging, and so I consulted it. Even though my handwriting was a bit hard to read, one note said, “Do a blog post in February to celebrate Block History.


In other Avita-news:

Go wish Jessica, aka Black Belt Mama, a happy birthday or she might karate chop your sorry ass!

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19 Replies to “Can’t read my handwriting”

  1. bluepaintred

    go back and give it a shadow. there is “light” coming from the upper left, there should be a shadow on the bottom right.

    I tell my boys this, and now I’m gonna tell it to you : There is no point in doing somehting unless you are going to do it all the way.

  2. Amanda

    I can tell you as someone whose taken a bajillion design classes (architecture, interior, graphic, and general) that blocks are important. However ,I’d stick with a a 30 degree angle instead of a 45 for more realism

  3. hello haha narf

    i had a great comment and then all the bond music started (the spy who loved me is on my tv right now…james bond marathon all day). for some reason i get kinda turned on by bond music. and i completely lost my comment.

    so ummm,

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