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Ten Honest Things About Me

Dave did a post where he was rehashing a meme called “Ten Honest Things About Me”. I’ve already listed more than 100 things about me that are honest and interesting and weird, but I thought I’d see if I can come up with ten more:

1. When I was in high school, I listened to Rush Limbaugh. After I went to college and started thinking for myself, I realized that he was just as big a buffoon as Howard Stern is.

2. I didn’t swear in front of my parents until I was in my mid-twenties. While my parents swear without a problem, I’ve only heard my dad say “fuck” once when he was really pissed at me and my mother say it once when it was integral to a joke she wanted me to hear.

3. I think some semblance of class structure is good for the world.

4. If I had to pick one hobby or past time that I had to choose and could do only that one activity forever, I would pick reading over anything else.

5. I write complaint letters to companies who have done a bad job for me, and I expect my opinion to matter.

6. I used to be a very angry person and in college I went through a phase where I felt complete apathy for everyone and everything. When I came out of that phase, I no longer got mad at people. Even now, I almost never lose my temper. (It’s how I’m still friends with Britt!)

7. When I need to think about something, I’ll usually pull up some type of strategy or puzzle game online and do that for hours.

8. The only person whose death I truly mourned was William M. Gaines, who died when I was 15.

9. I’ve only been in one physical fight in my life, and I lost. It was two on one when I was in the eighth grade and they were older and I never had a chance. As I grew older and larger and meaner and scarier, things changed. There were opportunities when a fight might happen, but the person backed down instead. I much prefer the latter memories.

10. I’m not really frightened of anything. I have a few phobias, but anything that I have the conscious ability to control doesn’t scare me.

In other Avitanews, thanks to those of you who joined us last night for a lively talk about employer/employee relations and who’s an awesome boss vs. who’s an awesome employee. If you missed it, you can download the episode and listen to it or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

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28 Replies to “Ten Honest Things About Me”

  1. Sybil Law

    I missed the show because of frigging power outages again! At least this time it was only 4 hours, instead of 5 days. I’ll listen later, but I’ll probably just get mad at you. :lmao:
    I’d pick reading, too- by far. And I also have to agree that you hold your temper incredibly well. You impress me with your calm while she’s going apeshit – it makes me laugh.

  2. NYCWD

    I have to second B.E. Earl‘s shock at you choosing reading over masturbation… or DVDs… or bottle cap collecting… or blogging for that matter. That and the whole semblance of class structure semi boggles my mind.

  3. Turnbaby

    “”but anything that I have the conscious ability to control doesn’t scare me.”” So Britt scares you shitless then huh? *giggling*

    I too would pick reading.

    I also use puzzles–word games–etc to help when I am pondering things

    Sybil is cracking me up

  4. Grant

    I moved a lot growing up which meant I was always the new kid and thus got into fights constantly. I can honestly say I’ve never lost a fair fight, which means I lost most of them since it was usually 3+ against one fighting guys who were much older. Not my favorite memories either.

  5. Jessica

    #6 definitely made me say, “Wow, shocker.” out loud in a sarcastic voice. I think some of that apathy is still there.

    Every physical fight I’ve been in (like two) I’ve lost because they did something to my glasses. And I’m a 5’4 weakling.

  6. Hilly

    It killed me when Britt and I were there and we were like, “yammer yammer yammer….blah blah blah…this person is such a fuckdick…rant rant rant” and you just stayed calm and said, “yeahhh”.


  7. Miss Britt

    “I’m not really frightened of anything. I have a few phobias, but anything that I have the conscious ability to control doesn’t scare me.”

    Um, dumbass? A phobia IS being frightened of something. And NO ONE is afraid of things they feel like they can control. That’s the point. That is, ultimately, what fear boils down to.

    Your inability to admit a weakness and desperate need to justify one to make it something you don’t actually see as a weakness is so… predictable.

  8. Poppy

    I’m with you on the whole reading thing… but I enjoy doing it while on the train with music in my ears. Sitting or standing, don’t care which.

    And it’s nice to learn new things about an old friend.

    I knew better than to call into the show last night. I was fucking PIIIIIIISSED at my boss over something stupid that had to do with exactly the topic of the show. Dawg explained from the managerial side why my boss was doing what he was doing and after I got through my hormonal rage I saw the positive in the situation and actually did as my boss had asked me to today. But, for the record: I HATE being micromanaged. It feels like you don’t trust me.

  9. whall

    I think in your quest to piss people off and dwindle your commenthood down to a more manageable level, you should get any of Rush’s books and read one chapter aloud, and then post it. Better yet, do a vlog.

    WAIT NO. BETTER YET – get Ann Coulter’s latest book “Guilty” and read the chapter “Victim of a Crime? Thank a Single Mother”.

    I dare you.

    OOOH OOOH. We could do a radio show! Me, you, and Dave2. Here’s the format:

    1. We choose a controversial enough book and chapter.
    2. I read a paragraph out of the book
    3. You read the next paragraph out of the book. Then I read. You read. We keep going until the chapter is complete.
    4. For every minute Dave2 goes without interrupting, we donate a two dollars to (or a kitten adoption center specializing in LOLcat captioning).

  10. hello haha narf

    i will totally donate funds to whall’s suggestion! that there is some funny stuff, i don’t care who you are!
    (i’m giggling while thinking that dave would have to hit the mute button because he would go batshit crazy on yinz. priceless!)

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