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My impression of a baby

Avitable’s Baby Impression from Adam Avitable on Vimeo.

Direct link here.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in last night to “Clearly, You’re Retarded“. In the end, I’m pretty sure the consensus was that money did indeed always improve your life, even if Britt wouldn’t admit it.

And the answer to yesterday’s post was #1. That was the message I chose for the flowers.

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28 Replies to “My impression of a baby”

  1. whall

    My kingdom for a phone/blackberry that let’s me see flash!

    (and by ‘kingdom’ I mean ‘next paycheck’ and by ‘phone/blackberry’ I mean ‘super power’ and by ‘flash’ I mean ‘the future’)

  2. Jay

    That was juuuuuust a bit creepy.

    You also left out “I’ll also wreck your car, get arrested for pot possession. And then I’ll knock up some girl and she and I and our demon spawn will move in with you mom and dad.”

  3. Avitable

    LeSombre, that’s awesome!

    Amanda, can I suckle at your teat?

    Whall, you’re missing out!

    BTDT, that’s what I get for writing my post when I was falling asleep!

    Ashleigh, well, I always put love in the messages somewhere.

    Hilly, tell the gays that my Logitech Quickcam has avatars and effects like this.

    Jay, that too!

    Whit, I think you’re talking about those commercials, right? I fastforward past creepy baby commercials.

    SPD, as long as you’re not at attention.

    Bubblewench, waaaaaaa!

    Poppy, yeah, I don’t know why it did that. All three were bolded in the post itself.

    SciFi Dad, oh, my baby would be awesome.

    Sybil, creepy things usually are!

    NYCWD, and that’s why I don’t want a baby!

    Turnbaby, money will always improve life, no matter the situation.

    Finn, I was really tired.

    Britt, ’bout damn time.

    Grant, even babies with beards?

    Karen, me too!

    Faiqa, your wish is my command.

    BE Earl, no, I don’t see any comment anywhere. Are you suuuure you wrote one?

  4. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    Dude. That was just creepy.

    Did I mention that the next time we come to Florida, we’re bringing the kids? And I’m already talking up “Going to see Mickey with Uncle Adam!”

    The kids can’t. Freaking. Wait.

    You. Mouse ears. Dragging three toddlers. It’s going to be awesome. πŸ™‚

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