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Massaging your prostate for fun and profit

Last month, I reviewed a Blowjob Imitator. This month, I’m trying out a new sex toy from the same online adult store, Eden Fantasys. If you can’t view the video below, here is the direct link.

Massaging your prostate for fun and profit from Adam Avitable on Vimeo.

The biggest concern that anyone should have with this product is the seemingly thin silicon that connects the prostate massager to the testicular massager. I can only imagine having that break off and then having no means to extract the massager. Nobody wants that, especially not the ER docs. On the other hand, I’ve stretched it and twisted it and snapped it and tried to break it, and it hasn’t, so maybe it’s sturdier than it looks.

Do you want to stick something in your ass? Or maybe you just want some lotion? You can shop online at Eden Fantasys and use promo code BLOG1000 for 10% off all orders!

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38 Replies to “Massaging your prostate for fun and profit”

  1. hello haha narf

    i want my seven and a half minutes back.

    (although the toy seems pretty sturdy, i’m certain eden is thrilled that you told your readers to throw away the product and buy a new one every time since it has been in a butt.)

  2. Avitable

    Beth, that’s WTS.

    Ginger, Smurftastic!

    Amanda, I’ll send this to you to try on Mike if you want.

    Ashleigh, I like to destroy childhood memories.

    Dave2, it’s the new Smurf, Goatse Smurf.

    Whall, it’s completely SFW, except for a little bit of language.

    LMSS, I don’t know how he pooped before!

    BE Earl, living with perpetual blue balls – gotta suck.

    Just Beth, why? Nothing bad happens!

    SPD, with some help, I’m sure you could. Ask a neighbor.

    Hello, why? You didn’t like the video?

    LeSombre, they’re sexy.

  3. Miss Britt

    OK, seriously though.

    According to this review, you stick it in your butt and THEN turn it on. I don’t think you could actually reach around and turn it on.

    Wait a minute. Those things pull out POOP?!?!?!

    Ew. No.

  4. Finn

    I’d think that after the knifing, the toy probably felt really smurfy.

    @Britt – you should be able to turn it on with no problem if you’re lying down. OK, even if you’re not lying down. You can wipe your butt, right?

  5. NYCWD

    Dave2 beat me to the ripping the Smurf a new one portion of my comment.

    LeSombre beat me to the dolphin portion of my comment.

    SciFi Dad beat me to the best product review ever portion of my comment.

    On the bright side… at least you found your product niche.

    • Clayton

      When I was in high school, my sister’s friend gave her a “how to please your man in bed” book, probably as a gag. As a dutiful teenage boy I decided to find out what I was in store for in the world. So… referencing the book, my textbook heterosexual education included anal/prostate stimulation as an option and so I’ve always considered it a normal thing when heard discussed by other people.

  6. Valerie

    To keep it clean you could stick a condom on it or use an enema first. We liked the removal segment. What do the people at Eden Fantasys think of your reviews? Some of the other ones seem serious.

  7. Avitable

    Sybil, I wanted his first time to be memorable.

    SciFi Dad, you could try a butter knife. Either way, if you don’t have a butthole, there will be some pain involved.

    Cambria, unfortunately for you, yes! πŸ™‚

    Britt, of course you can reach it. And they won’t pull out poop if you’re careful about when you do it.

    Finn, he was smurfing fountains of smurf. And even standing up, most people can still reach their butt, right?

    NYCWD, I know! I just have to avoid being stagnant with them.

    Grant, even a Japanese schoolgirl with tentacles?

    Metalmom, smurf yeah.

    Crys, no, you smurfed. Get it right.

    Sheila, who are these inquiring minds and why can’t they ask for themselves?

    Karen, nobody likes to see an asshole rended apart.

    Jay, what if it was a dull knife?

    PotU, no. The Smurf has been smurfed in the trash can.

    Steph, that final image makes it!

    Clayton, it is pretty normal among heterosexual men.

    Robin, does he hate Smurfs?

    Valerie, I didn’t want to give the Smurf an enema. The people at Eden Fantasys enjoy my reviews. Their whole approach is more about SEO than having product reviews, so any link is a good one, even if you deflower a Smurf while doing it.

  8. Avitable

    Marty, four phrases. None of them say “Stop smurfing me in my smurf!”

    Hilly, hahah – it’s “Soccer Practice” by Johnny McGovern the Gay Pimp. It was also used in True Blood.

    CarrieAnn, and that Smurf will never walk the same.

    LV Lizard, apparently, they enjoy my reviews.

    Sarcastica, I inquire because I care.

    Deb, yeah, I thought that was pretty funny by itself.

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