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No cure for hiccups

I have the hiccups from Adam Avitable on Vimeo.

Now that I’ve entertained you, do me a favor. Go over and visit Britt’s new product review blog for women. She’s going to be reviewing products that women want to use, not products that women want to use for their children. And she’s even giving away a mini vibrator!

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30 Replies to “No cure for hiccups”

  1. LeSombre

    You know most hiccups “cures” have been invented to entertain the hiccupper’s friends. 😉

    Now go drink from the wrong side of the glass while eating a spoonful of sugar running around your house naked.

  2. Sybil Law

    I remember once, years ago when I had the hiccups, some guy made me drink a beer standing on my head. Then afterwards, he tried to feel my boobies. I don’t even remember if it worked or not – I was pretty drunk. Try that!

  3. SciFi Dad

    I used to struggle with hiccups until my sister suggested I drink a glass of water in small sips without stopping. Works every time.

    (Come ON dude, you post about hiccups you’re practically changing your header image to

  4. NYCWD

    Take a deep breath and hold it so the lungs push down on the diaphram. It’s like stretching out your muscle when you get a cramp.

    Or maybe you could transfer the client to a star salesperson while you hiccup in solitude.

    Like Superman.

  5. Poppy

    Georgie had the hiccups this past weekend! She was doing her new cutest trick of laying across both Dawg’s and my laps, snoozing, and started silently “convulsing” in quick bursts. Once I confirmed she wasn’t having a seizure I thought it was adorable!

  6. kapgar

    Fucking hiccups have no consideration for us and our business, do they? Hope you shook them quickly. At least you didn’t have them for a recording of the show. Now THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!

  7. Finn

    The sugar works like a charm. Plus, it’s SUGAR.

    I don’t know if it’s the color of the room, the sunlight over your shoulder or the hands-free thing, but you look really good in this video.

  8. Lynda

    My trick is to drink water until I need a breath. I’ve heard to drink water upside down, but then the glass tilts and water gets up my nose and that just seems to make my problems worse.

    Sugar under the tongue also works for me.

  9. Mari

    You have to admit, you practically *begged* for crappy advice! Awesome.
    Stand up. Hold your breath. Bend over and wait until you feel faint. Or actually faint, whichever works. And while you’re down there…. :cock:

  10. Avitable

    BE Earl, that totally worked!

    Amanda, that’s exactly what happened!

    Daisy, ha! It’s like yawning!

    Bubblewench, it’s easy – I write it during the funny hour, from 11-midnight.

    LeSombre, but that’s what I usually do every afternoon for fun.

    Metalmom, I’ve used that concept before. It never works.

    Sybil, okay – c’mon over and I’ll feel your boobs and see if my hiccups go away.

    SciFi Dad, yeah, I didn’t think about all of the assvice when I posted this.

    NYCWD, if only I had a star salesperson.

    Poppy, I quickly confirmed that I also was not having a seizure and was adorable.

    Heather, I turned the can upside down to drink it but it all poured out.

    Kapgar, I can’t imagine trying to talk to Britt with hiccups, it would be ridiculous.

    Bossy, that would have been helpful yesterday!

    Kevin, but where do you put it? Is it a rectal spoonful of sugar?

    Grant, that’s true. It might.

    Britt, why didn’t you tell me this yesterday when I actually had the hiccups and called you? Bitch.

    Finn, maybe you’ve finally realized that you’re attracted to gorillas.

    Hilly, I don’t even know how I would do that without pouring water up my nose.

    Robin, finally. You’re my savior!

    Lynda, that second one sounds like an old wives’ tale.

    Ren, now that is a genius idea!

    Steph, that must be it.

    Hello, my hair is about a quarter-inch long. What video were you watching?

    Mari, that’s my typical morning routine anyways.

  11. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    Did you say “worstest hiccups”?!

    Also, I used to always do Hilly’s trick but then it stopped working.

    Then, one day when I was hiccuping like a wino on a three day binge, a co-worker said “I’ll give you five bucks if you give me a hiccup.” Apparently, you can’t hiccup on command. This works every time.

    Of course, you’re a high rollin’ big baller so whoever is merciful enough to try this trick on you should start with $50 because you wouldn’t be as excited about five bucks like us peons.

  12. cris

    Dude, I really posted a kick ass comment this morning around 5am my time. I scolded you for putting some customer on hold so you could make a video blog.

    Then I told you I had read a few years ago that laughing or some other disruption along the diaphragm could stop hiccups. When I read this years ago I tickled my hiccuping little girl until she nearly wet her pants. IT WORKED! I then recommended next time you have a CO2 overload you go engage Britt in a tickle fight.

    eh… did you delete that comment? Am I Missing some subtle hint that the CEO of a Corporation can’t be encouraged in engaging am employee in an innocent office tickle fight?

    Can you see me now?

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