Clearly, You're Retarded was the radio show with Adam Avitable and Britt Reints

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In other Avita-news, tonight at 9 PM is another new episode of “Clearly, You’re Retarded”! Set LOST to record on your DVR and tune in to part of the largest online radio show that has the word “retarded” in its title!

Tonight’s topic: If a teen or adult child is mentally retarded, should the parents have the child sterilized so the child doesn’t procreate? What if they’re capable enough to live outside of the home, like in a group home or some other setting?

If you listen live, you can join everyone in the chatroom where there is usually a lively discussion going on that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. You can create an account at Talkshoe and download the Talkshoe Pro software or just listen as a guest. I recommend downloading the Talkshoe Pro software because even though it still has problems, it seems like the problems are more minimal with it. Hope to see you there!

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39 Replies to “Steal This Shirt!”

  1. B.E. Earl

    Just curious, and in no way putting you down, but how do you come up with the topics for your show? Did this come up in conversation, or have you recently read something about it?

    Because it seems like a topic chosen merely to spawn flame debates. Is it really that important to either of you? It if is, I apologize. But I can’t imagine having a passionate view on this subject if one isn’t personally affected by it.

    Like I said…just curious.

  2. Lynda

    Interesting topic. I hope you mention Buck vs. Bell and some of the other legal cases from the 30’s and 40’s, regarding this topic.

    I have debated for a long time getting a similar shirt from ThinkGeek, but after some poor customer service, I really don’t want to buy from them again.

  3. Sybil Law

    The shirt is awesome – but I’d rather just have one with your URL on it!
    I will so be at the show. I’ve tried hard to get my sleep patterns together this week so I can listen and not actually be tired. I’ll probably still be tired, but hey – clearly, I am retarded.

  4. Robin

    How did you guys come up with this topic for the show tonight? I mean damn…

    If I didn’t like the show so much and get why you guys do it, I would think this topic was just for shock value.

    And yeah, of course i’ll be there.

  5. Poppy

    It’s funny what questions instantly offend me…

    I will do my best to listen. And my best not to hate you for simply posing the question.

    Btw, we’re all mentally retarded. We only use 10% of our brain if we’re lucky. So, good news for you: none of us should procreate!!!!

  6. Avitable

    Undomestic Diva, buy 10 of them!

    Amanda, by tonight, do you mean Tuesday when you commented or tonight? It’s not new tonight?

    Redneck Mommy, we’re just trying to encourage some discussion.

    Whit, hahaha – genius! I will steal that.

    Robin, yeah, this should be an interesting show tonight.

    Hello, but that’s part of the fun!

    BE Earl, well, we’ve talked about cloning, abortion, and the death penalty, just to name a few topics. We have a huge list of debate topics that we’ll go through to see where we disagree and where we agree. If we think the topic is something we can talk about for an hour, we choose it. That usually means that it has to be interesting, somewhat controversial, and something that Britt feels strongly about in some way.

    Lynda, oh, Britt doesn’t want to hear about actual facts when we argue. It just confuses the issue! You should order my shirt, instead – Zazzle has pretty good customer service.

    LeSombre, fucker.

    Sybil, well, you can do that too – you can customize the URL to anything you want!

    Robin, this isn’t any worse than any other topic. Just because it has the word “retarded” in it doesn’t mean it’s more controversial than anything else.

    Vic, how’d you guess?

    Poppy, which is funny, because a question that’s not a leading question shouldn’t offend you at all unless you know the right answer but don’t like it.

  7. Bridget

    Hahha I totally need one of those shirts. Every time something funny happens when I’m out with my friends they get all paranoid and are like “umm… are you gonna blog this?” or they demand it, “you better blog this!” i should just wear this shirt at all time to save them the brain energy.

  8. Finn

    So the t-shirt thing was just fluff to balance out that really depressing topic. Seriously, it just makes me want to curl up in the corner and cry. How awful to even have to think about such things.

  9. Faiqa

    Oh. My. God. Really? You think mentally slow people should be sterilized?

    (P.S. Dear God, please, please, don’t ever let Adam be in charge of anyone other than himself. Ever. And give me the strength to stay up long enough to call in and yell at him. And please make me lose 45lbs the day after I have my baby. And can I have $50K, too? I promise to spend piously. OK. Thanks.).

  10. Avitable

    Robin, I say you have.

    Bridget, see? I read your mind.

    Kiefer and Emo, both of you should order one each.

    Finn, hmm. I’m thinking that you might just be a tad bit emotionally charged right now.

    Grant, oh, yes it does!

    Faiqa, where did I say that I believed that. Maybe that’s what Britt believes!

    Stephanie, I don’t see how – it should be a pretty clear cut issue.

    NYCWD, I didn’t want to make a distracting shirt. Some of the best ones out there are just simple.

    SuperSteve, that was a great review!

    BE Earl, he’s a quick one, that Steve.

    Heather, why do I scare you? Doesn’t anyone believe the way I do?

  11. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    Would you please change the time of your show to 9 CT?! Then I could come.

    Because I have opinions on this topic! And they aren’t what you’d expect. I’m pretty sure that you and I share the same opinion.

    This seems to always happen.

    I can’t wait to listen to the podcast tonight.

  12. Avitable

    Sheila, Britt can’t stay up that late. How about you just stop going to church? You know you’re on the bus to hell with the rest of us anyways.

    Sarah, that’s why you should wear this shirt.

    Hilly, why yes. 😀

    Lynda, I guess that makes sense.

    Crystal, it might be difficult for people of advanced age to understand.

    Mik, that’s great!

  13. whall

    Haven’t listened to the show yet, but in general I’d have to say that reproductive ability should be absolute, and there’s no reason strong enough to take them away.

    Today’s reason of mental retardation could turn into tomorrow’s reason of poor eyesight.

    More simply put, there is no benefit gained from restricting procreation for any subset that outweights the risk to personal liberty.

    I’m probably ordering the shirt. I just wish it was in a color other than white. I’m prejudiced that way.

    • Avitable

      Actually, you can choose any color you want for the shirt!

      With regards to the show, the topic we focused on was in the situation of someone who was severely disabled, would be unable to care for a child, and didn’t even comprehend the concept of sex or conception. Many disabled women who can’t care for themselves are the victims of sexual abuse, so sterilizing them can be in their best interest.

      • whall

        I have been properly educated about shirt colors and have chosen the nice kind-of green one. Man, they’re expensive. It better not suck or rats will eat your colon.

        I can see the benefit in the situation you describe, but it still doesn’t come close to being worth the potential eroding away of rights. The situation is still boiled down to “reproductive rights is being taken away from [person] for [reason]” and the great concern I have is how easy it would be later on down the line to slightly modify [person] and/or [reason] until it gets morphed into something heinous.

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