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Not my dog

I’m sure some of you have seen this, but most of you probably haven’t:

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27 Replies to “Not my dog”

  1. Kim

    Oh, that poor puppy! I can totally empathize with him. See, I used the Nicoderm patch to quit smoking and it caused some CRAZY dreams. One I’ll never forget involved me frantically riding bike 20-some miles to deliver an urgent message. I hadn’t been on a bike in years, but I woke up the next morning exhausted and sore. My husband confirmed that I’d been “pedaling” in my sleep all night long.

  2. Avitable

    Crys, you are clearly amazing.

    BPR, heh. I know. I was tired.

    Angie, it is hilarious.

    Trukindog, maybe they’re letting him watch squirrel movies before bed.

    Todd, sure it is!

    BE Earl, we’ll let it slide.

    Fiwa, that’s probably the problem in the first place.

    borys, I know.

    Hello, it was the first thing I thought of before passing out.

    Ed, or chasing me!

    Dawn, did you watch the end, when he took off running into the wall?

    Stacy, that’s what I do. Sometimes too much.

    Crystal, me too.

    Sybil, a few Bizkit virgins!

    Grant, it’s the last part that really seems crazy.

    Cat, you’re not online 24/7 like most of us.

    Maria, it was so confused!

    Floating Princess, I’m sure he’s ok.

    Kim, hahaha – too bad he didn’t get that on video.

    Charlie, yeah!

    NYCWD, well, you’re Watch Dog and that’s a dog . . .

    Poppy, I read someone say that it was epilepsy, so at first I was concerned, but after reading more, I decided it wasn’t and it was okay to laugh at.

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