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Miss Britt Goes To Prison: A Story

Yesterday afternoon started off as planned. I headed to the airport and picked up Hilly and drove over to Britt’s house. Britt was doing her spinning class and would meet us at her place afterwards.

Hilly and I were enjoying a nice conversation talking about martyrs and hummus and Twitter when my phone rang.

“Hi, Britt,” I answered.

“SCHNOOZZZZDOOOGRANCH,” she exhaled smoke loudly, “So, I just got into an accident.”

“Oh no! Are you okay?”

“Okay? PHARRRRRRNGESHHHHHH. No, I’m not okay! My car is probably totaled! I mean, physically, I’m fine, but some fucking twat ran a red light and hit me and my car’s totally not drivable. WHANGSWOOOOONSHAH.”

So we turned the car around and headed for the gym. Scant minutes later, we arrived at the scene of the accident. I parked behind Britt and the police motorcycle and got out.

Wearing an all black sweatsuit that said “She’s Not That Into You” on the back in pink letters, Britt, looking like a cherubic teen ninja, stood in her aggressive stance. Elbows cocked, knee slightly raised – she was obviously ready for a fight.

“It’s about time! WHACKAJASHOOOOOP!” Britt was smoking furiously. “Can you believe FAHRVENOOOOOGASH that this fucking woman BANASHAWAHHHHHHHN is now denying that she had a red light?! KLAUTSHENANDOOOOGAH. And this one?” She tilted her head towards the officer. “He won’t accept the witness’s information because she had to leave BOOOOOHRSHCHAKA and he says that even though she saw the whole thing PHOOOOOOOOOONGHALLLLAH it would be hearsay.”

“Don’t worry about it. We’ll be able to get an affidavit from the witness and a court will accept that if it comes to that.”

“It had fucking better accept it! This is absolutely fucking ridiculous! GRRRUNNNGGGGYYYYYSHHHHANTY!”

“Officer,” I asked. “You really can’t accept information from a witness if they don’t remain here?”

“No sir, I can’t,” he replied calmly. “And since I didn’t see the incident personally, I can only go with what each party is telling me, and she has said that she had a green light.”

“WHAAAAAAAT??!!” Britt’s voice began climbing the scale. She started walking towards the officer.

“Ma’am, I’ve explained this to you. Because you weren’t hit from behind or T-boned, I have to listen to each of your stories.”

“BUT SHE’S LYING TO YOU! SHE ADMITTED IT TO THE WITNESS!” As Britt approached the officer, I heard the far off howl of dogs.

“Yes, ma’am, I understand that, but given the evidence here, I can’t determine-”

“OH, THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT! I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT I’M GOING TO GET FUCKED BECAUSE SHE’S A LYING BITCH! JESUS!” This last ejaculation reached sonic levels. Windows around us began to crack and shatter. My sunglasses turned to dust.

“Ma’am,” the officer, suddenly aware that he was in danger, focused all of his attention on Britt. He put on arm forward, as if to ward off her ninja attack and placed his other hand on the butt of his gun. I watched as he quickly unbuttoned the top of the holster. “You need to calm down now.”

“BUT I AM THE VICTIM HERE. SHE RAN INTO ME BECAUSE SHE CAN’T FUCKING DRIVE AND SHE CAN JUST LIE ABOUT IT AND GET AWAY WITH IT? THIS IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS.” Her usually pale face flushed with a shade of red usually seen only in Hell itself, Britt took a step forward, her dainty hands curled up into man-crushing fists.

“This is the last time I’m going to ask you to calm down.” The officer, realizing that his death was imminent, spoke calmly and coolly as he prepared his gun. We both knew that it would take more than a gun to stop a Britt rampage. “I cannot assess any blame here, and the evidence could corroborate either story.”

Her self preservation stopped her. Finally appreciating the fact that she was about to escalate the situation by using her Britt-fu on the poor officer, Britt took a step back. I could see her mind racing as she assessed the damage she may have made with regards to her case and calculated a way to prevent it.

She scrunched her eyes, puffed her cheeks, and a solitary tear escaped from an eye. “Officer, I’m sorry. It’s just that I’ve just been hit by someone who admitted what she did, but then she lies and I’m very overwhelmed.” The tears began to flow.

Relieved that he didn’t have to kill the devil incarnate, the officer straightened and removed his hand from his gun. “I understand, ma’am. I’m not trying to be the asshole here – I just need to remain objective, and that’s what I’m trying to do. Luckily, the insurance company will almost definitely be on your side with this.”

“Okay, thank you,” she said meekly. Well, as meekly as Britt can get. That’s like saying that Pam Anderson dressed demurely or Hugh Hefner looks youngish.

“Sir,” the officer turned his attention to me. I was, of course, cowering behind the car amid the shattered glass, waiting for the imminent gunfire to end. “Can I speak to you alone?”

He and I walked over to the other driver’s car with the pretext of inspecting it to see the damage. “Do you think she understands my position?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Are you sure?” I noticed a bead of sweat roll across his forehead. His eyes darted nervously.

“Yes, officer. She understands. And I promise that she won’t try to attack you or try to take vengeance on your family for being objective in this situation.”

“Okay, good.” I noticed that his previously brown hair had streaks of gray in it now. “I wouldn’t want to have had to call for backup.”

“You wouldn’t have survived that long!”

I remain convinced that he left without knowing whether or not I was serious.

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What do you expect from your spouse? What social obligations do you see as part of your “job” or “role” as the spouse?

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39 Replies to “Miss Britt Goes To Prison: A Story”

  1. whall

    That radio topic is tough. It’s hard enough, you know, me being gay and all. And being involved interracially with a black man is real hard on both of us. My SO is currently a police officer in the Orlando area, and he loves me because he has a fetish for legs (particularly the knee) and I have awesome legs.

    Hey, wait. Let me check that picture again.

    OMG TED!


  2. Robin

    …and this is why I don’t miss the insurance business, because I dealt with those types of claims every day.

    Is your state Pure Comparative or Modified Comparative negligence? I don’t remember….

  3. SciFi Dad

    1. Britt’s smoking again? Really?

    2. SAME THING happened to me, except that the other driver almost t-boned my kid (thanks to my lightning fast ninja braking skillz he clipped the front end of the van instead). He worked as a contractor for the local transit authority, so, wouldn’t you know it, a bus driver later came forward and claimed he was there and had a green light (but didn’t move himself, because, you know, people with green lights don’t go).

    Fucker got me pulled into court (as a Crown witness) then didn’t show; sent a lawyer to bargain a plea to a lesser charge.

  4. Sybil Law

    I blame Britt for my howling cat!!
    The story was great – I don’t blame her one bit for being pissed!!! I wish she’d taken video of the lying bitch.
    I’ll be at the show later…
    Now I am going back to bed – because I CAN. 🙂

  5. Grant

    Having been the victim of revised post-crash memories before (the worst was a woman who backed into me with a car festooned with Jesus stickers who later claimed I rear-ended her), I think it’s best that you bring your own set of witnesses when you drive anywhere.

  6. Avitable

    Dave2, more, if you can imagine.

    Ashleigh, that’s exactly what she sounds like!

    BE Earl, that’s definitely the lesson to learn here.

    Whall, you’ve been drinking again, eh?

    Hoatzin, she’s saving that for her next Adult DVD release.

    Ed, when she reaches that pitch, it can travel hundreds of miles.

    Robin, beats the shit out of me.

    SciFi Dad, yeah, she fell off the wagon. Luckily, her witness should help her make the case easily.

    Metalmom, yeah, he was the lucky one that day.

    Sybil, we decided to just blame her for everything. It’s easier.

    NYCWD, tased Britt? She’d shrug it off like a PCP addict.

    Hello, it’s like a mini blonde tornado.

    Finn, in some dark alley, a Britt awaits, the deadly future of any police officer.

  7. DeannaBanana

    I she seriously just plain old smoking full-time again? Or just in times of duress, when she drinks, when she sings karaoke, or on days ending in Y? Because I would be SERIOUSLY disappointed if she is flat out smoking again…

  8. Hilly

    She totally did get about 10 octaves higher than usual but still, it wasn’t gun-worthy. However, it was kind of cool of you to offer to suck the cop’s dick to get her out of it.

    You’re such a good buddy.

  9. Avitable

    Deanna, I belong to the don’t ask, don’t tell crowd.

    Bridget, hey, smoking burns calories, too!

    Maria, well, he’s a motorcycle cop, so maybe that’s the uniform around here. And I may have exaggerated a little bit, but she was pretty upset about that woman lying. Understandably.

    Dawn, thanks! It’s possible that I embellished slightly.

    Todd, a witness’s testimony is not hearsay if it’s something that they directly visually witnessed!

    Hilly, oh, he totally put his hand on the butt of his gun!

    Britt, what? Why are you sighing? Please . . . please don’t h-h-hurt me!

  10. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    I’m glad Britt’s okay and all but I had trouble reading past the picture of Britt. Because I swear that she recently called herself “pear shaped” and commented on jiggly stuff.

    Either she’s a liar, those cycling classes pay off quickly or those are the best damned work out pants on the entire freakin planet and she’s holding out on us on buy her.

    If Britt wasn’t off the wagon, that cop would’ve been a pulverized mass of goo by the time you got there to calm her down. Three cheers for nicotine!

  11. Avitable

    Sheila, yeah, she’s cute but she won’t admit it.

    Faiqa, she was a very timid woman of Indian or Pakistani descent who wouldn’t even tell Britt her name. She admitted to the witness that she ran the red light, but then her husband arrived and took over and made her deny the whole thing.

    Robin, damn straight.

    Poppy, anytime. Wait, are you being sarcastic?

    DB, I know!

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