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Todave is an important dave.

In honor of Dave2 from Blogography‘s 63rd birthday, I have decided to pit him against other well-known Daves. Let’s see how he fares in the Dave-off challenge:

Dave 2 Dave Barry Winner:
Draws cute cartoons Writes whimsical articles Dave2
Makes his own merchandise Has books published Dave Barry
Has an eye for design Has an eye for Garrison Keillor-esque stories Dave2
Overall winner: Dave 2!

Dave 2 Dave Thomas Winner:
Is vegetarian Founded Wendy’s Dave Thomas
Hangs out with a Bad Monkey Had a redheaded daughter named Wendy Dave Thomas
Is alive Is dead Dave2
Overall winner: Dave Thomas!

Dave Coulier Dave2 Winner:
Has been on TV Watches TV Dave Coulier
Does youth-friendly comedy Murders Webkinz Dave2
His famous line is “Come on now, cut it out!” His famous line is “Ann Coulter must die!” Dave2
Overall winner: Dave 2!

David Cross Dave2 Winner:
Is bald Has hair Dave2
Was on Arrested Development Watched Arrested Development David Cross
Is absolutely hilarious Is pretty funny sometimes David Cross
Overall winner: David Cross!

The statue of David Dave2 Winner:
Has a really gay hairstyle Is 20% gay Dave2
Has a six-pack Doesn’t Statue of David
Is sculpted from marble Probably doesn’t have all of his marbles Dave2
Overall winner: Dave2!

Well, there you have it. As you can clearly see, Dave2 beats 3 out of 5 famous Daves. Happy birthday, Dave!

In other Avita-news, LeSombre has written me a guest post and in his own inimitable fashion, it’s on his own blog! Go check it out!

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21 Replies to “Todave is an important dave.”

  1. Dory

    Oh, I think Dave2 could totally kick David Caruso’s ass. He probably rocks the shades way better to boot. Winner: Dave2!

    What if we put all those Daves in a jello wrestling match? Including Caruso, Letterman, and Chappelle? Damn, that’s hawt.

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