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Friday is for bullets.

Friday is for bullets.

  • Today is the 30-somethingth birthday of Mocha Momma! She’s one of my favoritest bloggers in the whole world, and I’m looking forward to finally meeting her in Chicago this July. Go wish her a happy birthday!
  • I was thinking about starting a category called “birthdays” and having a separate page of my blog dedicated to all the bloggers’ birthdays. Each day I would post the birthdays of any bloggers who submitted their information. What do you think?
  • Some of you might know the animosity I have for a troll of a blogger named Margalit. One main reason was her disdain for any blogger with cancer who gets something for free. Because she has CHF, a perfectly manageable and survivable illness brought on by her own bad habits, she thinks that she’s on the same page as a terminal patient. She’s a reprehensible human being who spends most of her time bullying people. I decided to bully her back (which is coincidentally the topic for next week’s “Clearly, You’re Retarded” – is it okay to bully a bully?). Her real name is Margery Teskan and she is a professional victim. She’s poverty-stricken yet has a house cleaner. She lived in a shelter but bought DVDs for her children (who she calls some of the most hateful names ever). She’s a cunt, and I have no problem outing her to the world. EDIT: I got the name wrong because I heard it wrong. It’s Marjorie Peskin. She also goes by Topaz, too, because her son is Graham Topaz. Whoops!
  • Does anybody else think that Supernatural just gets better every season?
  • The best April Fool’s prank done yesterday was on Thinkgeek’s site. The Tauntaun sleeping bag was absolute genius, and got such demand that they’re actually going to try to make it a real product! I would buy one if they made one for adults.
  • The hair is finally growing back on the spots they had to shave for my surgery, and it’s fucking itchy!
  • Here’s the last bullet. Go buy yourself something nice.

Hope your weekend doesn’t suck nuts!

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56 Replies to “Friday is for bullets.”

  1. Faiqa

    I think giving a person like that the least bit of attention satisfies the most basic motivations they have for bad behavior in the first place. It’s borderline enabling them. I wouldn’t even know who Margalit was if people didn’t bitch about her … some people relish being known – she strikes me as being very self important, though I can’t be sure, I think tirades against her fuel that. :deadhorse:

  2. Squeaky Wheel

    Trader Joe’s isn’t exactly cheap. If she was saying that she couldn’t afford to feed her family at Aldi, then I might be more sympathetic. Also, I’m in the same boat with a condition that doesn’t exactly get a lot of air time, but I don’t expect people to give me free shit because of it. Give me a break. ๐Ÿ˜›

    On the other hand, you’re giving her more “poor me” ammo, so I’d just let it go if I was you.


  3. Kat

    I LOVE Supernatural! That show is seriously awesome, hope the rumors of it ending soon are totally false.

    Yes, hair growing back is mega itchy, and I agree with Miss Britt, at least it’s not your crotch. Regrowing hair on the crotch area is OMG, the worst. There’s simply no way to scratch it, relieve yourself of the agony, without someone thinking that you have an STD like crabs.

    I think wishing bloggers a happy birthday is an awesome idea, everyone should feel special on their special day! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would LOVE to go buy myself something nice, but I’m trying super hard to save money in case the shit hits the fan for me in this ultra crappy economy.

    As for the troll, I really don’t know the back story, but what you posted and linked to, I was kind of appalled.
    I, too, am disabled, I’m a single parent, and yeah, I do whine and complain a whole fuck-a-lot about the pain I’m in and how much I struggle, but I fucking bust my ass to pay my bills and find ways to earn extra money to pay those bills and buy food.
    People have helped me in the past and still do, and I’m forever greatful and in debt to those who have helped me.
    I pay it forward when I can to others who need help.

    Trader Joe’s is not cheap at all, that bitch needs to learn how to shop better.
    I use coupons, I match those coupons to the sales fliers from the 2 grocery stores in my hood, I stock up when a store is having a mega sale on something, (buy 2, get 2, 10 for $10 etc) I shop at warehouse stores when I can, I shop at the super cheap grocery store that doesn’t bag your groceries, (bring your own or pay .cents per bag) has shelves of the actual shipping boxes like Aldis does, (don’t have an Aldis near me, want one wicked way bad) never shop hungry, always make a list, stick to the list unless there’s a mega bargain that wasn’t in the sale flier, buy store brands, etc etc etc.

    As for her rant about bloggers with cancer getting all kinds of free stuff, it’s not because they have cancer, it’s because they are good people, kind, generous with others, and people like and admire them, so people help them out, buy things for them.
    If you’re a total bitch, selfish, greedy and mean, then no, people aren’t going to help or even want to help.
    That post you linked, it shows who she really is, greedy, selfish and mean, and that is why people aren’t helping her.
    If the rest of her blog is like that, it’s really not a surprise that people aren’t jumping up and down to help her out.
    She has no gratitude for anything.
    She’s not greatful to be alive, not greatful for the health of her children, the roof over her head, she’s not greatful for what she does have, and so when you put out all of the messages she’s sending, greed, selfishness, hatred, and no gratitude, you only get back what you’ve put out, which in her case, is not a whole heck of a lot.

    Sorry for the long comment, I’m wide awake, insomnia again, and this subject just hit me.

  4. Robin

    ::shakes head:: Gotta love the internet trolls…..

    I don’t know the whole story and I know I am asking a lot, but please don’t give that dolt any more attention. As a matter of fact, fuck her – it’s such obvious jealous bullshit she’s spewing and your blog is just giving her more attention than she deserves.

    After all, you need to devote more attention to finding your ball sac, right? ::wink::

  5. Avitable

    Angie, are you offering?

    Faiqa, it definitely enables them unless you can push it to such a level that they give up completely, which she has now done.

    Amanda, whoa. I’m a good influence on you!

    Chag, oh, I didn’t see that one. That is awesome.

    Squeaky Wheel, yeah, that’s how I feel about Trader Joe’s, too.

    Britt, I can’t even imagine how bad it would be if it was my manbush!

    Sarah, it’s definitely one of mine, too.

    Kat, and, tell me, how do you feel about April Fool’s? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Hello, it’s my way of giving back.

    Que, thanks for the update. She’s had this blog for six years, so it makes me very happy to see her decide to leave it. Maybe she’ll come back as a nicer, gentler person. Although I doubt it.

    BE Earl, it was still kind of funny.

    Robin, oh, I’m done. And so is she!

    Turnbaby, if you feed them enough, they’ll explode.

  6. Sybil Law

    Margalit IS a serious bitch, and I actually enjoyed your hilarious tweets about her!
    Still, she IS probably loving the attention, and now she also gets to play the victim, too – AGAIN. I think she has serious mental issues. I feel sorry for her kid/s.
    Anyway, I like the idea for a birthday page. I want another cartoon! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have never seen Supernatural. WTH?!
    Just because you said to buy myself something nice, I will. Thanks for the excuse.
    Have fun with the itchy scratchy all day, and like Britt said, at least it’s not your crotch!! :cock:

  7. Krystle | SnarkyKisses

    Margalit is a fucking LOSER! :loser: Seriously? Cancer is FUN! YAY! …..? Or not.

    Wow. Annnnd she thinks she’ll be back under a different person/name… HA HA HA!

    DOUBT IT! Funniest thing I’ve heard all day! Biznatch. She’s a worthless piece of SHIT! :shit:

    And THAT’s how I feel about THAT!

    …Annnnnnnyways! Have a good weekend! Maybe Amy should wax your chest?!

  8. SciFi Dad

    Remember that Halloween episode of The Simpsons where the large advertisements came to life and started terrorizing people? Remember how they defeated them?

    (Also: watch that twitter vid yet?)

  9. NYCWD

    – If I were Mocha Momma I’d cut you. She’s obviously only turned 21.

    – I hate my birthday almost as much as I hate spinach. However I love everyone else’s birthday so I say do it.

    – Besides the fact that CHF is not as manageable or survivable as you think, I really don’t consider an Internet Troll a bully. I view them as trolls. Maybe the topic should be “Is it alright to be a troll to a troll” instead? Go figure.

    Supernatural is a fine wine.

    – The morons @ thought it was real… which is my proof that they need to fire them and hire me. I’m a much more cynical SW fan.

    – Just how much fucking hair did they shave off? Your back? They must have brought in the mower for that…

    – Thank. I’m gonna go buy me a pack of smokes now.

  10. radioactive tori

    Cancer is like a picnic. It’s super fun to break the hearts of your family and friends and especially fun to tell your young children that you will be in the hospital. Havng scars all over and feeling like crap a lot is fun too. It’s also wonderful spending all the money that should be spent on vacations etc. on medical bills. For the record, I haven’t gotten any free stuff for having cancer, nor do I think I should. It sucks but that is life. Sometimes things suck and you have to deal with it. You don’t get rewarded for simply living life. I don’t generally agree with bullying people or being mean but in this case I think I can almost endorse it.

    And if you do start that other birthday blog, my birthday is April 16th.

  11. christie

    birthday blogs- that might be neat.

    does she really have a housecleaner? I don’t even have a house cleaner and I don’t have any debt or anything like that….
    One line that stuck out to me from her blog post you linked was “well what about me?” Ok what about you? If you maybe added anything except whining about how you never get anything you might get something. You get what you give- nothing. Anyhooooooo

    and thanks! I WILL buy myself something nice!

  12. Finn

    I kinda like the idea that, when it’s my birthday, someone out of the goodness of their heart decides to publicly wish me a good one. Like you just did for Mocha Momma.

    Having to submit your information feels like signing up to get a computer-generated birthday card sent to you. Sorta sad, yanno?

  13. bo

    I stopped watching Supernatural after the first season because I just wasn’t that impressed. Maybe I’ll get the DVDs and give it another shot this weekend.

    I think the birthday idea is a fine idea.

    So, so, so disappointed to learn that the Tauntaun sleeping bag was a joke. I hope that when they make them they come in adult big-man size.

    You know what itches more than stubbly hair? the scabies your mom gave me. :cocksuck2:

  14. Karen Sugarpants

    Mocha Momma ROCKS. I love her so much.

    Birthday blog = yay! I’m the forth of July and my address is…oh wait you have that.

    Friday is for bullets – indeed.

    Never seen Supernatural.

    Saw that – I didn’t get it.

    Thanks for that hair visual. Now I have the Lesombre trick in my head AGAIN. Fucker.

    I did buy myself something nice today! Have a good weekend!

  15. Que

    I’m not sure Margery (Peskin? Even NPR has it written as Teskan, but then everyone’s allowed to make mistakes I guess. Peskin sounds more fitting, cos she sure is pesky) will “come back under another guise”. Her piece of crap website has so many ads on it, she must be getting a couple of pennies a month from it. If she started at another site, she’d have to build all that up again!

  16. Elizabeth Kaylene

    I think bullying a bully is perfectly fine, because a bully deserves a taste of their own medicine.

    However, you probably just bought that woman some publicity for her nastiness. I’m willing to bet that link got some clicks and she’s getting attention. The best way to kill a troll is to ignore them.

    I didn’t know you had surgery! This is what I get for not loading Google Reader for a few days! How are you doing?

  17. Poppy

    Do not cheapen my birthday by putting it on some Chuck E Cheese Birthday Wall page or making me submit my birthday information to you. You are a very good friend, let’s keep it that way. Just send me a birthday email.

    Your segue to future bullets after Margawhatever made me laugh out loud.

  18. Sarcastica

    I’ve already been treated to having my hair done and eyebrows waxed, so I think I’m good in the buying myself something nice department. I would like some milk though! lol.

    LOVE the idea of a birthday blog! JUNE 15TH and you also have my address lol.

    Supernatural is a show I do enjoy watching, but alas I am SESSIONS behind. OH FUCK I MISSED GREYS AGAIN

    Anyway, ya. Sorry bout that.

    So anyways, I think bullying a bully is fine too because how else are they going to learn how it feels to be on the other side? It’s called karma. Eat it. lmfao. And also? I HATE anyone who complains that they aren’t getting “enough free stuff” just because they have an illness or disease. The people that I donate to do not ask for it. Margalit can suck my balls. Or your balls, since you have balls and I don’t.

    By the way, I saw enough of your balls on April Fools. HAHA

  19. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    Happy Birthday Mocha Momma!

    February 6, 1972. Ronald Reagan? February 6, 1911. I’m just sayin’.

    Margalit can suck the hair off my big toe.

    Supernatural? Don’t get me started. I want to do things to Jensen Ackles that would make Jenna Jameson blush.

    April Fools can suck it. But that sleeping bag? I’m so buying it if they make it happen.

    You’re such a yeti…

  20. Valerie

    So she’ll be back after passover. That starts next week, so you have one and one half weeks without her and then you will have the pleasure of her company again. Enjoy!

  21. Avitable

    Sybil, if she wants to sign off the Internet and play the victim, she’s more than welcome to.

    Bossy, ooh, I’ll totally fight you!

    Krystle, if she comes back and starts trolling around, I’ll still be here!

    SciFi Dad, are you trying to fucking lecture me about how to deal with someone like that? That only works if everyone ignores them. But the people who can’t and get hurt have no recourse. I saw that Twitter video – it was pretty clever!

    NYCWD, it can be completely manageable. I know people with CHF who lived into old age and maintained a very active life.

    Krystle, or my nuts!

    Turnbaby, we’ll see how long she quits for.

    Radioactive, exactly!

    Christie, yeah, she does have a housecleaner. And cries poverty!

    Zanthera, same here.

    Finn, well, I just thought it would be more of a place where everybody could celebrate. I do see your point.

    Hilly, it was a great episode!

    Crys, did you just evoke Patrick Stewart?

    Sheila, my good side is always a good side to be on.

    Princess, it used to be a monster of the week, but they’ve done a good job improving the writing.

    Bo, get the DVDs, definitely. And I’ll totally buy a Tauntaun sleeping bag if they make a large one!

    Karen, your birthday is the fourth of July, too? So’s Britt’s husband’s!

    Que, google “Marjorie Peskin” and you’ll see all of the stuff that she’s posted.

    Dragon, it’s true!

    Elizabeth, I’m recovering nicely now, thanks!

    Que, true. Can’t forget Gemma!

    Floating Princess, it is indeed a good thing that it wasn’t my ass.

    Dave2, you’re quite goofy today.

    Anndi, and she’ll never understand that.

    Marty, they’re going to send you a real Tauntaun.

    Poppy, it won’t cheapen it, I promise!

    Sarcastica, I have my eyebrows waxed too – you consider that a luxury?

    Heather, I knew you’d buy that sleeping bag, too! And I’m a Wampa!

    Valerie, I don’t think she’ll be back that soon. Now that her real name is out there, she might have to go create a new identity, or I’ll shut her ass down again!

  22. thefinestkindofpork

    Supernatural is a really good show. This week’s ep was wicked good. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled…I can’t take another favorite show going off the air (bye-bye Battlestar Galactica and bye-bye Sarah Connor Chronicles).

    TFKoP birthday: April 20th. That’s 4/20. 420. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

    So…did you win the lottery?

  23. Tracy

    I don’t have any clue where the drama between you and Margalit comes from… I have been reading her for about five years and only started reading you through that six degrees phenomena that occurs when you are a blog reader. I had no idea you had issues with eachother until I read this post.

    At any rate, I understand your feelings as far as that cancer post. I was quite taken aback by it myself. The timing of it was odd and hurtful as it seemed to me that she was referring to a specific blogger. What troubled me even more was the timing of that post in relation to a post she had recently written in defense and support of that very same blogger. And yes, the thought of it all stings even more with the recent loss of that beloved blogger…

    In Margalit’s defense she has in the past made herself available to me (via phone and email) during a time when I was having difficulty with the school system in dealing with my autistic son. She didn’t recieve or ask for any sort of compensation in return.

    Again, with that being said, I don’t pretend to know about any specific issues between you both.

    The reason for my comment and the bottom line is this…if you have a problem with her fine… just seriously, don’t drag her kids into it. I think that is really low and uncalled for IMO. What do they really have to do with it?

    I am not here to continue the drama…being a mom of four, I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut, I am sorry

    Thanks for listening.

  24. Avitable

    Sarcastica, I bet you totally get a unibrow, don’t you?

    Hollie, yeah, I saw that, too. That’s assault on a minor, as well.

    TFKoP, not yet. The numbers are good for the next 10 drawings.

    Tracy, the cancer post is just one example of her hurtful, trolling, bully ways. She plays the victim in every single possible scenario that she can, and is completely delusional. I got sick of it and decided to see if I could find enough information about her to make it worthwhile to leave the internet for a while. Maybe when she comes back, she’ll be that nice blogger who helped you that one time. And if I have to show her that I know all of the information about her, including her kids, for her to understand that I’m not going to back down when she’s being a troll, then that’s what it takes. I know that’s harsh, but she’s brought it upon herself. Thank you for not being afraid to leave a comment here with your opinion, too – I respect that!

  25. estelle

    Wow–If there truly is a warrant out for Margalit, it is for indecent assault and battery on a child under 14. That is what a 265/13A/B is! No way!

  26. hollie

    Wow. “Indecent” A/B. What the hell could that possibly mean? Could it be that she smacked a child upside their head with her boob? Eewww. I suppose the possibilities are endless. Ok, I just made myself a little sick thinking about it.

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