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Padma and Hardees

There’s probably something very wrong with me that this makes me want the burger more than Padma:

(And yes, I know that it’s called Carl’s Jr. in all the good states.)

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30 Replies to “Padma and Hardees”

  1. Poppy

    WHY is she spokespersoning this company?!

    And they didn’t dress her yummily, so I totally get wanting the burger more.

    Also, that ring she’s wearing on her pinkie made me think she had juicy crap hanging off her finger when I scrolled back up to look at the video.


  2. Faiqa

    Here’s a secret: Padma Lakshmi is a 16 year old boy with a boob job… and I think we all know that the burger she’s eating was in the toilet fifteen minutes after the commercial stopped shooting. And she can’t cook. (Hmmm, if I didn’t know better, I’d think I was jealous).

    Also? I hate these commercials. They’re so sexist.

  3. Avitable

    Metalmom, the sauce they put on those burgers just drips right off.

    Stacy, disgusting burger? Whatchoo talkin’ about?

    Undomestic Diva, yeah, they do. And yes, she is.

    Poppy, she used to be vegetarian, but the Carl’s Jr. version of this burger convinced her to eat meat again!

    Hilly, yes. Yes it does.

    Faiqa, ooh, you are jealous! Don’t worry, you’re still my favorite Pakistani woman. She’s just my favorite Indian woman, although she might have to fight it out with Sheetal Sheth.

    Dave, I know. That seems so strange to me.

    Jennifer, in LA, where I used to eat at Carl’s Jr. all the time, there were just as many skinny people as fat people. Everybody can eat unhealthily!

  4. hello haha narf

    i don’t think the commercial is sexiest if it makes me wanna do padma. and right now i so do.

    although i think it is a bad commercial because i thought the burger looked unappetizing, all drippy and messy. plus, i can’t remember who it was for, just that you said carl’s. there are no carl’s in pittsburgh. so see? bad commercial.

    bring padma to me…

  5. Stephanie

    Okay…you take the burger. I want Padma. She is smoking hot. And I’ve had the burger…it’s not that good.

    I usually boycott Hardees, since that stupid commercial where the guy was molesting the cow while “Milkshake” was playing…ugh.

    But Padma makes me a customer. Again. :sexytime:

  6. Laurie Ann

    I loved the Milkshake commercial. And Sybil, they had the commercial with the guy who had three girlfriends and one spray painted his car. He was fairly attractive. I eat Western Burgers all the time, and mine never drip like that.

  7. Valerie

    Hardee’s Thickburger is my favorite. Whenever I go to Tampa or Sarasota, I always stop at the Hardees 1 exit east of I-75 and get one. No fries- just the burger. It’s addictive.

  8. Avitable

    Greg, ew.

    Hello, it’s for Hardee’s, which is the same as Carl’s.

    Sybil, well, they’ve asked me to do the next commercial.

    David, that’s how I feel.

    Crystal, you were right. Like always!

    Stephanie, I’ve had that burger, too, and it’s totally that good!

    Jennifer, yup!

    Laurie, you have to ask for extra sauce.

    LMSS, the ones I had at Carl’s Jr sometimes did!

    Michelle, no problem.

    Valerie, yeah it is. I used to get them all the time on my way to work in Los Angeles.

  9. kapgar

    I don’t know about wanting the hamburger, but being the hamburger in her hands (and tongue) wouldn’t be all that terrible.

    Oh, and it is Hardees here in Illinois. Sorry, we’re obviously not a good state.

  10. Ren

    Hey… just found that we actually have a Carl’s Jr. not too far from my house (though in the wrong direction for a morning stop on the way to work, sadly). Looks like they have some tasty breakfast choices, though with *way* more calories than I allot for breakfast.

    Also, there are several other burgers on their menu that look more appealing to me than that Western Bacon burger. Most notably, the Kentucky Bourbon burger. Yum.

  11. Avitable

    Kapgar, Hardees always sounds trashy for some reason.

    Always Home, they do sometimes. In both cases.

    Sheila, she’s the host of Top Chef.

    Ren, it’s high calories but worth trying. The Kentucky Bourbon burger is new and looks awesome, too.

  12. whall

    I never knew the Hardees Carl’s Jr connection… I remember Hardees when I was younger but I never understood where they disappeared to.

    I recently saw a Carl’s Jr up north a bit so I’m going to have to check it out now.

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