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What else do I dislike?

Yesterday’s post got me thinking. Even though a lot of people, both in the comments and via email, communicated that they agreed with me (and it was weird how many of them were mothers), I still wondered if maybe I just have a weirder list of things that creep me out than most people.

Let’s find out. Here’s my (incomplete) list of things that I dislike or hate. Yeah, I know that’s broader than just “things that creep me out” but I figured I’d get it all out there:

1. Breastfeeding
2. Eating food with bones in it
3. Eating certain food with my hands
4. Naked old people
5. Farting
6. Meryl Streep
7. Glenn Close
8. Bad breath
9. Scientology
10. Sweat
11. Arguing in public
12. Unsanitary conditions
13. Public restrooms
14. Bad spellers
15. Frat boys
16. Sports
17. Laugh tracks
18. Children
19. Mushrooms
20. Dooce
21. Mouth breathers
22. Crowds
23. Rednecks
24. Guns
25. NASCAR (even I don’t consider it a real sport)
26. Underachievers
27. Pants
28. Tattoos
29. Dane Cook
30. Public displays of affection
31. Age of consent laws
32. Television censorship
33. The FCC
34. The MPAA
35. People with no sense of humor

In other Avita-news, tonight at 9 PM is another new episode of “Clearly, You’re Retarded”! Set LOST to record on your DVR and listen to the best online radio show ever pitched on this blog!

Tonight’s topic: Is it okay to bully a bully?

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67 Replies to “What else do I dislike?”

  1. Kimmi

    I think you are so very unkind and that is why so many read your blog. Being mean spirited is so wrong and it proves that most people are just downright mean at heart. You criticize others for doing what you yourself do and try to make them come across so much worse than you. It seems this is the only way you can justify what you say.

  2. Hilly

    I too dislike food with bones. I also dislike eating any food with my hands. I cannot stand fat or skin being anywhere near my chicken.

    I also loathe Jim Carrey. I really loathe it when people try to convince me that he’s funny. No, he’s lame.

  3. SwanShadow

    I’m with you right down the list, with a couple of exceptions:

    I love sports. (NASCAR is not a sport. It’s rednecks driving in circles.)

    Breastfeeding doesn’t bother me.

    Public displays of affection are cool, as long as I am the object of said affection.

    Oh, and I’ve never read Dooce, so I have no opinion about her.

  4. Nanna

    OK I’m with you on bad spellers – that’s ridiculous in a country that offers one THIRTEEN YEARS of FREE education.

    But farting? Come on! WOuld you rather see people blowing up randomly in the streets?

    Not that that wouldn’t be funny.

  5. Trishkfl

    Oh dear, does this mean I have to quit considering you a friend? I fit under #24-I own a gun, #25-Kasey Kahn is my driver, and #28-I have a tattoo and so does my husband, daughter, son, best friend. Which of course makes me #23 on your list. But, I don’t know if I fit under #4. What do you consider old?

  6. NYCWD

    I am totally with you on #20.

    Does #14 include grammar? Your not really a grammar nazi, are you?

    Fuck you on #28. It’s my body and I’ll do what I want with it!!! Or at least what my mom will let me.

  7. Kimi

    (not to be mistaken for Kimmi, I am the OG)

    I’m confused about the farting. You don’t like to do it yourself, or you don’t like it when others do it, or both? I don’t think I’ve ever met a man who didn’t like a good fart. If only they could find your “I hate farting” gene and genetically engineer the perfect man! :woohoo:

  8. Little Miss Sunshine State

    We have already discussed our differences on tattoos and Dane Cook.

    I share your dislike for the whole “concept” of Frat Boys. But my possibly future son-in-law is a frat boy. He and his frat boy friends are really good guys. They took my daughter to the ER one night when she had a kidney infection and stayed even after her dad got there. They will also show up to help when you have a flat tire or you are moving to a new house.

    It’s nice to know a group of gentleman who are in a frat, but not drunken assholes.

  9. Avitable

    Ashleigh, definitely gross.

    Amanda, I don’t know how you handle that.

    Breigh, oh, chicken wings are the worst for me!

    Amanda, exactly. I’d much rather just kind of wave at them.

    Kimmi, let me guess, you’re a tattooed Dane Cook NASCAR fan who sweats, has bad breath and is a Scientologist?

    Hilly, I don’t mind skin on chicken, but only if I can eat it with a fork and knife.

    Kris, sounds like hell itself!

    Tracy, this is perfectly normal.

    Sarah, so you like naked old people?

    Reb Turtle, hah! I think age of consent laws are arbitrary and need to be reviewed on a federal level.

    Swanshadow, well, yeah. If you’re the object of the affection, PDA is okay!

    Faiqa, that’s only #1 on a list of at least a thousand.

    Jennifer, two more things for the list!

    Hello, whatever did the mushrooms do to you?

    Kapgar, I don’t mind nail clippings.

    Jennifer, I’m not a fan of wrestling, but I don’t hate it.

    Robin, I don’t know. We might have to have a hate-off.

    BE Earl, the tattoos was there just for you!

    Lin, good to hear.

    Bridget, oh yes. I think it’s absolutely foul. Much worse than breastfeeding in public.

    Nanna, I would prefer people blew up in the streets anyday!

    Crys, srs. Filet mignon. Bone-out strip.

    TrishK, my mother owns a gun, too. Old is anything over 44!

    NYCWD, ooh, you bastard.

    Kimi, I would never do it in public and am disgusted when people do.

    Karen, damn underachiever. Go make my fries.

    LMSS, just like “mommybloggers”, “frat boys” doesn’t mean every person who’s in a fraternity. It’s a certain state of mind.

    Always Home, there are always exceptions to my anti-kid rule. Her kids are awesome.

    Sheila, Jeff Dunham definitely has his funny moments.

    Finn, me either! Thank you!

  10. Stephanie

    Please add the following:

    Blog Trolls
    Radical Republicans
    Radical Democrats
    Wilted lettuce in mah salad
    hairless cats
    snow and ice and sleet
    watered down fountain pop
    Ann Coulter
    any movie on Lifetime
    Scratch that, Lifetime TV in general

    That’s all for now, my rage-o-meter is dangerously in the red zone.

    (Disclaimer: I may or may not be surfing the crimson wave.)

  11. floating princess

    Finally! Someone else who hates mushrooms! My friends all treat me like a mutant because I don’t want to eat fungus (don’t talk to me about cheese – I’m ok with being a hypocrite).

    Mouth breathers freak me right out. I do love my guns and tattoos, but neither of those are on display unless I want them to be. Most people have no idea that I have either.

  12. Avitable

    Popping Bubbles, I just don’t understand tats, which is why I dislike them. And I’m sure I’d like my own kid, but as for most other kids? No thanks.

    TrishK, I love teasing you.

    Stephanie, ooh, I should have added non-iceberg lettuce. I hate that romaine and spinach shit.

    Floating Princess, cheese is different. Mushrooms taste like something nobody should eat!

  13. Sybil Law

    I agree with you on so much of this list it’s scary!
    What about close talkers? I cannot fricking stand close talkers, all up in my space.
    Food with bones – ick. Chicken wings are the nastiest things ever. Like, 2 bites of meat surrounding a bone. With weird, veiny things, too. The worst is when people SUCK on the fucking bones when they’re done! :puke:
    I think the only thing I disagree with you on is pants. I love pants. Jeans, specifically. The rest of your list makes perfect sense to me. :banghead:

  14. stoneskin

    I checked carefully for a few things that creep me out, and they weren’t there. If I was to commandeer your list, and add a few items, here’s what I would add:

    1) The skanky seedy core of melons. You know, when you cut open a melon and are removing that skank, and it basically looks like the guts of an alien.

    2) Dolls. I think it is the eyes, and the fake synthetic skin. Dolls always watch me. It is upsetting. I think they should be banned. Globally.

    3) People that wear socks with a big hole, and you get a dirty great yellow toenail poking through. Seriously, either fix the hole, buy a new sock, or cut off your toe.

    4) Meconium.

    I could list a lot more, but that would be horribly self-indulgent.

  15. Tracy

    I am absolutely with you on the food with bones thing. Nothing is more disgusting than watching someone slurp meat off a bone. Gross Gross Gross.

    I have to disagree on NASCAR, Dane Cook and Dooce though. (although since she has been pregnant again she is starting to wear on my nerves a little in all honestly)

    oh yea… mushrooms-slippery, slimy…omg I just threw up in my mouth

  16. Avitable

    Sybil, well, you do have a good ass for jeans.

    TrishK, noooooooooo!

    Whall, a wolfbelly? I have one of those already!

    Stoneskin, dolls are pretty creepy. I’m guilty of the sock issue sometimes.

    AB, which half?

    Miss, it’s true!

    Tracy, you like Dane Cook? The man is not funny and deserves to be shot in the face.

  17. Avitable

    Poppy, she feels the same way about it that I do. It’s squicky!

    Roztime, I can’t even watch shows that would otherwise be funny, like How I Met Your Mother because of the track.

    Muskrat, is that the guy from Days of Thunder?

    Sam, because she’s famous for getting fired. That’s pathetic. Secondly, her posts are not funny. Maybe they once were, but no longer. Thirdly, she closes comments and has almost zero interaction with bloggers or other blogs. The whole point of blogging is the sense of community and she clearly has no interest in partaking in that community.

  18. Hollie

    I just listened to your podcast on whether or not it’s ok to bully a bully and I was left a bit confused. Not to bring up sour grapes, but it has to do with Margalit. Who didn’t see that coming?

    Nowhere in your post or podcast was it mentioned that Margalit outed another blogger that she hated just a day or two before you outed her. (unless I missed something)

    I just assumed that you knew(maybe you did) that she herself outed another blogger. She had been threatening to do it for awhile and then she did it over Twitter. People sent this outed blogger all of Margalit’s info but she refused to post it even though Margalit outed her.
    Personally, I’m glad you did what you did for whatever reason you had. I just think it’s important for people to know the truth about what she had done a couple of days prior.

    Personally, I took it as ‘karma screwing her dogma’ in it’s finest form.


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