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Nesting Dolls


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28 Replies to “Nesting Dolls”

  1. Avitable

    Laura, I think a nesting penis is called a vagina!

    Ashleigh, yes, with triplets. Or is that a triple cheeseburger?

    Amanda, thank you, but yes, everything’s fine.

    Howard, that was creepy even without the slurping noise!

    Lynn, I’m a professional artist.

    Faiqa, I feel like we should celebrate or something.

    BE Earl, I have a smaller beard than many Russian women.

    Whall, so punny!

    Turnbaby, ha – it does look like a grill!

    Britt, your super awesome prize is in the mail!

    Becky, no, if we were pregnant, I’d draw a gun blowing my brains out.

    Sybil, it’s about the persona and the person on the inside.

    SciFi Dad, I’m actually cloning myself.

    SPD, only available from the backs of vans.

    Popping Bubbles, they’re certainly more fun than the real ones.

    Finn, no, it’s like a tripod.

    Grant, I agree. See what you can do about making that happen.

    Bo, or just lie.

    Crystal, I’m not too deep for you?

    LeSombre, God forbid. It’s about a persona vs. the person inside.

    Heather, you just want them for the penis.

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