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Best of America’s Funniest Home Videos

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28 Replies to “Best of America’s Funniest Home Videos”

  1. Avitable

    Beth, no, no it wasn’t. Except the little dick part at the end kind of took away the seriousness of the beginning.

    LeSombre, and I’m sure there’s a nut shot hidden in there somewhere.

    Blondefabulous, yeah.

    Shiny, a happy ending always makes things better.

    Becky, I don’t blame you. It’s a horrible, horrible video.

  2. Clayton

    WTF, I usually am open and cool with most of your posts, but honestly as a parent I didn’t get past 4 seconds, I don’t know if there is a punch line, it really disturbed me. Its fine to face your fears, but my daughters getting hurt in any way are my #1 fear. Valerie had a coworker who lost a child in a church parking lot do to this in the last few years which makes this fear even greater. I think I got a chuckle from this sort of thing when we had to watch it in driver’s ed in high school, but now, I can’t bear it. I’m not going to judge your post, just expressing my reaction and feelings.

  3. Avitable

    Amanda, I don’t actually think it’s funny, except the last part of it.

    Clown, one of the people hit by the car was Daisy Fuentes so it totally counts.

    Faiqa, yeah, it gets the message across pretty graphically.

    Sybil, no, I still speed!

    BE Earl, figured that was the best way to get people to actually watch it.

    Whall, it’s powerful and worth watching at some point.

    Grant, yeah, I wouldn’t have posted it had a dog died.

    Stephanie, it’s totally serious.

    Atomic Bombshell, yeah, it seems like the part at the end was almost a different group of ads than the first group.

    Clayton, there’s no punchline. It was a very serious video. Only my title was funny.

    Bossy, well, that’s a relief!

    • Susan

      @Avitable, No, you’re title wasn’t funny. The message was powerful and I even embedded it in my 17 year olds myspace for him to watch it. Usually your sick sense of humor amuses me, but your sick attempt at humor here just pissed me off.

  4. Ren

    I almost didn’t watch it because it was AFV, but then I figured coming from you it was probably something else, so I did watch it. Twice (well, one and a half).

    My problem with this is that many of the situations were brought about by distractions. Sure, you can encourage people to try to focus on driving, but there will always be distractions. Unless the goal is to scare people into not driving at all, I’m not sure much can be accomplished here.

    Even the scene with the guy doing 120 km/h (~75mph), that situation is just sucky. Even at a more reasonable (for that road) 50-60mph it would have still sucked.

    Oh, the other moral I got out of this (other than don’t drive) is that cars and pedestrians *don’t* mix. We should have much better separation between the two.

  5. Staceylt

    I’d almost decided to like you.
    I’m up at nearly 3 a.m. because my husband is in Afghanistan and I can’t sleep at night. I’ve been passing the time reading your archives. I’ve been happily entertained with no crying this evening until now.
    Your title is unfair and totally shitty. Fuck you and your superior, unapologetic attitude.

    • Avitable

      @Staceylt, I’m sorry that it made you cry. I don’t consider the video to be funny at all, but sometimes getting people to watch something means tricking them into it. I’m not sure how that’s superior or unapologetic, but I’ll admit that this video is heartwrenching and horrifying.

      • Staceylt

        @Avitable, I meant your responses on the most part were unapologetic, not the posting of the video. And I meant your attitude is, in general, superior. I was upset and didn’t read my own comment, which admittedly, does not make much sense. I still think it was a shitty trick, but I feel weirdly better that you apologized.

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