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Not the first time the police have shown up at my door

Let’s say that you’re a bipolar welfare mother with a marginal disease that allows you to qualify for assistance, a victim complex, two fucked up kids, and a hatred of everyone who gets something that you don’t. Let’s say that your pseudonym rhymes with Margashit.

Now, let us imagine you being shitty. You’re shitty on your own blog, you’re shitty in the comments of everyone else’s blog, you’re shitty on Twitter. You’re just shitty in general, so you can’t help shitting shit everywhere. You’re full of shit, you reek of shit, you live in filth and shit – you’re pretty much synonymous with shit.

Ok, in this hypothetical situation, let’s imagine there was someone like me, who hates shitty people. And I decide to comment on your shitty blog, even after you delete my comments. I call you out for being shitty, I discuss your outstanding arrest warrant for assaulting a minor. I tell the Internet that your name is Marjorie Peskin. I encourage you to stop blogging until you can stop being such a steaming shithead. And on my radio show, I insult you further and say that people like you are wastes of breath and I would have no problem if you just ceased to exist.

Which one of the following actions would you take? Would you:

A. Go online, cry to the world that someone’s being mean to poor little pathetic you and nobody understands how miserable your fake life is online.

B. Take your blog down, then start a private blog where you talk about the amazing response you’ve gotten from people who want to read your stupid shit, even though you required them to provide you with their full name to even gain access. Oh, and make excuses about your son not going to college.

C. Print a picture of my face out, tape it to your favorite vibrator, and masturbate to it furiously while sobbing into your pillow.

D. Call the police in my town and file a complaint. When the detectives politely ignore you, continue to call them with increasing hysteria and unfounded complaints until they agree to investigate so that you’ll shut the fuck up and leave them alone.

E. All of the above.

Well, if you are a pathetic, self-involved twat like Marjorie Peskin, you choose “E”. And here is how effective option “D” is*:

*Doorbell rings*

I answer the door wearing a T-shirt (which was, incidentally, stained on the lower half with copious amounts of blood from an accident earlier that day) and my boxer briefs. Two detectives were standing on my porch.

“Mr. Avitable?”


“My name is Detective Riggins,” he smiled and extended his hand. “I’m sorry to bother you when I know that you’re busy, but I have a trivial matter I need to discuss with you.”

“Let me guess,” I smiled. “Marjorie Peskin?”

He grinned broadly and chuckled. “Yep. We’ve tried to explain to her that it’s not illegal for you to go to her website or Twitter, but she’s continued to contact us.”

“Yeah, she’s a perpetual victim. She surfs the web under a pseudonym and got pissed that I revealed her actual name. I tried to explain to her that she’s a moron, but, well, she’s a moron.”

The other detective chortled quietly. Detective Riggins continued, “She claimed that you threatened her physically, but whenever we ask her for actual proof, she doesn’t send anything that is remotely close. Just so I could close this out and get on with my real work, I decided to come by. To be honest, I’m surprised that you’re here. I just thought I could slip my business card under your doormat and be done with it.”

“Well, I work from home, otherwise, this wouldn’t even have taken up this much of your time! Thanks for coming by, and I’m sorry that you had to put up with that nonsense.”

“Oh well, it’s not a problem. Have a great day, and once again, I’m sorry for bothering you.”

Now I’m not telepathic, but I can totally guess what those detectives were thinking as they walked down the driveway: “I could be investigating an assault and battery or a robbery, but no, I have to waste my time because of a stupid cunt in Massachusetts who isn’t happy just wasting her own state’s money but needs to spread her shit all the way down to Altamonte Springs and waste our time and money too. Fuckin’ twatwaffle.”

And he’d be right. Fuckin’ twatwaffle indeed.

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113 Replies to “Not the first time the police have shown up at my door”

  1. Dave2

    Now now now… people don’t have to be crazy-ass shitheads to want to paste your face on a vibrator and masturbate furiously with it while crying into a pillow!

    Errr… or so I’d imagine…

  2. Breigh

    Grr your login thing hates me. I forgot my password so I got a new one, when I try to log in with it, it tells me my username is invalid hehe

    This is a whooooole lot of drama. I hope to god I never get on your bad side 😛 Bummer that she made all her stuff private, I was quite keen to go have a read and see what this was all about! I’m a bit surprised that she thought there was anything the police can do though. Eish. That’s going a little overboard.

  3. Suebob

    No, “C” is me, not Margashit. I’m pretty damned pissed that someone told you, though. It was Britt, wasn’t it?

    And “twatwaffle”? Going right into my personal dictionary.

  4. PandoraWilde

    I knew it! I know where she gets her soap now! I didn’t think it could be true because she didn’t call the cops on people but now? Oh yeah, it’s her. She’s too exactly like the soaper who supplies people like her (because the rest of us won’t put up with their shit for any size order) to get it anywhere else.

    Besides, if we supplied people like her, that soaper would call the police on us (for “stealing her customers”–since we can actually MAKE soap and she can’t) and the ones in my little hometown? They’d have HER arrested–for harassment. Of the COPS.

  5. NYCWD

    She called the police from out of state and they actually showed up at the door? Obviously their budget is a bit too much for their actual need in your town. You should ask for some money back.


  6. Blondefabulous

    :shit: :shit: :shit:

    How totally shitty of her. It never ceases to amaze me that people think they can be anonymous on the internet. NO ONE is really anonymous on the internet! It is just an illusion. If you don’t have the avita-balls to type in your own email addy when commenting and own what you say….. fuck off, ya know?

    Also, sorry I misspelled you name yesterday on Twitter. I think I fried at the beach yesterday. My bad. :loser:

  7. Lin

    Wow… just wow.. and even more disturbing is that you have the two girls and a cup Smilie… I’m calling the cops just for that. I swear to GOD you’re the one that is responsible for my mounting therapy bills. First the video on that now the smilie…

  8. Coma Girl

    What a wacko! And it amazes me that people would even sign up for a private blog to be screened to see if their worthy to read her crap.

    It also amazes me that the cops actually showed up.

  9. Avitable

    Paige, especially when they cause hurt feelings for everyone else.

    Amanda, yeah, she said she did, and I fully expected it.

    Faiqa, you mean I’m not already?

    Grant, it’s a deal.

    BPR, you wrote this from your iTouch, didn’t you?

    Maria, oh, this isn’t drama. It’s fun!

    Dave2, ok, that’s true. I know how many thousands of people do that already.

    Capricon, I wish I could take credit for it, but I heard it somewhere else.

    Breigh, you don’t have to login if you want to just leave a comment, too.

    Lynda, try thundercunt, too.

    Suebob, we have the video!

    Sarah, it flows off the tongue.

    Kim, idiots abound!

    Jester, you’re a blogger? I mean, except when American Idol is on? 😀

    Floating Princess, in her victim state she “knows” she’s right about everything.

    BE Earl, awful is a nice way of putting it.

    Ashleigh, with a private blog, she’ll shrivel up and die soon enough.

    Pandora, I have no idea what you’re talking about – I must have missed it if you wrote about it on your site.

    Liquid, I write a humor blog. Of course it’s exaggerated at times. She writes a personal blog that talks about her fiction about her life.

    Mik, no, they didn’t. I’m surprised that neither of them asked why I had blood all over me!

    NYCWD, well, it is a relatively small town with not much crime.

    Blondefabulous, I just don’t have respect for people who hide behind anonymity and then troll around or write mean and hateful things. Own your words.

    Lin, oh, I’m sure there’s more than just my smilies to account for those therapy bills!

    Coma Girl, especially because she outed another anonymous bloggers, so people are risking their online lives if she decides she doesn’t like them anymore.

    Kapgar, the crazies are everywhere!

  10. jordie

    How is it possible that in Altamonte of all places, detectives were really taken to the limit and finally forced themselves to visit you when we know they have other shit to deal with?

    Gosh, can you come up with any other legal ideas to annoy her from this distance?

  11. Sybil Law

    Seems like the city could sure her for wasting their frigging time or something.
    That woman has severe issues. I cannot believe the police showed up at your door! :lmao:
    Twatwaffle is definitely the best way to sum her up… :lmao: :lmao:

  12. themuttprincess

    Jesus. Sweet Jesus. At least you were wearing your boxers when they showed up. Otherwise it may have been a bit more uncomfortable. (For the police)

    (Oh, and BTW, Twatwaffle is my favorite word. I use it daily!)

  13. SciFi Dad

    Like many others, I am in disbelief, not only that she called your local police, but that they actually responded to the call. I didn’t even know something like that could be initiated out of state.

  14. Nanna

    Rats. I’m distracted, now, trying to remember what you were wearing when I showed up at your door.

    Is there some reason I didn’t get the boxer treatment?

    You seriously answer the door in your boxers?

    I love that you get so incensed about mean people. I really love that about you.

  15. Krystle | Snarky Kisses

    She called the cops on you because she’s a fucking loser who can’t take the truth… bwaahaahaahaahaa. And you answer the door in your boxers! Hilarious! My dad goes and gets the mail in his underwear and a tshirt – HA! Thankfully we live in the country!

    You’re awesome… and it’s hilarious that the detective thought the same as what you thought of her. BURN! :clap:

  16. Finn

    Good lord, how many times did she have to call before they just gave in? I bet it was every day.

    Next time they’ll just tell her to put aluminum foil on her windows to block you out.

  17. cristina

    i feel so sorry for the policeman who take those calls. i knew a real live troll, one who was LITERALLY stalking and harassing – and the police wouldn’t bother with them, let alone someone who can’t handle negative comments. whatever . . .

  18. Robin

    Been there, done that, plan to get the t-shirt. My husband’s ex-wife (during their divorce) tried to call the cops on me and sue me for stuff i said about her online however I never ONCE said her name. We should start our own club, it’s an exclusive and quite dysfunctional club.

  19. Hilly

    I’m still fucking flabbergasted that she did this…days later. It’s like she never learns and never gets that everyone can see through her need to play the victim.

    She needs “budakka”.

  20. Avitable

    Jordie, I was going to shit in a bag and mail it to her, but that might be pushing it.

    Sybil, she’s someone who obviously enjoys wasting taxpayer’s money. She takes disability that she doesn’t need so she can pay her housekeeper.

    TMP, I only answer the door naked when there are Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons.

    Skyperhero, she is indeed an ankle.

    Dustin, steal freely. But expect the police!

    SciFi Dad, I’m guessing she wouldn’t stop calling and they saw no other way to shut her the hell up.

    Nanna, I was probably in a T-shirt and underwear. That’s what I wear.

    Krystle, yeah, the detectives were not fans.

    Cat, it’s good I wasn’t a serial killer or something.

    Finn, maybe every hour. It’s not like she has a job or anything to do.

    Radioactive Tori, she’s mentally still a kindergartener.

    Cristina, she lied through her teeth to them, too.

    Bubblewench, oh yeah, it’s hilarious. I knew that’s how they’d react.

    Robin, whatchoo talkin’ about? I’m totally functional.

    Hilly, bakoko!

  21. melanie

    Twatwaffle! Best word ever.

    I just texted my daughter (who despises the word twat) and told her I just heard the best word. She texted back with a “wow mom”. Apparently her maturity level exceeds my own because I am going to incorporate it into ever sentence today.

  22. Tiffany

    This is the reason why I keep reading this blog. You are brutally honest and well… most people don’t have the cajones to say what’s on there mind. As for the perpetual victims, I completely agree with you that they should cease to exist. The world would be a much more pleasant place (if not smarter on the whole) without them.

  23. Dawn

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY???? I thought you were kidding until I started reading the comments. She sent the cops to your house? Seriously??? That’s just insanity.

  24. Jay

    Well since calling the police didn’t work out for her, maybe she can get Nancy Grace to champion her cause. Wait, Nancy is meaner than you even. Bad idea.

    Maybe Greta on Fox News will help her out.


    Or you two could go on Jerry Springer. 😉

  25. Lexi

    So, did the links within your post actually work before you posted this? Or did she block them after (which would mean, of course, she’s still following you. Surprise!)?

    I’m loving the word twatwaffle. It’s right up there with cuntcicle, which I may or may not have also heard from you.

  26. Janelle

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? You are making this up, aren’t you? You are just trying to be funny, right? Nobody does that! She called the police, for what? Because you don’t like her. Good God, can I call the police too! Wait, you better like me. I have a bank account with your name on it! (never mind it’s my savings fund for Halloween. Don’t judge, I have to name it something!)

    Ok, this story was beyond crazy and so is she! I mean really, I know crazy and even SHE give us crazy folks a bad name.

  27. JT

    I was going to go to her blog along with everyone else just so I could point and snicker, but alas!

    And I love the word twatwaffle, it goes along with cocknoggin 🙂

  28. Valerie

    Whenever I hear about her disgraces, it makes me ashamed that my daughter’s jewish name is the same as her pseudonym- Margalit. I wish she would dissolve that identity and suffer under a new name.

  29. Shash

    I was totally not going to say anything about this, because I have not had a bad experience with her, but…wow. Seriously? WOW.

    I figured that with our friendship and secret love child, Adam, I would no longer get to see her posts and for a moment I was crushed.

    Then I felt the baby kick…or, wait…I was wrong! It was just gas!

    All better!! 🙂

    Sad she had to waste ASPD’s time and taxpayer money. Can we get a refund for that?


  30. C Lo

    I understand that there are crazies everywhere, but this just pretty much takes the cake. Not to mention how much it pisses me off that she wasted police time in such a stupid way. twatwaffle isn’t even CLOSE to what she is. :pissed:

  31. Chris

    Man, I really need to catch up on THAT whole story. I’ve often thought of forming a charity that’s kinda like the “Make a Wish Foundation”, but specifically to raise money to ship these “twatwaffles” (great word) to an island where they can’t bother normal people.

    We’ll call it the “Get a Life Foundation”.

  32. Redneck Mommy

    You already know my thoughts about this. I mean, Adam, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Relentlessly terrorizing a poor single mother. Get a life, dickhead.


    But then you used the word twatwaffle and it’s hard to be annoyed when I read such a gem of literary brilliance.

    AND then you upped it with THUNDERCUNT.

    Fucking awesome.

    But still, very bad Adam.

    You ought to be ashamed. You are such a prick.


  33. Theresa

    Good! In my line of work I deal with peple like that all day. Thanks for getting it on the record those people need to shut up and GET A LIFE! By the way, your repetitive use of the word “shit” makes me feel better about the blog I’m writing that uses the word “cock” about as many times. Thanks.

  34. Robin

    What a dumb bitch. Seriously. What a dumb bitch. I could understand that she was pissed at what you said about her, but to call the police? From Massachusetts? Seriously?

    ::shakes head:: Yeah. Dumb bitch.

  35. cristina

    so i heard on the takedown that you have already gained access to her inner sanctum (ewww, i just grossed myself out) – even cutting through her 50 layers of internet security in order to get to read her fascinating bullshit. is this true???

  36. Cissa Fireheart

    wow. I wonder if you could bring a civil suit on her for harrassment too? or defamation of character? THAT would be priceless to see her reaction if she was served with papers. HAHA

    yeah but wow. just wow.

    and yeah good word. wish I could use it at work! I know a few clients who fit that description 😛

  37. Katherine

    How does someone with an outstanding arrest warrant (who is SUCH a TOTAL TWATWAFFLE) call the cops so many times, without getting arrested herself?

    She’s disgusting.

  38. Jennifer

    Clearly she is retarded.But it is so much more than that.Her blog was mediorce at best and her insecurity is obvious.I feel sorry for her,for all the problems she has brought upon her family and herself. It truly is a pity that she took it to that extreme.

    My theory, as digusting as it sounds,she never was properly fucked.

  39. chamblee54

    I recently left a comment at a blog where the proprietor does not adequately appreciate my awesomeness. He said that he had “instructed” me not to comment there. “Know that action will be taken”
    A few minutes later, a friend of his left a comment. It said “hey asshat try this” and had a picture of a kid sticking a knife into an electric outlet.
    I guess I got off easy.
    I will never eat at Waffle House again without looking at the menu for twatwaffle.
    The spell check suggestion for that is Luftwaffe.

  40. Avitable

    Melanie, your daughter just didn’t want to tell you what a cool word it really was.

    Karen, nope, she’s one of the bad liberals who gives the rest of us a bad name. She likes to drain every resource she can.

    Tiffany, I refuse to hide behind anonymity if I’m going to state my opinion.

    Sheila, that’s why you kept asking for pictures of my face.

    Dawn, yup. That post is entirely true.

    Jay, yeah, I think Nancy Grace, as evil and horrible as she is, would probably hate Margashit.

    John, to wait for the cops?

    Sam, and she says that as a result of this post, she got rid of 140 readers on her private blog. She doesn’t even have 40 readers, stupid lying bitch.

    Kim, I might just shit in a bag and send it to her.

    Lexi, no, she went private a day or two ago.

    Janelle, she gives all different types of people a bad name – crazies, women, mothers, liberals, human beings.

    LizHill, heh – see my reply to Jay.

    BPR, it was all lower case and obviously typed in a lazy manner. 😀

    P, that’s very sweet, but all I did was answer the door!

    Becky, pathetic is exactly what it is.

    Tracy Lynn, they’d probably die from the poison in her veins.

    JT, her private blog will remain private for like two weeks before she gets sick of the lack of attention and opens it back up, I surmise.

    Valerie, I think that might be her Jewish name, too. But we can call her Margashit, even if it doesn’t actually rhyme with it.

    CL, yeah, she neglects to admit that she’s the one who did that first to you!

    Shash, maybe when I’m in Boston in a month I’ll just pay her a visit and see if I can get her to fork over the taxpayer money she wasted.

    Denise, where the hell have you been???

    Delmer, you’re very good at your Dragnet trivia.

    C Lo, she has no problem draining government resources.

    Whall, I knew it!

    Chris, or we could just put them all in a room with one knife and see who remains standing.

    Becky, only if you’re not easily offended!

    Jess, yeah, this type of shit happens all the time. People need to grow up, myself included!

    Maman, yup. She obviously made an impression on them.

    Redneck Mommy, I just skimmed your comment. The gist of it was that you want my body, right? Heh.

    Theresa, I’m all about alliteration.

    Robin, being pissed is one thing. Acting like a mewling cuntrocket is another.

    Cristina, it is, but apparently she changes the password tomorrow.

    Slackmistress, well, she’s a handicapped person who’s not really handicapped, so she’d probably worry that it would draw attention to her blatant manipulation of federal and state assistance.

    Heather, thanks!

    DaDuck, me too. Because then you know the saying. Guns don’t shoot people. Friends with guns shoot people.

    Cissa, I didn’t invent the word. It’s been around the Internet for a long time.

    Katherine, oh, she wouldn’t dare do it in Massachusetts, because then they’d arrest her!

    Julie, as long as I can shine a little sunshine into anyone’s day!

    Jennifer, not the way that she criticizes every little thing, she wasn’t!

    Mandy, I thnk we’re way past that.

    Chamblee, did you try it and did it work?

    Poppy, exactly.

  41. Becca

    I must say, I can’t believe the police in your neighborhood took her seriously. I agree totally that she is one of the dumb liberals who needs to be seperated from the pack. I had read her blog before when ChickenLiver was outed on Twitter, but I never knew she could be sooooo very rude. I read several different things when I googled “I hate Margalit”, you should see what comes up it is very funny. Also, even the mundane unknown people can’t access her blog. How stoooopid! Twatwaffle, hehehehe! :lmao:

  42. Avitable

    Becca, I think that the fact that she kept calling, more and more hysterically, and insisted that I had threatened her, made them decide just to be on the safe side. The detective expected me to be gone and he just wanted to leave his card.

    Blues, her blog isn’t worth it. It’s dreck.

    Atomic Bombshell, she’s certifiable!

    Wookiee, yeah, I’ve read that. It’s psychotic.

  43. P

    Well, I’m your mole, baby! And I’ve gotten through yet another round of cuts. Crazy ass twatwaffle hasn’t blocked me yet. Guess she isn’t the Internet Genius she makes herself out to be.

  44. Kat

    This is freaking hysterical…LoL
    I have read this post like 6 times now, and was laughing so hard every time that I forgot to leave a comment on it.

    I’m really surprised that the cops even came out to speak to you without proof of the accusations against you.
    When I was dealing with the stalker I had online who DID actually post physical harm threats to me and my children, I not only had to print it out for the cops with date/time stamp, I had to print out every single thing he had ever written about me, all of the pictures he posted to his website of me and my family with the horrible things he said about us, and the one of my father where he said that my father had been arrested for being a pedophile back in like 1976. Then I had to prove to the cops that my dad had never been arrested for such a thing by giving them all of my dad’s info, DOB, full name, address, phone number etc, so they could do a criminal background search on him BEFORE they would even think of opening a case file, never mind actually go to where he was and speak to him.
    I’m truly shocked that the cops came out simply because she said you threatened her. It must have been a slow day at the police station, because they generally require proof of the threat before they do anything at all.

    I love how her blog and Twitter is all private now, but I doubt it will stay that way for long once people stop visiting her blog.
    She watches her stats I bet, and when the numbers drop, when people stop leaving comments, she will reopen it because she’s one of those people who craves the constant attention.
    Bad attention is attention, and she loves to be the center of it.

    Anyway, do be careful about posting any kind of threat, even saying that you’ll mail her some shit. It can be seen as a physical threat and then the cops will come back to see you and the next time, they may not be laughing.
    Sending you an email.

  45. Avitable

    P, email me the new contact info when you get a chance.

    Kat, well, if I ever did shit in a box and mail it to her, I’d make sure it followed all federal regulations of mailing hazardous materials. 😀

  46. P

    Will do once it’s settled and she’s comfy again!

    In the meantime, I thought you all would like some more tangible proof of her flaming hypocrisy… check out here comments here!

  47. Elizabeth

    A photo of her:

    Last year during the Camp Baby/Disney Moms events, she got so mad because she wasn’t invited, and ranted about how we must have a “secret list” and must only recommend each other for events. Paranoid much? Maybe if she was nicer on her blog and in her comments, she would be included more.

    That’s all I gotta say about that except, the POLICE? REALLY? Wow.

  48. Issa

    I wish I could say that I’m surprised, but I’m so not. Years ago, possibly close to four years ago, she called CPS on a few friends of mine. Those dang child abusers who told her to knock off the trolling. I actually laughed when she followed me on Twitter 6 months ago. I blocked her in seconds.

    Same old horrible bitch of a woman that she has always been. I’d love to hear what she says to them the next time she calls the cops on you. Truth is though, she’ll just move onto the next person.

  49. MidLifeMama

    I know this post is from a year ago, but my path may have just crossed with this individual, and I need to know something – should I run NOT WALK in the opposite direction as soon as possible? A dull bell went off in my head when I saw her name pop up in an email exchange about Bossy coming to town here in Boston and she was saying she needs a ride to the meet up. Apparently we live somewhat close to each other and now I might be in a position to pick her up. But I just spent half an hour looking for this post so I could determine if in fact this is the person you wrote about. I don’t need crazies in my life. Of course maybe YOU are the crazy person, it is so hard to tell. Or should I pick her up, and get more blog fodder for you. Hmmm….

  50. Kate

    This is my first (and last) visit to your site but I had to comment on this post. I have no idea who this blogger is or why she has you riled up so much, but posting her real name like this is very, very uncool and potentially unsafe for her. If you don’t like what you read on a blog then just stay away. Life is too short to let someone get under your skin like this.

      • Kate

        @Avitable, Was it YOUR name she revealed? If it wasn’t, and it bothered you so much for her to have done so, then how do you make it ok that you’ve posted her real name? Wouldn’t it have been the revealed blogger’s battle to fight?

    • NYCWD

      @Kate, You do realize you are commenting on a post that is less than 60 days away from 2 years old?

      Yes ladies and gentleman, another shining example that amateur hour in the blogosphere is alive and well.

      Just sayin’

  51. Anon

    I’ve never been to this blog before today. I was brought here through a google search for Marjorie Peskin and was amazed and amused to find this gem. I know this post is several years old, and I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but I’m going to do it anyway.

    Marjorie Peskin lives up to her horrible internet reputation in person, tenfold. I have had close personal interactions with Marjorie and both of her children, particularly the former since I went to school with them a few years back. Not only is Marjorie Peskin a horrible bitch, she is also a pathological liar. She claims that her son has a 180 IQ – higher than Einstein, mind you – and that he is “highly gifted”, and my firsthand experience tells me that without the help of his friends, Graham himself would have failed out of high school. (He still has no job, doesn’t attend any sort of classes/university, and does nothing with his life but attend local concerts and get stoned.) Marjorie points the finger at other people to lay the blame on any scapegoat she can find, regardless of the circumstances or the risk involved. She blamed Graham’s friends for his attempted suicide rather than admitting that she fucked him up, and refused to take any responsibility whatsoever. I have seen her, with my own eyes, berate and insult and threaten her own children, as well as other peoples’ children. She is quick to insult and personally attack anyone who disagrees with her, which involves the spreading of petty rumors and grandiose claims that paint others in a negative light for her benefit. She is hypocritical. She criticizes others for being lazy and unmotivated, yet she is so grossly overweight (my estimate is ~400lbs) that she cannot even walk up a flight of stairs to her own bed, and for the entire duration of the time I spent in her home and with her children, she slept on the living room couch every night. Loud and raging parties often happened in her home, including massive amounts of underage drinking, drug use, sex, and several semi-serious injuries were acquired by those partygoers at different times due to Marjorie’s utter lack of ability to discipline her children (or herself).

    Not only is she the most vile woman I’ve ever known in my life, but she has also spawned two obnoxious, hostile children; one who lies, cheats, and steals to get her way, who sleeps around for drugs and manipulates everyone in her life, including those who make every attempt to support and care for her; the other who is a sociopathic sycophant, a jackass with an utter God Complex and a need to belittle everyone around him despite his total lack of motivation and productivity in life, just like his shit mother. I feel kind of bad because they both used to be incredibly sweet kids, and they’ve already been reduced to the horrible, empty shells their mother molded them into before even breaking 20 years of age. Simply pathetic.

    I know countless people, including myself, who have been insulted, attacked, and hurt by Marjorie Peskin and her demon offspring. I only wrote here to say: kudos to you. She deserves every single word you wrote.

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