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Number One Gilmore Girls Fan

Yesterday while tearing through a pile of work, I decided that I needed something to watch while I toiled. I pulled out my Special Collector’s Edition of the full series of Gilmore Girls and stuck in Season 1 from the beginning.

Before long, I was once again reminded why this show was one of the best shows on television. It’s smart, funny, dramatic, and Lauren Graham is absolutely gorgeous (and so was Alexis Bledel once she got a year or two older). I love this show. And just to further belabor that point, here are the top five ways that I’m the number one fan of the Gilmore Girls:

5. I have an annotated map of Stars Hollow hanging on my office wall, along with a little cardboard figure of myself that I move around the town every day. Today I’m hanging out at Al’s Pancake World.

4. I am writing a screenplay in which Lauren Graham simply reads the phone book on screen. I have high hopes for its marketability.

3. Anytime I meet someone named Luke, I squeal and say, “Like the guy on the show!”

2. When I hear the name Paris, I think of Paris Geller, not Paris Hilton.

1. My testicles are named Lorelai Gilmore and Sookie St. James.

I’m already halfway through Season 1, and I can’t wait to keep making my way through the whole series again, revisiting some of my favorite characters since it’s been way too long, getting upset about the Dean/Rory breakup, hating Jesse, liking Max, hating Christopher, liking the Logan/Rory relationship, loving Luke and Lorelai, hating Emily and Richard’s separation, crying at the speech Rory gives at her graduation, and loving Lane’s mother.

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54 Replies to “Number One Gilmore Girls Fan”

  1. Amanda

    God Rory’s graduation speech makes me cry every time, no matter what. I keep watching it over and over again on ABC family. I don’t know why. I own it all on DVD, but for some reason, I watch it every day.

  2. Elizabeth Kaylene

    And this is why you rock. My boyfriend refuses to even sit down and watch this show, and it is hands down one of the best shows to grace the pile of poop we call television.

    I have yet to see the final episode, because I was so heartbroken that they were ending it with so little notice. I still say they should have kept going, and Luke and Lorelai should have got married.

    But I digress. ):

  3. bo

    I’m always glad about the Dean/Rory break-up, I LOVE Jesse, hate Max, hate Christopher, hate the Logan/Rory relationship, wished for a Rory/Marty fling, love Luke/Lorelai, hate Emily and Richard’s separation, cry during Rory’s speech, secretly wished for a Taylor/Kirk thing, and love Lane’s mother, especially when we meet Lane’s mother’s mother.

    Do you have a favorite single moment?

  4. Grant

    You can keep Lane’s mom if I can have Lane. I love Japanese 30+ yo’s who can pass for teens. I will totally dress her in a schoolgirl outfit with bunny ears.

    I wrote a script where Rory and Lorelai have sex, then Paris does Madeline and Louise up the ass with a strap-on, but I have yet to hear back from the producers. Maybe they’re saving it for a reunion special.

  5. Jay

    In my dreams I eat lunch at Luke’s diner at least 3 days a week. His burgers are outstanding and the fries are to die for! Luke is one of the most stand up guys ever. I think all young men should aspire to be just like Luke.

    I’ll always love Lorelia and probably can never get married because no woman can measure up to the her. And if I can’t have my own Lorelia why bother having anyone.

    I hated Dean. Hated Jess. Hated Logan. None of them were good enough for Rory. None of them.

    I loved Rory and then hated Rory and then started to like Rory again.

    I would LOVE to live in a town like Stars Hallow, but only if there were people like Kirk, Taylor, Luke, Suki and Lorelia’s neighbors who’s names I can think of right now and it pisses me off.

    And, the show was canceled too early. It was still a great show. The least they could have done was given us a two hour special (even if it was for DVD only) where Luke and Lorelai get married and all that good stuff.

  6. Libby

    Hello? Are we forgetting Kirk and Michelle? Probably the two funniest and creative secondary characters to ever be cast!
    And you have to love love love Suki!
    I miss this show! All I get are the reruns every afternoon. :crying:

  7. bubblewench

    2 & 3 – me too. And hey – where did you get the great map of Stars Hollow???

    Ok, you win #1 fan. But i think I’m pretty close to #2 or #3 fan. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My fave is when Paris loses it on CNN that shes not a virgin anymore.

  8. martymankins

    My wife loves this show. It’s on (syndicated repeats) at 6pm each night. I must find something to do while she watches so I don’t make silly comments about “how is that? Luke.. Luke Skystalker?”

  9. Breigh

    Oh I miss the days of Gilmore Girls excitement. When I first started watching it, I hadn’t started downloading shows yet and it was one of the only good things on Dutch TV.

    I used to get SO excited I’d dance around my livingroom with the remote as a microphone singing the opening song.


    Never was a fan of Dean though, found him so whiny and he’s the exact same on Supernatural! UGH! Luke and Lorelai were my big couple in this one.

    Oh and <3<3<3<3 Sooki!!!

  10. floating princess

    Ok, I don’t have a map I Stars Hollow on my wall so you beat me for #1 fan, but it’s close. I love Rory and Logan, hated Jess, hated Christopher, love Lorelai and Luke even though it sounds too much like Luke and Laura. What about when Lorelai and Rory weren’t talking, and Rory lived in the poolhouse and joined the DAR? Classic!

    Favorite show ever.

  11. PandoraWilde

    And people make fun of ME for watching anime? :violent018: Some of the best animated art in the world? Fine, whatfuckingever.

    At least no one will make fun of me for making a Browncoat uniform especially for me, will they?


    Fine. I take the resident geek award there too. :finger: The Firefly box set and Special Edition of Serenity are worth it though.

    And so is the shot of Nathan Fillion’s uncensored bare ass… not that anyone else here knows who the guy is, let alone cares that the ass that looks as nice IN pants looks just as nice OUT of them.

  12. Avitable

    BPR, you should Netflix Gilmore Girls and watch it!

    Amanda, yeah, I love that they rerun it.

    Faiqa, yes, Miranda.

    Ashleigh, it’s not as good as it should have been, since ASP was no longer showrunner.

    Amanda, I knew I liked you.

    Selma, I just want to live in Lauren Graham’s pants.

    Dave2, I feel the same way about Veronica Mars. Never got into Wonderfalls.

    Blondefabulous, yeah, that was hilarious.

    SciFi Dad, yup. It even comes with a certificate and everything.

    Sybil, I’m going commando.

    Elizabeth, I wish they would just do a two-hour movie or something.

    Bo, my favorite part was Rory’s graduation speech.

    BE Earl, I tried that show but never got into it.

    Turnbaby, I totally should have put that template back up!

    NYCWD, that’s one I need to watch.

    MidLifeMama, he was good in it, too.

    Sheila, excuses, excuses.

    Just Me, you can buy it at Amazon.

    Finn, you fondled them, you tell me!

    Robin, he was just cliched and broody.

    Grant, Lane was pretty awesome.

    Popping Bubbles, I think you should totally do that.

    Jay, I’ve always wanted to eat at Luke’s!

    Karen, yeah, the dialogue was rapid fire.

    Libby, Kirk and Michele were good but I felt like they were too one-dimensional.

    Bubblewench, I don’t actually have a map. I wish.

    Marty, it’s a smart show!

    Breigh, I used to fast forward through the intro song, though. I hate it.

    Floating Princess, I thought the Rory/Lorelai fight was a bit forced, but it was still good.

    Jack, it’s the secret alternate ending on the DVD.

    Theresa, I wish it was true!

    Tug, all 40 of them???

    Heather, I know, it’s true.

    Stephanie, you need to watch it.

    Pandora, I’m a total Browncoat, too. Anime, however, isn’t smart or funny, nor is it the best animated art in the world. Sorry!

  13. TheGoriWife

    Wow, I totally thought you were kidding. I love GG but I usually try to hide it because it seems like its not socially acceptable for a person of my ilk to like it. My family made a lot of fun of me when they found out I liked it, too, but I made converts out of them and we all hide in the basement laughing maniacally at ’em.

  14. SpaceCasie

    I love GG!! :clap: I always wanted to see Taylor get bitchslapped though.

    My husband would pretend not to watch it when it was on, but I’d glance over and he’d be staring at the TV. Who could not, with Lauren Graham’s hotness? :sex011:

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