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Kentucky Free Chicken: A taste test

Until yesterday, I’d never eaten KFC. And never wanted to. A friend sent me the link to the free coupon and convinced me to use it and try the grilled chicken for free. Did I mention that this is bone-in chicken? And I have a pathological hatred of all food with bones? This friend? Is dead to me!

Anyways, enjoy my review of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s new line of non-greasy non-fried food. And for those with ADD, let me just say that I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for it. Do you want to try it yourself? You can download the coupon for free Kentucky Grilled Chicken from KFC here.

Trying Kentucky Grilled Chicken from KFC from Adam Avitable on Vimeo.

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54 Replies to “Kentucky Free Chicken: A taste test”

  1. Deb on the Rocks

    I am with you on the chicken bones thing. Wings are barbaric.

    Not that I’m going to try KFC, but I think you were cheating by not using the plastic fast food knife and fork, or spork, that came with your meal, and that may have affected the taste test. Also, I think you are supposed to eat it in your car.

    I kind of want that biscuit, though.

  2. Amanda

    I can’t believe I just watched you eat for 8 minutes.

    And I kind of liked the chicken, but you have to eat the chicken with the skin.

    And OH MY GOD you dipped your biscuit it cole slaw?

  3. Kim

    I have resisted the “lure” of KFC since an unfortunate food poisoning incident in college….I do remember that their biscuits rocked though…

    Think I’ll be skipping this coupon.

    And I don’t wanna get all Appley on you bluepaintred but please please please it’s an iPod TOUCH ! the iTouch makes us all think of Chester the Molester.

  4. Elizabeth Kaylene

    The expression on your face during that first bite was priceless!

    I usually get their boneless (I too have issues with boned chicken, especially because of all the veins and EEW!), FRIED chicken. I can’t imagine eating fried chicken that isn’t actually fried.

    Their biscuits and mashed potatoes are usually damn good, so I urge you to go back and get a small order of boneless fried chicken, mashed potatoes — without the film of gravy, that was kind of odd — and a biscuit. If you’re just fed up with KFC, go to Bojangles. They’re better anyway. πŸ˜€

  5. Squeaky Wheel

    That just looks gross.

    I find it hilarious that it’s Oprah pushing this…someone who’s fought with her weight for decades, encouraging us to eat fast food? And it’s not like the sides have changed or anything…you eat those, you’re still eating caloric crap.

    Also, I find it funny that the slaw crunched. I don’t know why…but I do.

    • Breigh

      @Faiqa, haha oh god you should see them over here in Holland. People eat EVERYTHING with a knife and fork, even sandwiches. I always look like a total savage picking things up with my hands. Of all the boned meat I hate, I DO like chicken wings (because I’ve mastered how to get the little bit of meat off hehe) and it drives me nuts sitting there with my husband and brother in law while they eat them with a fork and knife. Ugh. FINGER FOOD PEOPLE!

  6. Breigh

    hehe I love you Avi πŸ™‚ I was just watching your video and my husband was like “What are you watching?!”
    I’m like “Avi eating KFC for the first time”
    “In the car with Hitler guy!”
    “OH Haha”

    Sometimes I how him things I find especially funny and that’s how he always remembers you. In the car with Hitler guy.

    I love KFC, but ONLY because there is one piece that doesn’t have a bone. Back in Canada we called it a “keel” but I have no idea what it’s called anywhere else. Anyway it’s just a piece of cartilage with a GIANT load of white meat on it. So basically the whole big piece is just all white meat, except for this thing in the bottom, which the meat comes off of really easy.

    If we get a bucket of chicken and there is no keel in it, I’m screwed… and here in NL I have to test my luck because I can never figure out what it’s called to ask for it.

    They also have no gravy here πŸ™

    Even with my love of KFC, that looked pretty gross and I’d not be able to eat those pieces either. I hate getting meat off bones, I always end up biting into what I THINK is meat, but isn’t. Ugh.

  7. SingleParentDad

    Healthy chicken, fuck that.

    I love the original shite, Unlucky Fried Kitten.

    And I tried it in the states, and what’s with ‘the biscuit’? That’s not a biscuit. Rice or mash option? Are you kidding me? This is fried kitten, I want a fried everything.

  8. Tiffany

    I haven’t eaten KFC since the mid-80s when I got a piece that had a thick layer of slime/pus on it.

    You look thoroughly tramatized. You should go have a nice greasy burger for lunch.

  9. Sybil Law

    Meat with bones gives me the heebies, too. I overthink it, or something. It makes me feel so fucking savage to cut meat off a bone. :puke: Anyway, I also passed on the coupon.

    I love fried chicken, though. My dad makes some with plain old chicken breasts and it is incredible. No bone! (Which totally makes me think of Spinal Tap.)

    Nice Ralph Wiggum, too! :lmao:

  10. Hilly

    KFC is fucking disgusting in general…oh sure, their biscuits are tasty but their chicken makes me want to gag then vomit. And you know, even though I’m not anti-vomiting as much as you are (WTF?), just ew.

    Also? I would have had to go on Oprah’s site to get the free chicken and as you well know, Oprah is banned in this household.

  11. ReRe

    No bones, wings or ribs?! nothing is better than a rib and a chicken wing. Thank god you’re not a brotha!

    as far as KFC goes, it should be against the law for them to make grilled chicken since the F stands for fried. But it should be against the law for them to make chicken in the first place

  12. whall

    I received a link yesterday for this but it said the offer expired on the 6th at 11:59 pm.

    In other words, probably one minute before you posted this.


    (I love kfc boneless chicken tenders, mac-n-cheese and mashed potatoes. Especially when all 3 are combined in one bite)

  13. shiny

    *insert witty pun that plays on the words “bone-in” and “bonin'” here. **

    Of course I’m at work and haven’t watched the video yet. So you probably already made that joke. Oh well…

  14. radioactive tori

    I also dislike bones in my chicken. I do like one thing at KFC though. That bowl with mashed potatoes, corn and chicken in it. I get it without gravy because I don’t like gravy. It is so good. I have only had it a few times but just thinking about it makes me want it for lunch! I’m thinking maybe I should eat breakfast now since I am obviously pretty hungry to be writing so much about that chicken bowl. I did print out the coupon when my friend sent me the link but I doubt I will ever use it because boned chicken grosses me out.

  15. David

    I haven’t been to a KFC in a couple of decades since I discovered Popeyes and Bojangles.

    Back in the 80’s, KFC chopped the chicken into mostly unrecognizable pieces so I’ve always been suspicious that they toss in the occasional cat or ocelot.

  16. Grant

    Oh, boy! Adam eats chicken for 8 minutes and 20 seconds on his blog! The excitement just never ends here, does it?

    Since my illnesses and antibiotics, three things now equal instant shart to me – chocolate milk, Southern style potato salad, and fried chicken. You probably didn’t care, but now it’s in your brain so you’re stuck with it.

  17. Avitable

    BPR, you’re not missing anything.

    Deb, the biscuit was dry!

    Amanda, I needed to lubricate the biscuit. Cole slaw juice seemed to work fine.

    Kim, skipping it is probably best.

    Elizabeth, no thanks. I think I’m done with KFC.

    Squeaky Wheel, good cole slaw should be crunchy! And I thought it was strange that Oprah would push this, too.

    Faiqa, did you miss the part where I said that I can’t stand eating foods with my hands? I don’t even eat corn on the cob with my hands.

    Breigh, even just having the bone or cartilage in there makes it unpalatable to me.

    Dave2, totally.

    SPD, you Brits and your crazy terminology.

    Blondefabulous, Boston Market boneless chicken is good.

    Robin, luckily my stomach remained intact.

    Jennifer, I’m kind of a hero.

    Tiffany, it was a harrowing experience.

    Sybil Law, I like Chick Fil-a, which is boneless. As long as I don’t have to use my fingers.

    Hilly, actually, if you use the link above my video, it goes to the PDF directly that I have hosted on my server. No Oprah needed!

    BE Earl, you so clevah!

    ReRe, I can’t stand getting my fingers dirty.

    Whall, the page expired last night. The coupon is valid through the 19th. If you click the PDF that I linked, you can download it and print it as many times as you’d like.

    Shiny, I missed it, and thank you for covering for me there!

    Tori, maybe I have tried that before – it sounds familiar.

    David, Popeyes seems even more frightening.

    Grant, you watched the whole video while masturbating, didn’t you?

    Lexi, I just don’t like getting my fingers greasy and dirty and that has somehow turned into a hatred of food with bones in it. We’re not animals!

  18. Sigivald

    Popeyes is uniformly superior (especially biscuits).

    And I’m using this emoticon just because it’s there: :sexytime:

    (I, fortunately, have no problem at all with meat with bones in it, so all the ribs? They are mine.

    And evidently ReRe’s. We can share.

    And the T-bones. And the bone-on pork chops.)

  19. Avitable

    Robin, you must be doing it wrong!

    Marty, the gravy was congealed.

    Dr. Zibbs, hopefully your experience will be better than mine.

    Kevin, you were totally masturbating the whole time, weren’t you?

    Sigivald, Popeyes scares me even more than KFC.

  20. Stacey

    “Healthy” choices at the fast food restaurant. To quote a line from the crappy movie I saw yesterday, it’s “like putting an elevator in an outhouse. It don’t belong.”

  21. c lo

    I never realized that you speech and mannerisms are nearly identical to my little brother. I kind of didn’t like you before but that makes it really hard to dislike you when you look and talk and sound exactly like one of the people I love most in the world. Weird.

    And, yeah. KFC is kind of meh. But……sometimes, it’ll do in a pinch. I can’t imagine eating it more than, say, once a month or so, though. If that.

  22. Katie

    I heard about Oprah offering free coupons – I wonder if she’s getting free KFC for life?

    I don’t trust anything from KFC – even if it’s supposed to be healthy, I’m sure they will find a way to inject evil fat into it πŸ˜›

  23. Poppy

    My boss kept talking to another person in the office about eating oatmeal with chocolate milk and canned salmon I warmed him that if he didn’t stop talking about it I was going to throw up on him. Tangential, really.

    BONES ARE ICKY!!!!!!!!!

  24. Jess

    K. I listen to these little gems on head phones through the time suck (laptop). Around minute immediately my eardrums imploded from the styrophoam. Holy God.

    But the chewing was properly dissuading, and the expressions were filled with lack of expression – showing your true distaste for the stuff. I hadn’t planned on having this crap any time soon – and it’s now been moved to never. But hook me up with a great extra-crispy and I’ll be tempted to give sexual pleasure.

    Bone-in meat owns it certain points of pleasure…

  25. Avitable

    Stacey, isn’t that from Road House? That’s not a crappy movie!

    C Lo, it’s not okay to dislike your siblings?

    Katie, I don’t care about the healthiness of it. I love evil fat!

    Valerie, I don’t – I make Amy do it!

    Kiefer & Emo, I have my priorities.

    Stephanie, no thank you. I tried it and now I’ll never try it again.

    Shamelessly Sassy, I’d think the first KFC would be awesome, but it’s not?

    TheGoriWife, exactly. They should stick with what they know.

    Poppy, oh, retch. That sounds horrible!

    Jess, bone-in meat is the devil.

  26. Grant

    KFC is now advertising that they can’t meet demand, but will offer a rain check if you bring the free coupon to a “participating location.” This is all your fault.

    BTW, I noticed the coupon is not valid on Mother’s Day. They must already have too much business for brunch that Sunday.

  27. Poppy

    After I left this comment I saw on our 10 o’clock news that they have had to STOP honoring the free coupon until further notice due to overwhelming response to it. Hilarious.

    BTW, that chicken looked scary. Bravo for even daring to try it.

  28. tc

    Besides the grilled chicken (which I don’t believe we have yet) your KFC is very different to any KFC I have experienced in the UK. I only really stayed watching because you were eating it with cutlery. The biscuit… which I don’t recognise and couldn’t identify until you picked it up to taste it. I don’t think we’re missing out here.

  29. Avitable

    Grant, yeah. Apparently it’s huge to bring your mom to a fucking fast food restaurant. People are trash.

    Poppy, yeah, it looked very scary.

    TC, I cannot stand picking up food with my fingers, hence the fork and knife!

  30. LeSombre


    For a neat freak like you, your office is kinda messy. hehehe.

    Also KFC? Love-Hate relationship right there. Once a year I get a KFC craving. Once every four years I have some KFC. 100% of the time I regret it.

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