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What I Learned From my Mother

In the interest of the upcoming Mother’s Day, I thought I’d illustrate one trait that I learned from my mother: my sense of humor.


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25 Replies to “What I Learned From my Mother”

  1. lydia

    I have to chime in with everyone else… 9 years old? I am so old. I was just two weeks away from giving birth to my first child.

    Oh, and this post? HA. A big, fat HA!

  2. Avitable

    LeSombre, ooh, it’s even funny in French.

    Mik, schadenfreude is always fun.

    Kat, she’s mellowed as she’s gotten older but it’s still there.

    SPD, good on them indeed.

    Shiny, I haven’t heard that one! Enlighten me.

    Heather, oh yeah, I remember that one, too. Excellent.

    Sybil, well, obviously, you’re an old lady!

    Robin, those are punchlines from the jokes when the Challenger exploded.

    NYCWD, nurse.

    Faiqa, likewise!

    BE Earl, I knew you were a bit hippy.

    Grant, Jesus loves her.

    Finn, no way. You’re over 40? How did I not know that?

    LMSS, I definitely need one of those suits!

    Sheila, they’re all the punchlines to the Challenger jokes.

    Chamblee, “low joint” – very clever.

    Crystal, I would hope so!

    Whall, no, they knew what shampoo she used because they found her Head & Shoulders on the beach?

    Lydia, it’s true, too.

    Ali, you could wrap them around my head. Oy.

    Dragon, exactly!

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