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How to pronounce Avitable

Almost two years ago, I did a video post that explained how to pronounce my name. Since that time, I’ve heard a lot of people fuck it up, so I thought I should re-run the video and educate the world again:

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70 Replies to “How to pronounce Avitable”

  1. Poppy

    I have a comment in my head that I’m convinced sounds funnier in there than it would down here.

    I am exempt from this lesson. I’ve known how to pronounce your name since before this video was even conceived.

  2. liquid

    dude, you look like shit in this video.

    seriously. you must have put special Effort into this look because i see you all the time and you rarely looks this bad :heartbeat:

  3. Penelope

    Wow I remember that the first time around too – didn’t realise I had been reading this long!
    Also – please bring back Saturday v-logs! Nothing like being woken up to “Hey fuckers” on a weekend :clap:

  4. Grant

    Before opening my browser, I thought to myself your name should be pronounced as aVEEtable for May 5, and it should rhyme with a-shit-able otherwise. Then I saw you posted this video. I guess all the medical treatments have finally granted me a superpower – preblognition. How useless.

  5. Tracy

    Thanks for clearing this up. After 30 years this Irish girl with an easily pronouncable last name married an Italian boy with a last name that’s pronounciation is also open to debate. Although I do love my new last name, this pronounciation issue annoys the fuck out of me. I too find myself going to the rhyme quite often… (rhymes with oreo). Anyhoo, I enjoyed your little rhyme and now I will stop calling you A vit a bull in my head.

  6. whall

    Now you’re making me want to recycle my comment from long ago that had it all – pronouncing your name right, pronouncing it wrong, me cussing, and making fun of you and praising you all at the same time.

    But for now I’ll just call you mrbrittable.

  7. Kris

    I could never understand how people could say it wrong until you pointed out the other ways they say it. I guess I just have a knack for names. (I’m sure it helps that there’s a lot of Slovak/Polish names that I deal with on a daily basis, and if someone can pronounce most of those correctly, they deserve a cookie.)

  8. Mik

    Cool I was saying it correctly.

    My problem having a hyphenated surname is when someone asks and I tell them they seem to think the first part of my last name is my first name.


    “Oh Mr. Boyington.”


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