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America’s Next Top Moob Contest

A few nights ago, I posted this tweet on Twitter: “I’m bored. Who wants to talk to me? Or call me. Or send me pictures of their boobs.”

While the response from my female followers was severely disappointing, the men came through in spades, sending several photos of their naked breasts. And while each picture was in and of itself erotic and I was able to furiously masturbate to each of them in turn, I couldn’t decide which was my favorite.

So I’ve decided to have a contest. Let’s hold a blogosphere-wide contest to vote for the best moobs on the Internet. Women, send pictures of your husbands’ or boyfriends’ manmaries. Men, shoot your own brosts. Send the pictures to me via email [adam (at) avitable (dot) com] by Friday, May 22nd. I’ll post the photos and let you vote for your favorite. The owner of the moobs with the most votes will win the title of the 2009 Best Moobs on the Interweb and the following free T-shirt:

What are you waiting for? Men, let those puppies breathe and send a photo in today!

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50 Replies to “America’s Next Top Moob Contest”

  1. Poppy Buxom

    1. Am I the first to notice that the acronym for your organization is ASSUME? As in “Assume makes an ass out of you and me?”

    2. Mits is OK; moobs is better. But I call them “breasticles.” :cock: :boobs3:

  2. thinkinfyou

    I asked for boob shots on my blog yesterday. It’s nice to see you’re getting a lot of modest people too! I don’t get it…..You are giving away a t-shirt!! People normally love that shit!

  3. whall

    I’m gonna have to decline. Last time I won a cvontest like this, I became so famous that everywhere I turned, someone was asking me to show them (winning) body part. I didn’t like the instant celebrity status and the impact to my private life.

    I never thought what my (body part) fame woul do to my family. I won’t put them through that again.

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