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Fuck My Life: A Dramatic Reading

Dramatic readings taken from selections from Enjoy!

Fuck My Life: A Dramatic Reading from Adam Avitable on Vimeo.

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63 Replies to “Fuck My Life: A Dramatic Reading”

  1. Jess

    I didn’t laugh until the bacon. Then I laughed out loud and my husband questioned me. I said it was all about bacon. He said ‘fuck my life’.

    Fuck my life. Who doesn’t laugh about bacon?

  2. Hilly

    Hahaha, I used to be “best” friends with someone who didn’t know how to spell my name…every time I reminded him, he would say, “whatever…two ll’s, one l, blah blah”.

    The first one made me LOL for realsies though.

  3. j

    Thanks for the comment, asshole. Its called a typo. You stay up for 32 hours, while pregnant, after doing three photo shoots, plus editing, taking care of two other kids and see if your perfect! Dont comment unless you have something to say worth reading!

    • Avitable

      @j, it’s not called a typo. It’s called a series of repeated behavior of blatant stupidity and inability to write in a cohesive or intelligent manner in any way. Hopefully all of these words are ones that you can comprehend. P.S. There’s a magical thing called an apostrophe. Try one some time.

  4. Stacey

    Once I was home from college for the weekend, sitting at the kitchen table, when the phone rings. My dad answers and I hear him say, “Who? No, there’s no one here by that name. No, you have the wrong number.” Then he hangs up and turns around, facing me. He gives me a funny, confused look. Suddenly realization sets in. “Oh! YOU’RE Stacey! . . . Somebody called for you.” And he walks away.


  5. Mik

    The iPhone case dropper reminded me of the guy in school who showed off his new ruler, “It is shatterproof,” and then proceeds to demonstrate it by bending in half and snapping it in two.

    Had to point out shatterproof is different from unbreakable!

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