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Carbs can be good for you

The recent anti-carb crusade that has taken the world by storm is close-minded and gastrophobic. Carbs can be good too!

One example? My friend Casey will be eating pancakes for charity. She will be pitted against local Indianapolis celebrities while she stuffs her face with evil carbohydrates drowned in delectable syrup and butter. And each competitor is raising money to benefit the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank, which feeds over 3,000 families every week.

Do you have a few extra dollars in your Paypal account? Why not throw them her way and help feed a family?


In other Avita-news:

I’ve only gotten two entries to the Moobs Contest. Women, you’re disappointing me. Your husbands or boyfriends don’t have to have actual bra-wearable moobs. Just snap a pic and send it in, and everybody can vote! You have until tomorrow.

Also, thanks to everyone who tuned in last night to “Clearly, You’re Retarded.” If you missed the show, you can go here to listen to it, along with all of our archived shows. You can also download the mp3 or find us on iTunes by searching the podcasts for “retarded”.

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38 Replies to “Carbs can be good for you”

  1. Bunnylord

    I’ve never gotten into this “carbs = evil” fad. All the good and healthy stuff is made of carbs – rice, vegetables, fresh fruit, and beer. Besides, if people really want to lose weight, they should avoid the unhealthy diets and get strung out on heroin.

  2. Sybil Law

    I love carbs. It would be so hard for me to give them up! I want to know why there aren’t charity events like that around HERE. I could really chow down on some pancakes about now. Except I am a slow eater.
    Babbling because I am pretty sure I’m still asleep.

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