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Pamela the Luscious Love Doll

I’ve reviewed a Blowjob Imitator and a Prostate Massager. I’m kicking off June with a video review of a new sex toy from the same online adult store, Eden Fantasys.

Pamela the Luscious Love Doll from Adam Avitable on Vimeo.

If your idea of sexy is rubbing your throbbing purple warrior all over the inflatable raft that you have floating in the pool, then you should buy this toy. Otherwise, save your money and just invest in some nice hand lotion so your hand feels all silky and smooth. This toy is really only worthwhile if you’re buying it as a gag gift for a friend or during a bachelor party.

In other Avita-news, today is the 25th birthday of the 25th birthday for our very own Turnbaby. Go wish her a happy one, sugar!

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65 Replies to “Pamela the Luscious Love Doll”

  1. Mik

    I’m guessing you would have to be desperate and a bit sad to buy and use one of those.

    btw the wife was playing this video on her computer and mentioned you look like you’ve lost weight.

  2. SciFi Dad

    When you flipped her over, the first thing I thought was, “Just how many invitations has that anus sent out already? It looks prolapsed.” And then you agreed.

    Also? No money shot at the end? What is this, the Playboy Channel?

  3. cat

    Woa, Avitable has a semi-stalker? That was really crazy and random.

    Smooth, perfumed skin! I can’t believe they put THAT in THAT box. LMFAO, ha ha ha!

  4. B.E. Earl

    “throbbing purple warrior”


    Sounds like one of those Dear Penthouse letters from back in the day. Or does Penthouse still publish/write those? I haven’t seen a Penthouse in about twenty years.

  5. Hilly

    Wait wait wait, let’s here more about the police and someone following you home? What did you do, cut someone off in traffic like a crazy man?

    Or were they enamored by your good looks?

  6. Blondefabulous

    HHH used to sell those when he worked at a hot shop in Memphis. He said they were purchased exclusively by guys playing pranks on their friends, guys getting props for a bachelor party, or geeky WoW nerds who couldn’t get a real live woman to save their lives!

    5 will get you 10 the WoW nerds dressed it up like some elven mage princess or some other shit like that!

      • Della

        @Avitable, yeah yeah, that’s what they all say.

        So, I had to play that ending for my Mr. and then I remembered we have a watermelon out in our garage. He claims he wasn’t even considering it, but I was horrified to note that he had NOT gotten that “I just saw someone get someone else’s vomit in their mouth” look that I know was on my own face.

        Also… heh heh.. heh.. heh heh… you said prolapsed.

  7. Tina@SendChocolate

    I am sitting here laughing over the box vs. well, “box.” So funny I had to go and call my husband over to watch it.

    That shit sells itself. It really does.

    And we need to change the definition of “inviting.” No eVites for you!


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