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Haiku: The ConFab version

This past weekend I went to Lexington, KY, for a blogger party. Everyone else has written recaps and posted photos, and there’s very little left to say, except that it was a great time, and thanks to Brad and Liz for hosting everyone and throwing an excellent party. And, as the self-designated Poet Laureate of the party, here is my tribute:

Karaoke Bowl
Penguins win just for Becky
Karl leaves drinks behind

The Netherlands lose
We gain for two days at least
Yvonne, we miss you.

Marty is the man
No fucking clue who you were
But you rocked the house

The Heathers march through
Inducting into their ranks
We may all be doomed

Cougar and student
Sybil and Sheila prowling
No penis is safe

New friendships blossomed
Old friends came out of their shells
Plus, a big dildo

The Bitches held court
Dave was a snarky pirate
Jill got inked and lived

My favorite geek
Kissed my best friend with her tongue
How did I miss it?!?

Crysterious. Dark.
Back and forth with a purpose
Time wasn’t enough

Too many people
Cannot write haiku for all
Too tired to try

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56 Replies to “Haiku: The ConFab version”

  1. whall

    I think what I want;
    are less excuses from you,

    Upgrading your blog;
    Leaving LeSombre to fix.
    Worst Timing Evah.

    Attended Confab
    Baby, without me you did.
    My name is Yoda.

    This caustic haiku.
    Retailiation Galore.
    Hides my jealousy.

  2. martymankins

    Great Haiku, but I need to find out who this other Marty is and wh… oh wait. I already left a comment on his blog.

    Now I need to attend a blogger event where he is so people can call out “Marty” and both of us come running.

  3. Poppy

    My favorite geek
    Kissed my best friend with her tongue
    How did I miss it?!?

    Wait… I was at ConFab? But I wasn’t. And definitely no tonguing girls occurred.

    (I’m trying to figure out who your favorite geek is now. I don’t act very geeky outside of work, do I…)

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