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Avitable at BlogHer 2009

This lazy Friday post is sponsored by BlogHer 09, taking place in Chicago on July 24-26th.

I will be there. Will you?

Edited to add:

Not only will I be there, I’ll be on a panel, too, talking about the Vaginally Challenged Men of BlogHer. There will be nudity. Probably.

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87 Replies to “Avitable at BlogHer 2009”

  1. Kim

    I want to go sooo bad !!! But alas, the will won’t be in probate court til July 28th. Days later. Leave it to he “justice” system to eff up my chance to start my life over. I have to pit my bills ahead of my fun , and my life.

  2. Robin

    BlogHer = way too expensive. If it wasn’t so expensive I probably would have gone because of its proximity to me (1.5 hours by plane, 11 hours by car…). The panel sessions alone sold me.

    Have fun, though.

  3. Dave2

    No. The cost of the plane ticket, transportation, taxis, hotel room, food, and other expenses I could handle. The $198 admission fee to BlogHer was just too much ($298 after February!).

  4. Angel Smith

    I’m going, and I’m going to be whoring out my sponsor, which is the only reason I am able to go because I am a broke fucking bitch this summer. Two teenaged boys out of school = a grocery bill almost as high as my mortgage. But you’re safe from my whoring, Adam, since it’s a chick thing. πŸ™‚

  5. Miss Britt

    Is part of your “vaginally challenged” panel going to include a demonstration of Kegel exercises? I keep telling you – they work! I really think it would help you.


    Should I be saving this for the question and answer portion?

  6. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    I was going to go til I found out it was $198 just for the pleasure of walking through their doors. Then I found out you could buy cheap seat tickets just to go to the parties so I was gonna do that but they were sold out. I hope you are able to squeeze in a few hours for me while you’re here though!

    P.S. Yay! All that spam worked on getting you a panel! ::woot::

  7. Keira

    I will not be there. Instead, I will be at home with the doors locked pretending to do something productive while I sit on the internet and eat my way through a box of Moon Pies. But you have fun!

  8. Maman

    Fuck, fuck, fuck…. NO. And I LIVE in Chicago…. I will be in Sonoma at the Wine Bloggers Convention, inconveniently scheduled the same weekend… Have fun.. and feel free to bug my husband and kids left home alone without a car.

  9. NYCWD

    I know that this question is obviously a rhetorical one when it comes to myself.

    Since you love wrestling as much as I love soul sucking corporate mongering mommies, and as a rhetorical question, obviously the answer is a resounding HELL NO! in the vein of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    I think we’re even.

  10. Miss Grace

    I’ll be there. I’m live blogging, so I’m not sure what sessions I’ll be doing that for. But I’ll try to come to yours, assuming I’m not obligated elsewhere. Either way we can get wasteface later on right?

  11. BOSSY

    Bossy delights SO at the idea of seeing you at BlogHer. Drinks on her! Which Bossy can offer because she knows you don’t drink… Always thinking of your wallet, silly Bossy.

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