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Sunday Becky Sunday

Today is the birthday of someone who I swear literally has rainbows shooting out of her ass. She’s perpetually cheery, lets issues run down her back like water, has the largest natural boobs I think I’ve ever seen, and devours men for breakfast.

Happy birthday, Becky! I wish I had the time today to create a new piece of art for you, but instead I’m recycling one I sent you last year because it still seems perfectly appropriate (click to see full-size).


17 thoughts on “Sunday Becky Sunday”

  1. Happy Birthday to my fellow Cancerian, Becky!

    Avitable, you should gather all your artwork and have an art show! I’m serious. I went to one last weekend in a small studio downtown and it only had six pieces, and there was free food and drinks (so you know there was a great crowd!), and it was a lot of fun. It’s all in the presentation. I think it would just be a fun thing to do!

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