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BlogHer 09 – If you could ask a man anything . . .

On Saturday, July 25th, from 10:45 AM until 12:00 PM, I’ll be at BlogHer co-hosting a “Room of Your Own” panel with Busy Dad and Child’s Play x2. It’s called “Vaginally challenged bloggers – the men of BlogHer“, and here’s the description:

Among hundreds of women, we stand out as the men of BlogHer. We view the world differently. Some of us are single. Some of us are married. Some of us have kids, some don’t, and some of us are just big kids ourselves. The male personal/life blogger is a minority among the personal/life blogging community, and our perspective could be invaluable to any blogger, mommy or otherwise, who wants to make the most of her audience. Join Avitable, BusyDad, and Child’s Play x2 in a discussion about the role male bloggers play within the blogging community, and how that impacts what they write, how they network, and why you should be on board with the work they’re doing.

So, for roughly an hour, the three of us will have to inform, entertain, and retain the interest of our audience. We’ll have a moderator, we’ll have an audience (hopefully), and now, we just need some questions to answer and topics to discuss.

Here’s a few I’ve thought of so far:

With the majority of personal bloggers being women, it follows that most of the friendships you make online will be with women as well. What do your wives think about this? Do they handle it well? Does anything make them jealous?

When commenting on a woman’s blog, where is that fine line between being supportive and friendly and being creepy and lecherous? Do you ever hesitate to comment because you’re not sure how it will be taken?

Avitable, why do you constantly show your balls? Do you really think anyone wants to see that?

I don’t think these three questions will fill an hour, though. Even if I do share my treatise on testicle exposure being a significant cause in the increase of laughter in the world. I need more questions and topics. And it’s a Saturday, so you fuckers don’t have anything better to do.

Give me some suggestions in the comments. Whether or not you’re going to be at BlogHer, what questions would you like to ask a male personal blogger? Two daddy bloggers? A man who would attend BlogHer? Two men who posed for the Hot Blogger Calendar? Anyone with a penis? Anyone with a penis who still listens to Avril Lavigne and gets his eyebrows waxed?

I’m counting on your input to make this session the best one of BlogHer!

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37 Replies to “BlogHer 09 – If you could ask a man anything . . .”

  1. Angel Smith

    Is your perspective on the blogging community any different from what the female perspective typically is? How important are the friendships you make? How do you cope with the jealousy some bloggers have over popularity? What was your motivation when you started blogging versus your motivation now? How do you draw the line at what to share online and what not to?

    🙂 Men fascinate and confuse me all at once.

  2. Dave2

    Do women really outnumber men in the blogosphere? This statement had me curious, so I tried Googling That Shit and couldn’t find any numbers to support it. Older surveys from 2005 showed the opposite. In going through my blogroll and eliminating group blogs, I’m almost dead-even between reading women & men.

  3. ByJane

    This testicular-ball thing–is there gonna be a show’n tell in your panel? And where do you stand (or sit…or lie, for that matter) on the latest NYTimes factual piece of reportage: that in ever-increasing numbers men are shaving their–ahem!–nether parts…and other bits and pieces?

    FYI–bring a pee cup ’cause we’ve comandeered ALL the restrooms.

  4. BusyDad

    Your discussion questions are excellent. Are we allowed to plead the 5th? Or at least make the audience sign NDAs?

    And since this is a discussion format, I would love to be able to ask the audience how they feel male personal bloggers enrich this largely female community, and whether or not that they resent how much easier it is to stand out within it based solely upon the fact that we do have balls (albeit with different levels of graphic exposure).

  5. ali

    I am REALLY curious about the fine line thing…because I feel like it’s a total double standard sometimes. men can say what they want to women and it’s totally normal, and then um, one female blogger makes a what-she-thought-was-funny-at-the-time comment on a big male blogger’s site and then that male blogger’s wife gives her shit in the comments section. ahem.

  6. Matthew

    Do we dare ask if the women in the room had a problem with men attending BlogHer? I’ll also put out the word that we’re looking for questions.

    Glad to see we have Miss Britt to moderate. I think she could take on anyone.

  7. Sybil Law

    You want participation from me? On a Saturday?! GAH.
    Is there anything you’ve not posted but wanted to, because you are a man and thought it might be perceived wrong?
    Damn. I think I already know the answer to that…. I’ll have to think on this and come up with a better question…

  8. Grant

    Ask if it’s true that all feminists secretly want to dress like maids and have lesbian sex with a Japanese schoolgirl while taking it up the butt. We both know it is true, but it would be nice to have the confirmation.

    On an unrelated note, can I have your big TV if you fail to return home?

  9. Miss Britt

    This is what “you” have come up with so far? Really? Huh.

    How about “do you ever feel bad for pretending to have an original thought when really you just STEAL THEM FROM PEOPLE MORE AWESOME THAN YOU?”

    How about:

    How do men feel about the existence of something called “BlogHer”? Do you think there is a need for it?

    It seems that most of the male bloggers I know have a “blog wife”. Can you discuss that dynamic as far as other people’s perceptions of it, are you protective, blah blah blah, really this panel should evolve into a discussion of me, etc.?

  10. Stephanie

    I like BusyDad’s question, and have wondered that myself.

    I’d be interested to see how many women were offended that testicles were having a seminar at BlogHER. And if they would be equally like-minded if the boys decided to have a BlogHim.

    For some reason, it cracks me up that Britt is going to moderate. That would be awesome.

    • Faiqa

      @whall, Zero because men pretend like they a) do not know where the beer is kept and 2) cannot find it once they are informed. Thereby, perpetuating the ruse to their wives that they can’t seem to do anything without said wife helping them. No-i’m-not-hormonal-why-do-you-ask.

      • whall

        @Faiqa, I find your lack of tasteless joke punchlines disturbing.

        The correct answer is “Zero, because the bitch better have it opened when she brings it.”


        (is this coming across as funny yet? it’s supposed to)

  11. Faiqa

    There seems to be a great need in the blogosphere (and, sigh , in life) for people to compartmentalize bloggers and force genre upon them (mommyblogger, humor blog, political blog, etc.). First, how do you feel that gender plays into the categorization process? Other than the term “Daddyblogger” are there genres that you feel are more specific to the male writer or category? Furthermore, are these categorizations useful to readers and writers alike? How are they not useful?

    Please use blue books and pencil to complete essays. Submit them at the end of class. You will automatically get an “A” because you are the ONLY person in the universe that can correct my grammar with total impunity.

  12. Been there, Done that

    * Having lived through the hell that was women’s liberation, isn’t it reverse discrimination to hold a BlogHer conference and not a BlogPerson conference?
    * I started a blog to get out my frustrations without having someone try to ‘fix’ my problems, and happily ended up feeling close to people that I have never seen. What was your motivation for starting a blog?

  13. Elizabeth Kaylene

    Will this be videotaped? I won’t be able to go, but I’d love to see it! Even a transcript will do. (:

    As for a question… I was kind of wondering about the whole jealousy thing, too. It could actually go for female bloggers, too, so I’m sure a lot of people are wondering. But you wanted a different question:

    What advice would you have for other blogging minorities (other guys, bloggers who don’t quite fit into a niche, bloggers starting a new or lesser known niche, etc) who want to really kickstart their blogs?

  14. golfwidow

    Do you think readers have a different perception of provocative writers (and by provocative, I mean eliciting emotional response of any kind, not necessarily sexual) depending on whether the writer is male or female?

    For instance, if a woman were to write a joke blog about why rape is good for the economy, is that more offensive than if a man were to tackle the same topic?

    (NOTE FOR ANYONE TAKING OFFENSE AT THE ABOVE QUESTION: It’s an example. I am not a blogger provocateur. I do not believe joke blogs about rape are funny, ever, and that’s just a matter of opinion on my part, and I’m perfectly willing to concede that I’m probably wrong. Okay? Okay.)

    I’d be interested to hear both your opinion and what you believe the popular opinion would be.

  15. cat

    1. What kinds of things do you like to read about on blogs written by women?

    2. You know how they always ask women if they dress for men or for other women? Well, do you write for women or do you write for men? Is there a difference? If yes, how so?

  16. Libby

    This is totally unrelated to blogging, but I wanted to ask this question anyway. Why is it that after men watch porn, they feel it is completely acceptable to preform the “pussy pat”? Do you really think that we enjoy it when you “pat the puss”? Totally not a turn on. Oh yeah- and why is the “cum shot” such a turn on for men? I am done now; thanks for your time!

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