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Bollywood Night

Last night I went over to Faiqa and Tariq’s house and had a Bollywood night with Britt & Jared, Hilly, and James & Carolina. We were served real Indian food that was delicious (even if it was toned down for my American palate) and we watched a Bollywood film called “Om Shanti Om”. It was a fun night and both educational and entertaining!

Here are the top 5 things I learned about Bollywood movies:

5. The word “fish” is a perfectly good substitute for “fuck”.
4. Alternating between Hindi and English is a good way to confuse the hell out of white people.
3. There is no such thing as “too many musical numbers” or “too long of a movie”.
2. If you ever get stranded in India, just call everybody “Dude”. They’ll totally get it.
1. When in doubt, dance your fishin’ ass off.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s one of the more popular songs from the film. This song is notable because more huge Bollywood stars appeared together to sing and dance than ever before. You might recognize Bhrad Patel, Ghiorgi Kharouni, Rhaboort D’Neerah, Anjuli Shulie, and Sanjya Bhoolik if you look closely.

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56 Replies to “Bollywood Night”

      • Amy B.

        @Avitable, yes, the names. I was all like, “How the hell does he expect us to recognize who Sanjya Bhoolik is? Am I that behind on my entertainment news? Then I realized it was like some Reader’s Digest word puzzle that for some reason is simple for every half-demented senior citizen I know but stumps me for hours.

        But I am blonde.

  1. Miss Britt

    I am so sad that I fell asleep for the last 10 minutes of this movie, since clearly *I* was the only one who REALLY appreciated it.

    I am obviously more culturally sensitive than anyone. Including those damn brown people who kept making fun of it.


    That’s what I learned last night.

  2. Sybil Law

    Okay – I have seen 2 Bollywood movies and I really liked them – am I some kind of freak?!
    Anyway, you forgot to mention how beautiful and colorful they are…
    Also, Ghiorgi Kharouni is my FAVORITE, as you know. 😀

  3. Kiefer and Emo

    I keep thinking of the commercial where they start with a scene from a Bollywood musical and then an Indian guy pokes his head onto the screen and says “Vy arr you vawtching dis terrrribul movee?” Not sure why I thought of that. Ahem.

  4. RebTurtle

    10 minutes of dancing, and all I learned is that belly dancers will give you whiplash…..

    Actually it was, as you said, a little long but very entertaining. Was that filmed in the actual the Dell tech support break room?

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