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The Mixed-Up Files of Ms. Poppy E. Cede

Today is the 35th birthday of the quirky, funny, amazing, lovely Poppy, and in her honor, here is a little quiz.

Has Poppy ever . . .

1. Had a threesome with two gay men?

2. Vandalized a church statue with a pocket knife?

3. Been bitten by a ferret?

4. Milked a cow?

5. Cheated on a test?

6. Ridden in a helicopter?

7. Pooped in a pot?

8. Gotten in a clothes dryer?

9. Climbed a mountain?

10. Set herself on fire?

11. Learned six languages?

12. Puked in a bathtub?

13. Acted in a play?

In true Poppy fashion, this quiz only has 13 questions because I don’t feel like it’s necessary to round up to 15 or down to 10. And if you know Poppy at all, you’ll know that the answer to every single one of these questions is yes!

Happy 35th, Poppy! Just for fun, I’m reposting the image I drew for your birthday two years ago:

Poppy and the Ark

30 thoughts on “The Mixed-Up Files of Ms. Poppy E. Cede”

  1. I read “pooped in a pot” as this post showed up on my screen and thought, “wow, that’s outrageous. Wait, I’ve done that!” and then I read this entire list and realized I’ve lived a very interesting life. I adore that you put 13. Reminds me of that trainwreck of a 13th high school reunion a few years back, hehehe.


    PS – I love the leo best. RAWR.

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