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Reason 4,887 that I hate people

With its story about a college alumna who sued her school because she hasn’t found a job, CNN gave me yet another reason to hate people.

Trina Thompson, this slug-brained moron, has a 2.7 GPA from some shitty little no-name school in the Bronx. She paid this school tuition for an education with the promise of a degree if she completed all necessary requirements. I don’t have to know anything about the college or how they have their tuition set up to know that there was nothing in any document she signed that guaranteed that she would find a job. There was no promise, implied or otherwise, that she would be gainfully employed as a direct result of her education. She paid for an education and received it, and did rather badly, as well.

From the article: “She suggested that Monroe’s Office of Career Advancement shows preferential treatment to students with excellent grades. “They favor more toward students that got a 4.0. They help them more out with the job placement,” she said.

Maybe they “favor more” people who can “good speak done English,” you fucking brain-dead twit. I’m guessing that the Office of Career Advancement took one look at your resume, which was probably written in purple crayon on the back of one of those paper Denny’s menus that double for your placemat, and decided that you were a lost cause. They correctly assumed that rather than throw the benefit of their experience and knowledge at the blank wall you call a brain only to watch it slowly slide down to the ground and drift into the gutter, they should work on someone with promise and possibility.

Someone who wouldn’t go to court and file a pro-se lawsuit because (a) she can’t afford an attorney and (b) even an attorney from a fourth-tier law school like Touro would know not to waste more than a picosecond considering this case.

Someone with the self-respect to take responsibility for her life, which includes not blaming a third party for everything that happens to her.

Someone with integrity and value to society.

Anyone other than this stupid vacuous lifedraining parasite. Fuck you, Trina Thompson.

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137 Replies to “Reason 4,887 that I hate people”

  1. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    What she doesn’t seem to get is that most schools that guarantee placement, can send you to jobs of any sort – even if they have nothing to do with your degree. The better students that can’t find jobs get hired to do something at the school. The students that suck at life get sent to McDonald’s.

  2. adena

    Um, I know people here in this state who have Masters and who graduated with insanely high GPA’s- and they are currently unemployed.

    It’s called the economy, moron. Geez. (Her, not you. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  3. Tracy Lynn

    I just read the pdf of her filing. She’s a moron, and in an economy in which people with actual skills and excellent grade point averages cannot find jobs, it’s not surprising to me at all that she is not employed.

    Sometimes, this culture of entitlement makes me want to stab people. Ok, more than sometimes.

  4. ChickenLiver

    I remember some odd stories from my business law class. One of those , “AUFKM” Are you fucking kidding me ones, was the guy who committed the San Ysdido McDonalds massacre. Claiming that the McDonalds food and junk food which in the court room was listed as large amounts of Twinkies and such lead to the perp not being able to think clearly, and led him to pick up the gun and kills all those people.

  5. Jennifer

    The sense of entitlement that some people have is baffling. My business has grown considerably since moving (I’m one of those people with a degree, high GPA and no job, so I started my own business) and I keep running into these twatwaffles that seem to think I’d like to work for free.

  6. Faiqa

    Oh, those bad, bad 4.0 students who take up everyone’s attention. Who do they think they are? How awful that your mediocrity is second in line to their excellence!

    This does bring to light the serious topic of student expectations, the cost of education and whether these people are getting their money’s worth. I read somewhere that she’s suing the school for $70K. I assume that she is NOT seeking emotional damages and that this was the cost of her tuition. If so, 70K for an undergrad degree in business is ludicrous, and I wouldn’t think her expectations for additional assistance in finding a job was unwarranted.

    Nonetheless, she is an idiot for trying to sue them.

  7. CP

    That is the problem with the youth of our country now. (Do I sound like an old bitter woman?) No one wants to take responsibility for their own lives. Anytime anything gets fucked to high holy hell…some other dumb fuck was the reason for it.

    This chick sounds as useless as a fingerless lesbian.


  8. Zach

    You all fail to see the evil genius in her plan. She *intentionally* targeted this school, earned poor marks, and tried not to get a jobโ€ฆall so she could have a honey of a lawsuit. Thinking of how to get sympathetic jury members, she even timed it with the economic downturn, correctly assuming several of them would likely also be out of work and more open to her argument. This whole thing is the plot of a secretly 4.0 student to breeze through the Harvard Law School application process, meticulously calculated down to the poor grammar in the press releases and public comments. I say kudos for her creativity and gusto!

  9. GrandeMocha

    I graduated with a 2.67 GPA from the University of Michigan and that was nothing short of a fucking miracle. As my statistics prof said, “Smart girl, not good student.”

    • Avitable

      @GrandeMocha, oh, my college GPA was pretty shitty, too, because I never went to class and had more fun than I should have. I’d also never consider suing my school if I hadn’t gotten into law school.

  10. Hilly

    I’m so fucking tired of people being unable to take responsibility for their own crap. We live in a society of sue-happy whinebags and it’s just a bit too much.

    /grouchy old woman

      • MeanOne

        @Finn, It would technically be the New York City BoE, since she lived in the Bronx. Not that it would do any good, the schools there are already hurting bad enough, she’d be lucky to win a few vintage textbooks out of the settlement. For the record, when I attended a NYC high school 12 years ago, the drop out rate was 50%, they will graduate anyone willing to sit through four years of student/teacher stabbings and sexual misconduct.

  11. Summer

    Just another person with a sense of entitlement taking no responsibility for the slacking she did in college. On the other hand at least she went to college (maybe the no name school was all she could afford) and is sort of trying to get a job rather than work the system.

  12. Miss Britt

    “Someone with the self-respect to take responsibility for her life, which includes not blaming a third party for everything that happens to her.”

    She sounds like a perfect candidate for the Captain Saveaho School of Despair!!

  13. Grant

    You’re not even up to reason 5,000 to hate people? Amateur.

    I graduated from DeVry University, an institution more respected than MIT, NASA and Mensa combined (according to their 3rd rate web site), and I actually considered suing them, not because I didn’t find a job but because they failed to live up to any of their advertisements. They claim you will be taught by field experts instead of people who have never ventured beyond academia, which is true for the lower level courses, but seniors mostly get low-paid immigrants with poor English who have never worked a real job and don’t even understand the basics of what they teach. The final insult was their claim that over 90% of their graduates find a job in their field of study within six months of graduating. Nobody that I know who graduated from there met that criteria, and in fact after claiming they had wonderful job placement capabilities, the only thing they did was mass e-mail an offer for a job opening at another university nearly a month after the opening was originally posted. I think somebody should sue them, or preferably set them on fire.

    • Avitable

      @Grant, I’ve heard that about places like DeVry and ITT Tech. I had plenty of people who barely spoke English as professors in law school, but they were people who wrote their nation’s constitution or something and so I gave them a pass.

  14. Jay

    She should have chosen a better school.

    70 grand for a business degree? She could have gotten one of those for less than 1/3 of that price and not felt nearly as bad about herself.

  15. mountainmomma18

    Dude do you live in my head, cause I just gave this rant to my husband. You want to know something asinine? My union retains a lawyer, why I asked when I joined, in case you get sued they told me, by a student, for failure to educate. Are you fucking kidding me? I teach at a college, not a high school…..makes little differance some days.

  16. anonymous

    You don’t even know what it like to be a women and making get through school mr smart pants. What gpa even did you have? You like to you talk tuff about these things but hide behind the internet behind a computer screen just talking of the stuff. IF you think YOU can even do better i dare you to. What I think it would be funny is if this young lady did find your blog and decideds to sue you and make you pay for libals and the things you want try to say about her. Good luck getting out of that one avitable!!!

  17. Poppy

    Was she in school to be an attorney? Oh please, yes.

    What the hell is up with this anonymous person up above me? Decideds is NOT a word. But if enough people use it then it becomes one. Ahhhh, America.

  18. metalia

    This. THIS IS WHY I HANG MY HEAD IN SHAME WHEN I ADMIT I LIVE IN THE BRONX. We’re not all like this, I swear! Had I attempted to write about this story, it’d likely have been a stream of consonants and random symbols, on account of my head repeatedly slamming into my keyboard. So thank you, Adam, for putting into words the rage that I so deeply feel. Because…my god. (You are so brave to have written it, considering the threat of “libals” looming.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. perpstu

    What a douche. I hope she loses and the judge makes her pay the schools legal fees too. People like that need to have their heads examined. Or smacked. Maybe a little bit of both.

  20. Katy

    I work for a University and I help with some job placement for students. What I have found is that there seems to be dangerous sense of entitlement with these kids. I don’t want to speculate if it is a generational thing, or whatever, but some of the shit these kids pull is just BALLSAY!

    I set one kid up at an interview, who had a GPA 0f 3.25, not stellar, but not bad. I won’t work with anyone who has less than a 3.0, unless they are highly active in the program and obviously motivated. He showed up 15 minutes late, and though he was wearing a sport coat, he also wore JEANS. TO A JOB INTERVIEW WITH A LENDING INSTITUTION.

    I had one student try to convince me to convince his professor that he did not deserve to fail his class and that he should have been given and Incomplete, because though he forgot to do a few projects, he could make them up in a few weeks. Um, the semester is over, Little Dude, you’re a day late and three projects short.

    And these are business majors from a real university.

    It’s crazy

  21. muskrat

    You’re an insensitive asshole. Schools should absolutely have a duty to find a high-paying, minimal-work-requiring job out of college for all their graduates. Especially public schools. Let’s raise taxes again to make sure the extra personnel required to be on staff to find Ms. Dumb Cunt a job can do so, whether in the Bronx or any other public school in this country. Everyone knows a meritocracy is inherently racist anyway. She is owed employment. And not with Payless or McDonald’s, apparently.

  22. Mars

    Excuse me, she is entitled to be headhunted by the Fortune 500 companies because she had a 2.7 GPA and GOOD ATTENDANCE! What kind of company would want to pass up that bit of goods? I am sure her attitude is fantastic as well. Somebody give her a six figure income already!

  23. ChickenLiver


    That is mean and uncalled for. More than half this country was raised on public schools. Teaching is a hard, underpaid and at times thankless job. In fact you can thank a teacher that you can write “a while lot of nothing.”

  24. MariaV

    This is hysterical. The Monroe College graduation gown is quite funny too. It is royal blue with a 5″ school logo patch.

    Also, I’m quite relieved to see that no other fools were involved and she was representing herself.

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