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Rerun Saturday: The Chocolate Covered Burrito

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32 Replies to “Rerun Saturday: The Chocolate Covered Burrito”

  1. Kristen

    Oh man. At first I was slightly disgusted over you eating that, but I remembered I used to eat school cafeteria cheese pizza (which was just frozen round pizzas) with pickles on top. People thought it was disgusting, but just like you said it’s something everyone should be trying. Something about cheap pizza and pickles just goes really well together.

  2. whall

    If you can do it, I can do it.

    Comment Rerun Friday:

    (improper pronunciation required)

    There once was an Avitta-ball,
    Who slighted the great blog of whall
    He poem’ed him not,
    His stats went to shot
    Now nobody visits at all.

    (proper pronunciation now restored)

    This one big-ass doof named avitable
    Wrote poems so bad they were pitiful.
    Offending each one,
    (both done and not done)
    tittable, clitable, shitable.

    (SYSTEM NOTE: the last line of above limerick was automatically censored by this blog’s filth-o-meter to adhere to minimum offensive content standards)

    This guy that I know has 2 dicks
    He’s homo and ain’t into chicks
    He’s got two gay buds,
    named Phillip and Studz.
    Their 3-ways are actually six.

    The great blog of whall is now open.
    and whall is just sittin’ there hopin’
    that y’all come and visit
    Ifyaneed more, what is it?
    Gratuitous lickin’ and gropin’??!?

    You think you’re so highly regarded.
    (I hope this news isn’t discarded)
    But Adam Avitable
    and hottie Miss Brittable:
    You both are so Clearly Retarded.

  3. Valerie

    That was drowning in chocolate. Anything would taste good in that much! You are a magnificent chewer. No one in my family chews that many times before swallowing. What’s that red thing behind you to the left?

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