World Leaders Review Obama’s Performance

From CNN:

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro criticized President Obama for expanding the war effort in Afghanistan, but Castro also mildly praised Obama’s domestic initiatives, such as health care reform.

In an essay published Tuesday in Cuba’s state-run newspaper, Granma, Castro said drawing American troops away from Iraq to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan is a mistake, saying the Taliban in Afghanistan “sank the Soviet Union.”

Still, Castro said he was astonished by U.S. news reports of declining popularity for Obama. Castro blamed “traditional [U.S.] racism” for dampening reform efforts, including health care revisions.

I think that CNN really dropped the ball with this article. They should have polled other world leaders, in power or out, alive or dead, to get additional input into President Obama’s performance.

Where they fail, I shall step in. I doggedly pursued these leaders for a quick soundbite weighing in on how they thought Obama was doing so far:

Imelda Marcos (wife of former Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos): “When will he deal with the shoe shortage?”

Mikhail Gorbachev (former leader of the Communist Party in the former Soviet Union): “It only took me four months to realize that fixing our Great economy would be impossible without reforming our political and social structure. Why has Comrade Obama not realized this yet? He must implement a socialist regime and quash all those would speak out against him!”

Eva Peron (wife of former President of Argentina): “Don’t cry for Obama, Democrats of America.”

Kim Jong-il (former leader of North Korea): “Fuck him! Where my sequel to Dark Knight? I shoot Christopher Nolan in face if he not hurry up!”

Adolf Hitler (former leader of the Nazi Party): “If his opponents are correct and he’s actually moving the nation to a socialist country, he’s doing a poor job, even for a half-Negro man. I’m sorry, I should be optimistic. Half-white.”

Alvaro Uribe (current President of Colombia): “Sniiiffffffffffffffffffffff . . . Sorry, what?”

Nicolas Sarkozy (current President of France): “For moi, as long as he remains strong in the face of opposi-EEEEEK! A mouse! Run away! Retreat!”

Manny Mori (current President of Micronesia): “Wait, what? You actually want my opinion on something? You know I’m from Micronesia, right? Like, nobody’s ever asked my opinion about anything! I’m so excited! So, who’s this Obama dude?”

Nelson Mandela (former President of South Africa): “My nigga is kicking all types of ass! Awwww yeah.”

Moritz Leuenberger (current Federal Council Member of Switzerland): “I’d rather stay out of it.”

Margaret Thatcher (former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom): “He thinks he’s hot shit because he’s the first black President for the US? I was the first woman Prime Minister and I did it thirty years earlier. I think he’s a bit of a pussy. I much prefer Reagan – he was a pistol in the sack. Pip pip.”

In other Avita-news, the lovely Diana turns a year older today – go wish her a happy birthday!

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  1. Renee

    My previous favorite, “Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right,” from Hugo Chavez, has now been beaten by Hitler. Never saw that coming.

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