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Ass sweat: a poem

It rolls downhill, gathering speed as it hugs the contours of my shoulders and back.
The quiet waits to be shattered by the sound of my AC
but instead it mocks me and the sweat continues to travel
Joined by its brothers and sisters, it becomes a river, raging across my skin

I beg the fan for some relief. It does its best. It’s not enough.
“Adam”, the pool calls seductively, “Come to me.”
A night of cool ecstasy, floating on a cloud
It’s worth the wrinkles that the morning will surely bring.

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58 Replies to “Ass sweat: a poem”

  1. Twenty Four At Heart

    It’s been over 100 every day this week here. That’s not normal for the OC at all. Not only have I experienced Ass Sweat, but my cleavage sweat is out of control. I’m seriously considering around topless. Why can men do that, but women can’t? Not fair.

  2. Mik

    I can handle all the boob sweat going around here, not so much the ass sweat. My problem is my forehead erupts into torrents when it is hot, I should take to wearing a headband!

  3. JD at I Do Things

    When you’re a pre-menopausal woman, you get to experience crotch sweat!

    Another night — I wake up all wet
    Nothing’s amiss! It’s simply crotch sweat
    So things get a little soggy down there
    It only requires a change of underwear
    They say it’s common among old ladies — but wait!
    Goddamn it, y’all. I’m only 48!

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