Dr. Adam Avitable knows all.

My rules of blogging

  1. I try to reply to every comment I receive, even if it takes me a few days.
  2. The 100th comment is just as important to me as the first.
  3. I have too many blogs in my reader to read every day, but I try.
  4. I don’t read blogs written by people who don’t read me.
  5. I never say anything online that I wouldn’t say live.
  6. I never censor comments unless they are spam.
  7. I comment on your blog when I have something to say, not because you commented on mine.
  8. I will not comment on your blog post via Twitter or Facebook.
  9. I subscribe to comments on every post on which I comment if that function’s available.
  10. The sense of community I get from blogging and the subsequent comments that occur is the reason that I do it.
  11. I will post something every day of the week.
  12. Funny trumps all. [stolen from Britt]
  13. I will never be afraid to comment on a new blog because my opinion is just as important or unimportant as the next commenter.
  14. “Commenter” is a fucking word, dammit, no matter what spell-check says.
  15. My blog is mainly a persona – it is one aspect of my personality exaggerated for the purpose of comedy. I do not define myself by my blog and neither should you.
  16. Lurkers frustrate me because I think everyone has something valuable to say at some point and I know that I might be missing out on a good blog because someone doesn’t take the time to comment at least once. I try to comment on all the blogs in my reader at least once or twice so that they know that I’m reading.
  17. I stand by my words completely. If I say something wrong, I’ll admit it; otherwise, I’ll defend what I write.
  18. I don’t respect people who comment anonymously (with the exception of my confession post) because if they don’t believe in their words enough to identify themselves (even if it’s with their blog pseudonym) why should I put any weight in what they have to say?
  19. I dislike Pay Per Post and think that it cheapens blogging. I understand why it exists, but I just don’t like it.
  20. It’s just as important to support a blogger when he or she is happy as when he or she is sad.
  21. A blogger can become a friend just as easily as someone close to you geographically.
  22. I use proper spelling and grammar because I care about what I’m writing.
  23. If I become more worried about my stats than what I write, I will stop blogging.

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207 Replies to “My rules of blogging”

  1. B.E. Earl

    I’ve never run across a Pay Per Post blog. I’m not really even sure what it is. Do you mean some bloggers ask their readers for a fee to read their posts? That is absurd.

    My #1 rule? Tits trump everything.

    OK, maybe it’s not a rule. But it certainly could be.

  2. Jennifer Love

    Fabby rules…I don’t follow any rules. I don’t comment. I suck at commenting. I wish I had an assistant to sit and type out comments for me. Like we’ll sit and look through my feeds together and I’ll yell out what to comment and she/he will type it out for me. I have a condition that prevents me from commenting. It is called “The Lazy” and I have it really bad.

  3. CP

    #18 is a big pet peeve of mine.

    #20 is the reason why I consider you a close friend over the past four years.

    Much love, Adam. Always.

    Thanks for always supporting me. Especially now.

  4. Sarah

    I still don’t understand the whole pay-per-post thing.

    Damn, I just deleted a show I was going to save to watch with my friend. Clearly I cannot comment on your blog and do anything else at the same time.

    And I’m blaming it all on you.

  5. Hilly

    “# It’s just as important to support a blogger when he or she is happy as when he or she is sad.”

    Did Britt tell you I was bitching about this because I sooo was, just the other day. It astounds me that people are all over my blog when I’m down or when I’m snarky or when there is my own personal version of hell and drama and yet they don’t come around when I say that I am happy. In my opinion, that little fact is what separates “blog reader” from “blog buddy” and sometimes even “friend”.


  6. Robin

    These days I go more with the flow than anything else, if I like a post I just comment if I have nothing to say I don’t. I do like the community aspect though so I try to keep that part alive, it’s a big part of why I do it. I agree with all of these points I think.

  7. MB

    I love these rules and think more bloggers should abide by them.

    For years I just read and never ever commented because I’d spend too much time trying to say the right thing without offending. Sometimes it’s hard for the written word to convey sarcasim or skark without sounding bitchy, insincere or unsupportive. Britt is right, funny trumps all, but people don’t always get the funny, well, your funny they get, mine, not so much.

    I’d sponsor a ticket for someone but my paypal account is, unfortunately, in the negative ;(

  8. Sincerely, Jenni

    I’m one of those people that reads everyone’s blog posts, but very rarely comment. Not because I don’t have any reaction to a post, but usually because what I want to say has already been said by 10 or 20 people that commented before me!

    You stay true to yourself, and thats what matters. You don’t change your opinions because of what your commenters tell you. That’s awesome.

  9. jen

    @Sincerely, Jenni – I’m with you. By the time I get to read a new post, think of exactly what I want to say, and then scroll through existing comments… about a dozen people have already said exactly what was on my mind and I don’t want to sound like a broken record. It can be frustrating sometimes though because I LIKE commenting, but I DON’T LIKE looking stupid.
    Adam, I like your rules though. #1 and 6, well, I don’t get enough comments to make this a difficult thing, so I’m the same way. But I’m hoping #21 comes true for me. Think I need to write more, first.

  10. OHmommy

    I kinda of like it when bloggers mention their posts on twitter. Although I scroll through my reader, during breakfast like now, I pop in on twitter during lunch and it’s nice to see people promoting their posts. Or other posts. I only open up my reader in the morning. Than I get lazy as the day progresses.

    I don’t know how you find the time to respond to comments. Bravo. And I totally agree with #21. I have even met wonderful people nearby me that I would have never had the chance to met.

  11. JD at I Do Things

    An excellent set of rules, one that I follow with a few exceptions (there’s no way I could post every day, and I do read blogs that don’t read me). My favorite rule is:

    # A blogger can become a friend just as easily as someone close to you geographically.

    So true. Some of my best friends are people I’ve never met, tho I was lucky enough to meet several of them at BlogHer. These friends are just as meaningful — sometimes more meaningful — to me than my “real life” friends.

    Good list!

  12. lceel

    Your ‘rules’ make perfect sense to me. In general, I subscribe to those precepts, as well – except that I don’t do comedy very well (so I don’t DO comedy) and I handle comments a little differently than do you. But, in their Essentials (I originally misspelled the word as ‘assentials’), yours are the same rules I follow.

    Oh. And one other point of agreement. Lurkers. And their cousins, those who read in a Reader and don’t click through to the post. Like you, I want to know what people think.

    • Avitable

      @lceel, when you start getting to the 500+ blogs I have in my reader, it does mean that most posts get read quickly unless I have something worthwhile to say, but making my presence known occasionally is better than never.

  13. Kelly (Kay)

    #1 – Yeah, except for me, cross out days and replace with weeks. I suck at responding to comments 🙁
    #3 – Blog reading could easily be a full time job… if only I could find someone to pay me to do it.
    #10, 21 & 22 – Yep.
    I think I’m confused by #7 & 16, though. If you’re reading because people comment here, but you have nothing to say, doesn’t that make you guilty of being a lurker? (Or is my blonde showing?)
    And I’m with Angella – wondering if no comments from you means you don’t read or I suck?

    • Avitable

      @Kelly (Kay), I can’t read everyone every day, but I try to read the blogs in my feedreader when I have time and comment when I have something to say, which is at least once or twice over a few months. If you haven’t seen comments from me, it probably means I haven’t had anything to say yet.

      • Kelly

        @Avitable, Damn, if you read everyone who comments here every day, that in itself would be a full time plus overtime job. And knowing that you just haven’t had anything to say makes me feel better than wondering if you just think I suck 🙂

  14. Carolyn

    Excellent rules oh blog guru. I actually try to follow most of those too (except for the post everyday thing).

    But #16? See, I always told myself that you WERE reading but were choosing to lurk. I guess my blog is a little specific and not really relevant to your day to day. No matter, you make me laugh nearly every morning, so thanks for that.

    I’m still going to think of you as my secret lurker anyway 😉

  15. radioactive tori

    I agree with these but especially the one about commenting anonymously. My heart always beats a little faster when I see I have one on my blog because they are often not very nice. I wouldn’t say anything I didn’t have the balls to own, and I don’t understand why anyone would.

  16. hello haha narf

    you make me giggle that you have rules. while i love blogging, it is as most other things in my life…something i crash through like the bull in the china shop. of course you have hundreds of readers and i have tens so perhaps you are on to something. (oh yeah, and you have that funny thing going for ya!) i love your corner of the internet and am thankful we have had the opportunity to get to know each other.

    also? one day i had a big ole fuss over whether it was commenter or commentor and whether either of them were actual words. i settled on commenter, regardless of spell check.

  17. Finn

    I like these and if pressed, would probably say these are my rules as well, except for the reading people who read me one. I read people who don’t read me — yet. When I’m ready to comment on those blogs perhaps they will. If not, that’s cool too. I read them because I enjoy what they write. I can separate them from the people online that I consider friends.

  18. Just Shireen

    #20. It’s just as important to support a blogger when he or she is happy as when he or she is sad.

    Amen. I was just talking about this the other day. It’s something I’m guilty of myself, but definitely try and work on.

  19. Zakary

    I think Twitter, Facebook and feeds do make for lazy commenters. I am guilty of this because I might read a post via my phone and it’s really hard to leave a comment because my BlackBerry was manufactured by Satan and likes to lock up on me.

  20. Jen

    I admit it, I am a serial lurker. I don’t mean to be, it’s just that I always worry that my comment is never going to be interesting/funny/relevant enough so most times I just end up saying nothing. I was going to seek professional help but instead I think I’ll just have a t-shirt with rule #13 printed on it.

  21. Becky

    My rule is to have no rules. And #14 made me giggle. I hate when I know that I’m spelling something correctly and I can’t get rid of that damn red line! And rule #21 is spot on. Some of my best friends are people that I met through blogging.

  22. dawn

    I’ve noticed #1 about you and I like it. I especially admire you for doing that considering how many comments you get.
    #19 – I have no idea what pay per post is.
    And #21 – I agree wholeheartedly.

  23. Shannon

    Nice list! I don’t comment often because by the time I get around, anything I could have said has already been said. But I do like the list, and I think it’s good to have an idea of your priorities.

  24. tiph

    I’ve been neglecting my blog as of late, even though I love writing, and your list inspired some much-needed confidence. I hope to get to the point that I post something every day of the week as well. Wish me luck! 😀

    Oh, and thanks.

  25. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    Sometimes I don’t comment because I’m lazy, sometimes it’s because someone else has already said the only funny thing I can come up with and sometimes it’s because I really just don’t know what to say.

    But then other times I have total word vomit all up in the comments section and *that’s* just as awkward.

    Anyway, I love you Adamdizzle.

  26. Kristen

    I, like other people who have already commented, frequently don’t comment on blogs because there are already people with the same comment. If it’s already been said multiple times, why should I then repeat it?

    But I chose to ignore my feelings and post this already used comment simply because you said lurkers frustrate you. If I can save you from frustration, I will, if only this once.

  27. Adina

    Fine! I confess, I am a lurker. I love reading your blog. You always make me laugh. I guess I lurk because I don’t feel like I have anything more to contribute than what everyone else has already said. There is also the danger that comments could be taken the wrong way and all hell comes raining down. 🙂

  28. Jay

    I don’t know if I actually have any rules for blogging. Other than my completely arbitrary “no nudity on my blog” rule. I really don’t even know why I have that rule.

    I admit that I do read blogs written by people who don’t read my blog.

    But, I follow Rule #8. I may talk to someone about their post on Twitter or Facebook, but only if I have commented on it also.

  29. Hoatzin

    There’s RUUULES for blogging? Wow, who knew? Makes me wish I had a blog.

    But I really enjoy reading yours.

    I propose a Rule 12a. “Perky tits on a cute waitress trumps all”

  30. harmzie

    I like your rules and mostly follow them except replying to everyone because I don’t have that function. Lazy? Probably.

    I’d add to the lurker thing that *I* like any and all comments on my (low-traffic – not complaining, probably would be a little better if I followed #11) blog, but on the busier ones that I read, I feel there *are* inane comments that don’t add anything (“haw haw, that thar shur wuz funny!”) When you’re trying to read every one of 160 comments, it can make it take a very long time. If that’s all I feel I have to SAY about a post – even if I quite like it – I won’t bother. You’re welcome everyone 😉

  31. Fantastagirl

    I have no rules for blogging, because everything else in my life is about rules… and I need I break.

    (grammar, spelling everything – even the over-use of “…” Sorry!)

    I read your blog because it makes me smile and most days laugh out loud – I don’t always comment, because sometimes, it’s better if i don’t.

  32. karamg

    I really like the replying to comments, that is an excellent policy and it makes you stand out. And thank you for the proper spelling and grammar, some blogs are just impossible to read because I have an imaginary red pen in my head. And I’d hate to miss out on your genius-ness (??) because of my own quirks. I’d say most of the other rules fall under a banner of authenticity which is a big part of your appeal.
    But try to take it easy on lurkers, they’re probably just shy.

  33. Poppy

    My one rule for blogging: I say what I feel like saying. 🙂

    But I totally blame you for things like making me feel like a blogging superstar and helping me find an entire world of awesomeness. I live in NYC now because you introduced me to some cereal guy.

    Have you watched Tootsie yet? I’m just going to keep asking you until you tell me. Because that’s what friends are for.

  34. Faiqa

    You don’t read people who don’t read you.

    Juuuust wow. Nobody even called you on that? At least, you don’t do that with books. Because I’m pretty sure Stephanie Meyers doesn’t read your blog. And then where would you be?! Approximately 2000 pages smarter than you are now.

    This comment’s humor rests on the assumption that Stephanie Meyers is the name of the woman that wrote Twilight.

    (In other news, nice non sequitar comment, huh?) 🙂

    • Avitable

      @Faiqa, I have almost a thousand subscribers to my blog – I’d rather read them because they’ve already invested time in me. And I don’t have time to add anyone else.

      P.S. Stephenie Meyer totally knows who I am. She sends me dirty pictures. And it’s “non sequitur”.

  35. J from Ireland

    If I followed your rules I would have only 1 blog in my feeder. I don’t comment often enough because I am just too lazy. I definitly love when I get a relpy from a comment I have left. I am starting to stop reading blogs that never ever reply.

    Do you think your halloween parties will still be going on in 2011? ’cause thats when we hope to be returning to Florida, well hopefully.

  36. Twenty Four At Heart

    Interesting rules. Why not ever comment on a post on twitter? I’ve noticed in the last couple months a LOT of people will comment to me on my posts via twitter. Sure, it makes the numbers of comments per post LOOK like less … but I really like hearing from readers in whatever way they see fit to give feedback. Even those bitchy OC women who are too chicken shit to leave public comments and send emails directly to me informing me I’ve (once again) pissed them off.

    Blogging is a strange world, isn’t it? : )

    • Avitable

      @Twenty Four At Heart, it has nothing to do with the comments per post being less and everything to do with tweets being temporary. If you come read my blog, tell me on my blog what you think of my post. Going to Twitter to do so is just obnoxious.

  37. usedtobeme

    I’m guilty of number 16. I think people don’t believe their comments mean as much as the next person’s. Maybe if they did, they’d comment more. I’m just lazy. That’s why I don’t comment. Oh, and internet drama. I don’t comment on that shit either.

  38. renn

    These are excellent rules.

    MY number one rule of blogging is ‘Post when you can, and don’t obsess about stats.’

    I began blogging because I love to write…and have made wonderful friends in the process. I never imagined that some of my closest friends would be people that I have never met face to face.

  39. Jason

    I like your rules. I have many of these same ones myself, although I haven’t sat down and clearly defined them like you have.

    You forgot this one, which you told me about a few months ago:

    “If your blog is boring, I don’t read it.”

    Or maybe that one goes without saying?

  40. kapgar

    I agree with everything you said here and try to practice the same save for two… I no longer blog every day even though I did for nearly a year and a half when I first started. I just blog when I feel I have something to say. I also do not subscribe to comments feeds simply because the count in my feed reader when I was subscribed to yours and Dave’s comments depressed me so much that I thought I’d never get through it all. I guess there’s a third, too. I try to keep my spelling and grammar in check, but it’s not always 100%. Even when I re-read before posting. Forgive me?

    I particularly believe in #21 about how blogging friends can be just as good if not better friends than geographic or so-called “real life” friends. Completely agree.

  41. Tiffany

    Only 1 bloggin rule, which I felt the need to make up just now… I flat out refuse to even acknowledge my own blog until I get somewhere with better internet options than this retarded little Verizon VZAccess thingamajigger sticking out the side of my laptop is providing. I haven’t been commenting much either, just because waiting for pages to load makes me want to cry. I miss cable.

    Even with the current internet horrors out here in the sticks, I can usually manage to wait for a blog or three to load once in a while. Now I’m going to click on this comment button and hope VZAccess doesn’t take all night to figure it out.

    Whoa… what happened to the boobie emoticons?

  42. perpstu

    Excellent list! I keep saying I am going to start responding to all comments on my blog. I think I’ll start today.

    Some of my dearest friends are people I have met through blogging and I love them all to the sky!

  43. SoMi's Nilsa

    This is a very level-headed list of reasons to blog. I’ll likely refer to it in my weekly Replay of things I like in the blogosphere. Do you consider SoMi’s Nilsa a pseudonym? It’s not that I’m trying to be anonymous … I’m not. But, it’s a good mixture of something from my blog (so people recognize me, assuming they even read my blog) and my real name.

  44. Kori

    I don’t even have my stat counter enabled; when I was with blogger it just freaked me out too much, took it way too seriously, so when I moved to my own space, I just-didn’t install it. That way, I can write what I want/need to write and not write for someone else.

    Sometimes happiness needs as much support IF NOT MORE than sadness. We all want to share our joys, too.

    And if I consistently read a blog and comment for a week (or seven times if they post once a week, for example) and they haven’t stopped by at least once? I delete them-becuase if they don’t give enough of a shit for their readers to at least stop and say hello, then they are arrogant assholes who certainly don’t deserve my time.

    I think I covered them all.

    • Avitable

      @Kori, with your last point, I can say that sometimes it’s just too hard to get around to everyone. I have over 500 blogs in my feedreader (yours included) and trying to comment on some of them can be a struggle with my job and life getting in the way.

  45. blues

    Pretty damn good system you have here. I read blogs that don’t read me though, because ultimately the friend making/community part to me is a really awesome byproduct, but my real interest is in writing and humor. So if someone doesn’t read me that I still like, I won’t stop reading them. They still, afterall, give me something, even if it isn’t comments.

  46. Joy

    I am particularly entranced by #22. 😉 I lurk, but this is my first comment. It is sometimes intimidating to comment on a popular blog, because of the very obvious close relationships that exist between the commenters. I sometimes feel like I’m crashing a party that I haven’t been invited to. 😀

    • Avitable

      @Joy, the thing is, sometimes these close relationships are purely imaginary and only exist because the commenter takes the time to comment in the first place! Thanks for being brave and taking that first step.

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