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What I’m watching this TV season

(Note: this is just the shows I’m watching. For full coverage of all the new season, go check out Snackie Teevee!)


Curb Your Enthusiasm, 9 PM (HBO) – returns tomorrow
Bored to Death*, 9:30 PM (HBO) – premieres tomorrow




V*, 8 PM (ABC) – premieres November 3rd.


Glee*, 9 PM (Fox)
Ghost Hunters, 9 PM (Syfy)
Top Chef, 10 PM (Bravo)
Destination: Truth, 10 PM (Syfy)


SNL: Weekend Update Thursday, 8 PM (NBC)
Parks & Recreation, 8:30 PM (NBC)
Supernatural, 9 PM (CW)
Fringe, 9 PM (Fox)
The Office, 9 PM (NBC)
Community*, 9:30 PM (NBC)
30 Rock, 9:30 PM (NBC) – returns October 15th.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 10 PM (FX)


Law & Order, 8 PM (NBC) – returns September 25th
Smallville, 8 PM (CW) – returns September 25th
Dollhouse, 9 PM (Fox) – returns September 25th


SNL, 11:30 PM (NBC) – returns September 26th

Shows I considered but decided not to watch:
Vampire Diaries
Modern Family
The Cleveland Show

Shows I’ve decided to drop from previous years’ viewings:
The Simpsons
Family Guy

Shows I tried to watch but couldn’t get past the laugh track:
Big Bang Theory
Two and a Half Men
How I Met Your Mother

Shows that I would like to avoid at all costs:
So You Think You Can Dance
Melrose Place
Dancing with the Stars
Cougar Town

Shows starring Steven Seagal that I can’t wait to see because they follow him around as he actually acts as a member of the New Orleans Police Department:
Steven Seagal: Lawman

* indicates new show.

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86 Replies to “What I’m watching this TV season”

    • Avitable

      @Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing], Big Bang Theory is one of the stupider shows out there. It’s like they took the geeks from Revenge of the Nerds and decided that they’d make a whole show about that cliche, even though it’s 30 years old.

  1. Hockeyman

    Wow, I could totally get behind that kind of TV schedule with little modification. I may check out an episode of the cleveland show. I may also watch a family guy or two, and smallville will get missed. I only miss smallville because I’ve only seen 1 or 2 episodes and although I liked it, I’m way far behind. Also Law & Order can go (BA-BA-BUM) as I got tired of over acted law shows when the practice ended. So you think you can dance though is a must watch in my house. The girls LOVE it so I am forced to enjoy it with them. What makes it work is a hot host and the fact that all the female contestants are 18 or older so its not so creepy.

  2. Cara

    I DVR everything so I have no idea when or where anything is on. The last show I actually watched live was Battlestar Gallactica. Oh Starbuck, how I miss you.

    I have to agree with Angie. Except about Big Bang Theory. I tried it once and wished I were in a bear trap just so I could gnaw off my foot to get away from it.

    And Community might be my new favorite sitcom.

  3. Jacquie

    On Mondays, you rest? Or catch up on your DVR.. because dude, Dr. House will be back in the house on Mondays! I love that show, and my list is eerily similar to yours so I’d think you would like it too. And frankly, I don’t see how any human can avoid the splendor that is Project Runway.

  4. Kim

    Interesting list – I’m watching alot of these too…and then some.

    And Adam, if you really really really want to, I can hook you up with Steven’s NOPD friend…..he’s my cousin. Laissez le bon temps roulez……and Steven is actually really good at it, he worked MArdi Gras for years before people realized who he was….and was a reserve deputy in Jefferson PArish for the late great Harry Lee.

    I’m surprised it took this long for him to get a show !! He’s been a hometown sensation for years !!

  5. Jay

    I will catch up on some of the shows from this week on Hulu this weekend.

    I love Mad Men. And Sons of Anarchy. Maybe SoA is too manly for some people. Lots of gunfights, brawls and sex. That’s quality entertainment.

    And I’m not admitting to anyone that I watch Glee.

    Oh and Vampire Diaries sucked. I couldn’t take it and turned it off.

  6. CP

    I only watch Showtime (Weeds, Nurse Jackie, Dexter) and anything related to SNL. That’s the extent of my television viewing…unless you count football.

    Think I will try “Community” though. I’ve heard good things.

  7. Stone Fox

    i watched glee tonight. i will require one more episode to see if it’s worth it. trouble is, i really REALLY like the blond lady with the short hair – she is the cheer coach, i think? HI-larious. it is almost worth watching just for her.

    i will watch V if they are still eating rodents.

  8. Katie

    I’ll still be watching The Simpsons, Family Guy and How I Met Your Mother, but more out of habit than anything else. I love Ghost Hunters and Top Chef too and of course Law & Order. I think I watch too much TV.

  9. Hilly

    What the frak? Why are you dropping The Simpsons and Family Guy? I thought you loved those shows? Hrm, maybe that’s just me. 😉

    I watched Community last night with great trepidation but by the end of the show, it totally grew on me.

  10. jared

    Great list, but you need to start watching How I Met Your Mother. Each season they have been using the laugh track less and less, plus the insanely creative writing tops all other sitcoms.

  11. Kelly

    I don’t watch much TV at all lately, but have been looking for some new shows – and some of those caught my attention. I seriously need a DVR, though.
    The only one on there I’ve ever actually seen is Law & Order, and that’s usually reruns on some obscure cable channel.

  12. lceel

    ‘Steven Seagal: Lawman’? Grannie is going to be ecstatic. If there’s anything or anybody in the WORLD that gets Grannie’s 83 year old mojo working, it’s Steven Seagal. Yup. I mean S.S. is right up there with Tiger Woods, in her book. Only sexier.

  13. Cheri

    I think I watch too much tv. My list is MUCH longer thanks to tivo. What I’m most looking forward to is Dexter, Californication, Grey’s and the dancing shows you won’t dare watch – I LOVE them..but I’m a girl so I’m excused right? lol

  14. Mik

    There is some shows on there I want to check out also, been getting fed up of the true crime shows of late. Although I did catch an episode of Sons of Anarchy and want to check it out some more to see if the series keeps my interest.

    Not seen Glee yet, still undecided if it would interest me or not.

  15. Kerri_with_a_k

    Gotta respect the list. Both Monday and Thursday for me are JAM-PACKED with sitcomy-goodness, but I’m trying to DVR as much as possible so I can get a feel for some of the new shows.

    And I’m not surprised about Heroes. A lot of people I’ve been talking to are saying the same things: season 1 was excellent, and it’s been going downhill season by season. It’s time to drop that one.

    Oh, and I’m loving Glee!

  16. SciFi Dad

    With the exception of some of the shows you mentioned that don’t air here, our viewing list is similar. I’m surprised you dropped Heroes; I thought last season recovered well enough from the strike-shortened one to give it another go. Also, I thought you’d be keen on Flash Forward. (And I’m curious to know if you will watch Lost or not.)

  17. Loukia

    The fact that you will be watching Glee and The Office makes me very happy indeed! And the fact that you are no longer going to be watching stupid Family Guy makes me ever happier! Dumb show. South Park is a billion zillion kadillion times more funny. LOVE South Park!
    I also watch Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. Don’t hate, don’t hate… 😉

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