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Raffle winners announced!

(cross-posted over at Avitable Halloween)

Thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets, the proceeds of which go to support the Halloween party happening on October 24th here in Altamonte Springs.

We sold 110 tickets total before the raffle ended, and this allows us to draw four winners for the following prizes:

Each person who purchased a ticket was able to select the recipient of the prize – either themselves of someone specific. I put the name of each recipient into a list corresponding to the number of tickets in their name. (e.g., if someone bought 10 tickets for Joe Blow, I put the name Joe Blow on the list 10 times.) Then, I used the List Randomizer to randomize the list. Finally, I used the Integer Generator to randomly choose 10 different numbers between 1 and 110. I chose 10 numbers so that if there were any duplicated names, I could skip someone who already won.

Here are the numbers that were chosen in order, and I assigned them in that order to Third Prize, Second Prize, First Prize, and the Grand Prize, respectively:

Third Prize
108: Cissa Fireheart

Second Prize
84: Wayne Hall

First Prize
41: Ren

20: Sheila

Congratulations to the winners! I’ll be sending each of you an email to confirm.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. It’s only because of this raffle, the T-shirt sales, and the tickets that I’m able to throw such an amazing party and invite so many people. I truly appreciate your support!

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19 Replies to “Raffle winners announced!”

  1. whall

    I would say “wow, I never have won anything in my life” but actually, I win these kinds of things all the time. So, instead I’ll say “wow, this is awesome! thank you, Universe! and thank you, Avitable! and thank you, fingers and bank account for making this possible! and thank you everyone who congratulated me!”

  2. black sheep

    8/4/09 1:08 p.m. Marjorie Peskin, 57, 112 Dedham St., Newton, Mass., was stopped on Route 1 by York’s Wild Animal Kingdom and charged with operating without being licensed and operating while registration is suspended. Peskin has a court date of Nov. 5.

    Someone should really call Mass’s welfare department and rat her out for sucking on the government teat while she is the self-described CEO of Animzmirot Design Group.

    Sorry for hijacking the comments, but I couldn’t help myself…ah, Shadenfreude.

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