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Maybe not everybody should be allowed near a computer

(thanks to mew for the link)

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37 Replies to “Maybe not everybody should be allowed near a computer”

  1. liquid

    he got that scar exercising, you know
    cage fighting tigers maybe

    “looking for a friend during the day in visalia calif, that likes to walk, i lost 195 lbs doing this with diet and exercise. i walk at a medium pace but do have air comfort shoes with wghts that i use some times. do wrap around weight on my wrists too. just getting started again since i worked out in my gym at home most of the winter. please email me 55 years old retired guy looking for a buddy to walk with and talk too.”

  2. lceel

    Depends? Was that fucker (I use the term loosely) wearing Depends? If I was the President of the company that makes Depends, I’d sue! That guy sure ain’t helping business. But I did like the hairdo. That was like rad.

    I thought it was going to turn into a snuff film when he started playing with that wire around his neck.

    I kinda wish it had.

    I had to throw out the coffee I was drinking. It was like it was contaminated.

  3. tony

    i met that guy back in 1970 in San Francisco on my way overseas. he seemed lonely so we sat in the park and talked a couple of hours. he left a note with his phone number at my hotel but i had to leave town. i think we could have been good friends. thanks for the video it was good to see him again and know he is doing well.

  4. Jolene

    I don’t have a youtube account, so I made my husband give me his password. He was mocking me for something while watching it, so I threatened to ‘favorite’ the video so that it shows in his facebook feed. He is leaving me alone, now! Thanks for the horrifying video!

  5. Mik

    Wait, I just watched the whole thing! I too am glad he wasn’t true to the movie, which is horribly ruined for me now.

    Maybe it’ll start a trend and other bloggers can do their own versions, you first!

  6. bubblewench

    Had to comment again on this cause after I showed it to my hubs (who could only watch a few mins of it), we were trying to figure out why he had the sign on his head backwards. Did he think that the video was like a mirror? He must’ve.

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