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Halloween Tickets and Vacation Photos

(Crossposted on the Halloween blog)

Halloween Ticketsyou have until Friday, October 16th, to buy your tickets, if they don’t sell out by then. If you want me to save you one, just email me and let me know. And yes, if you read this blog, you ARE invited – don’t feel shy. You’re not going to get an engraved invitation – just buy a ticket and come on down!

Vacation Photos – In order to finish the decorations in time, the last day to submit vacation photos is Monday, October 12th. After that day, there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to use your photo! You don’t even have to attend to be a part of the party, and I fully expect those of you who I call my friends to submit a photo – yes, I’m talking to you! And you. And you. If you’ve already submitted a photo, you’re all set – no need to submit another one. It’s those of you who are lazy fuckers that I’m looking at!

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8 Replies to “Halloween Tickets and Vacation Photos”

  1. Poppy

    I already submitted 34.78 pictures and Dawg bought our tickets. I resprayed my outfit with that no static spray, have made sure I know where all my accessories are, and wore my Avitaween shirt already.

    I have no more planning to do, let’s hurry up and have a party!!!!

  2. Marty

    I’ve submitted my vacation pic and truly regret not being able to witness the howls of laughter in response.

    I am committed (not in that sense as yet) to portray an idiot in a local production of the show Rumors by Neil Simon on the weekend of the gala. I would just as soon come to your party to portray an idiot.

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