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The Office Wedding Dance

If you watched last week’s episode of “The Office” and wondered why everyone danced down the aisle during Jim and Pam’s wedding, here’s the reason:

This still isn’t as awesome as the classic “Amy’s Wedding Toast”, which made me get a piece of dirt in my eye:

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44 Replies to “The Office Wedding Dance”

  1. Hilly

    I love the wedding dance one and think it was an awesome idea when it was still original. I’d love to have that at my second wedding but a) I wouldn’t want to be a copycat tool and b) there may never be a second wedding, heh.

  2. tracey

    I am now kicking Maria’s ass for sending me over to watch this. And I’m wondering why your blog isn’t showing as new posts on my feeder thingy, but that’s a different story.

    I just bawled for the last 8 minutes and 48 seconds. That was unbelievable. The dance was hysterical, but the love and work that went into the musical number was phenomenal…

  3. cat

    I think you posted Amy’s toast as a link a while back… I saw it then and was very moved. That’s a lot of work to put into something! Didn’t watch The Office yet. I feel like an evil traitor, but I’ve never cared much about Jim and Pam. I’m honestly surprised everyone’s so gaga over them.

  4. muskrat

    I thought the second video was from you wedding at first, but then again, your name isn’t Brad. Once I realized it wasn’t your Amy, I thought, “Why the hell is Adam posting this lame shit with the posterboard?” But then I watched a little longer and saw why. So, thanks!

  5. whall

    I hadn’t seen the wedding dance referenced, but I had seen the musical-inspired one. I liked it a lot, but I think I would have liked it better if it had been filmed in HD and used better sound… maybe even 35mm with a soundboard guy and a mixer. And then of course a director could have tied things together much more nicely. NOT TO MENTION a legal guy to collect signatures on waivers.

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