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Hottest Cartoon Characters

Naked Marge Simpson
Naked Marge Simpson

With this month’s Playboy showcasing a nude Marge Simpson, there is obviously some appeal in seeing a fictional drawn character nude. Marge wouldn’t be my first choice, even though she looks pretty hot, and I know there are at least five other cartoon characters that I would much rather see naked:

Wilma Flintstone
Wilma Flintstone

Wilma Flintstone – even though you totally know she’d be rocking some caveman 70s bush, Wilma’s got an iron fist, and you just know she takes control in the bedroom. Plus, she’s comfortable working with bones.

Lois Griffin
Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin – it’s a combination of the accent and the conservative haircut that is hiding a twisted woman. Dirty women from Rhode Island are hawt.

Daphne Blake
Daphne Blake

Daphne Blake – she might not be the brightest of the Scooby Gang, but she knows what her assets are and she will use them to get whatever she sets her mind to. And since she’s friends with a couple of stoners, you know that innocence of hers is just a facade.


Josie – chicks in bands are always hot. With that little upturned pixie nose, she’s irresistible.

Princess Fiona
Princess Fiona

Pre-Ogrified Princess Fiona – she’s feisty, a martial artist, and only a delicate flower from far away. What’s not to love?

Which cartoon character would you prefer to see naked?

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98 Replies to “Hottest Cartoon Characters”

  1. Hockeyman

    I like your list. The Marge pics from Playboy are creepy. I always thought Ariel from little mermaid was a dish. Aside from her looks, you gotta think a feisty and rebellious red-head would be wicked in the sack. Just worried that she might smell…

  2. Maria

    Prince Eric

    Gambit from X-Men, the Animated Series

    The dude in Anastasia, who was voiced by Jon Cusack. I think. I forget his name.

    Robin (the fox) from Disney’s Robin Hood

    Jane’s old brother from Daria

    Jane from Daria


    Doctor Girlfriend (out of curiosity, mostly)



    The hot space dude in the Daft Punk animated videos

    Spike Speigel

  3. NYCWD

    Dude, you picked Lois Griffin over Jessica Rabbit? Or Wilma‘s best friend Betty? Or She-Ra? Or Cheetarah (sp?)?

    Obviously you are feverish.

    Take two Tylenol and blog about it in the morning.

  4. Hilly

    Naked Marge Simpson is creepy. It reminds me of those cartoon porn ads that you see on other porn sites. I mean, uh…that “other people” see. I have no idea what a porn site looks like.


  5. Amanda

    I always had a thing for the dude from Mulan. Shang, maybe? Which is weird because I’m not usually into asian dudes. Oh and Eric from the Little Mermaid. And maybe Aladdin. Beast, probably. I think I may be a cartoon slut.

  6. CitizenKim

    Superman! Super this, super that…yeah, super sign me up for some of that!

    Aquaman is hot but w/all that underwater time I imagine there might be a shrinkage issue.

    That wonder twins dude was kinda hot if you could ignore his hair do. Let’s just go ahead and have a naked day w/the whole gang at the League of Justice. Fighting evil is hot (except when Bush does it)!

    And finally, I would have to ask Archie to drop trou bc how he could pull either of those chicks is beyond me.

  7. Nenette

    As many other said, where’s Jessica Rabbit?… oh, and where are Disney’s Jasmine, Ariel, Pokahontas, and Mulan? I’d put them on my list…

    And dude, seeing Marge all naked like that is as creepy to me as dogs dressed up as people. So wrong.

  8. Becca

    You do realize every character you picked has red hair, right? πŸ˜› And am just totally a perv or am I the only one who’s seen the Disney Princess porn pictures? Seriously- crazy. (not just me- the pictures too *L*)

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