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Dance monkey dance

So, it’s been three years. Back when I was on Blogger. When I was under 30. When there was a Bush in the White House. It was a different time. A scarier time.

Dancing Avitable from Adam Avitable on Vimeo.

What do you think? Should I shoot a new dance video? If yes, any suggestions for the song?

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49 Replies to “Dance monkey dance”

  1. Julie @ Angry Julie Monday

    I don’t want to be a stalker…but I was showing my husband your blog and saw this post. I had to comment. Can I say that I’m thankful that you kept your clothes on while dancing? I think we need a new video, with the svelte Avitable!

    Husband liked your header by the way, and your tagline cracked him up too.

  2. CP

    Oh my God. I remember when we had that “dance off” on my blog. You and Mr. Fab. Never in my life have I felt more powerful than to have two of the hottest male bloggers dancing for my blog fodder. And you won by a landslide. I was very proud of you. You can shoot a new video, but it will never hold a place in my heart the way this one always will. Warms the very cockles of my soul.

  3. Hilly

    1.) You know which video I want you to post, hahahahaha!
    2.) Since you won’t post that one, you should do a new dancing one. I bet you can move even better now that you’re half of your old size, if not less. 🙂

  4. tracey

    I just snorted my “almost-stir-fry” noodle dish thingy when I heard the song come. Very current, personal joke running over here which has me singing that freakin milkshake song all the time.

    Can I just say “thank you” for bending over and shakin it? That sealed the deal for me. That? Made this performance go from “good” to “fuckin awesome.” I like to see a man who can bend over and shake it. Thumbs up.

  5. PaintingChef

    “Single Ladies” was the first one that popped into my head too but it’s SO OVERDONE. (And please for the love of GOD do not subject the internet to further Lady GaGa) I kind of dig the “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” suggestion…

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