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If a Hilly drinks and there’s nobody around, is she still drunk?

Hunk Drilly from Adam Avitable on Vimeo.

Last night was a belated birthday dinner for Hilly over at Liam Fitzpatrick’s in Lake Mary. As I write this, she is doing shots in my game room and loudly declaring her desire to drive herself home. I have hidden her keys and may have to duct tape her into the bed in the guest room.

Happy birthday, Hilly!

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54 Replies to “If a Hilly drinks and there’s nobody around, is she still drunk?”

  1. Kim

    Belated 29th belated HB Hilly !!! Uh-huh. ; )

    LOVE IT !!!!! I want a Hilly Type birthday next year – WITH NO VIDEO !!!

    Hilly is for sure – ALL THE SPECIAL IN ALL THE LANDS !!!!

    P.S. And Happy Birthday Adam….again. ; )

  2. Hilly

    I want to pretend to be ashamed here but bwahahahaha, oh my heck, I was a mess! Drinking Faiqa’s booze, talking about hubba hubba and yanno…


    Thanks to everyone for a great birthday though…it was the bestest in all the lands (apparently).

  3. Grant

    Remember how you blogged about how important comments are to you and the 100th is as important as the 1st and how you try to respond personally to every single one? I have no reason for mentioning this. I just hope you’re not trying to have a life in lieu of blogging.

  4. liquid

    Happy Birfday Hilly!
    I want to thank everyone for letting me take photos of them all night…and even in the bathroom.

    dear @snacklepop: even boozed up, you took a damn fine photo of me and Faiqa !

    @avitable: thank you for making it feel like it was everyone’s birthday. ^__^

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