119 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Florida”

    1. @B.E. Earl, Agreed. I am soooo over not having a real seasons here. And there’s nothing more exasperating than trying to explain to your four year old that it’s not going to snow even though it’s winter and according to all her stupid little workbooks winter is full of snowy… stuff.

      1. @Avitable, I’ve done a few in FL too. I like warm weather. I’m in San Francisco this week and I’ll barely be able to move by the time I get back to the lovely heat of Los Angeles.

  1. Testicle-less Turkey tanning Thanksgiving Thursday.


    Barenaked (Butterball – nah, that’s running into cruel and I try not to be that way) Blogger basking beside beach. Bragging. Bah!!

  2. Well if I have to sacrifice my third leg to be able to sit poolside in the sun… then I’d rather keep the third leg and sit huddled in a corner under a blanket.

    It’s about priorities… and peeing standing is a high one for me.

  3. Thanksgiving in Queens: My mom and stepdad are STAYING with Dawg’s parents, and then for dinner his ex-wife, her current wife, and the wolves are all coming into town so we can all have dinner together. Also to be in attendance: Dawg’s brother, parents’ cats, and ex-wife’s dog.

    I apparently enjoy the crazy.

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