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What I’ve Learned From Mad Men

For the last ten days, I have been engrossed in the world of Mad Men. Encouraged heavily by two maniacal fans, I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode. As I write this post, I’m about halfway through the third and most recent season, but I feel comfortable enough to discuss the lessons I’ve learned so far.

Here is what I have learned from Mad Men:

  • Hats can be cool.
  • Psychology is stupid.
  • Whiskey is the nectar of the gods.
  • Cigarettes help you think and work better.
  • It’s okay to drink and smoke when you’re pregnant.
  • Black people either provide a helpful service or have sage insight.
  • Men are sluts.
  • It’s only okay to be gay if you’re from Europe.
  • Adopting a baby is a sign of weakness.
  • Everything needs salt.
  • To be mysterious and appealing, just don’t say anything and arch your eyebrow.
  • When you need time, just disappear and show back up a week or so later and nobody will even care.
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43 Replies to “What I’ve Learned From Mad Men”

  1. Amanda

    I’m drinking whiskey as I type this, so clearly this is correct.

    I have all three seasons downloaded but I haven’t watched it yet- Currently Mike’s making me watch Stargate Universe, and I’m making him watch Glee

  2. CP

    Don’t know about the rest of them, but I tried the last one on Facebook recently. No one is looking for me. They don’t even realize I’m gone. I don’t even think my husband noticed.

  3. Grace Davis

    Another takeaway from Mad Men: “Ahh, so this is why Baby Boomers are so fucked up.” Sally’s sad little life is a future hippie chick in the making. With the icy non-mothering from Betty and classic absent Boomer daddy Don, poor child is well on her way to an acid overdose.

  4. Jay

    During every episode of that show I made note of all the places people smoked. In the car, elevator, their children’s bedrooms, while holding a baby, in other people’s hotel rooms or offices, restaurants and in the waiting room at hospitals. Pretty much everywhere and especially places that it would seem rude or inconsiderate. The earliest I think I saw anyone drink was 9:30 am. So they’re pretty responsible when it comes to that.

    I learned that the early sixties were a glorious time when men ruled and women knew their place. LOL *runs before some uppity broad throws something at me*

  5. Grant

    I was onboard with the fanaticism surrounding Star Wars, Stephen King, and Kiss in Rio, so now I’ve decided to not watch Mad Men just so I can be cool and laugh at you silly kids who think it has artistic merit. I’m taking the same approach to Leonardo daVinci. Time will out that crappy water color thingy called the Mona Lisa.

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