From my table to yours

Happy Thanksgiving from Adam Avitable
Happy Thanksgiving from Adam Avitable
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74 Replies to “From my table to yours”

  1. Sarcastic Mom

    Hey, that’s way better than the one I edited to look like a witch.

    I think I’ve spent more of my life looking at your ballsack than sleeping at this point.

    And instead of being ashamed, I’m proud.

    And maybe I should be ashamed of that. Or not.

    I think I’ll just put it on my resume and call it a day.

  2. pixielation

    I’ve already seen those this week, so I am feeling quite blaise about the whole thing. Also I haven’t fully got my sight back. The doctor google mentioned something about psychosomatic blindness. Meh.

    This will put a whole new spin on the next visit to Godstone Farm with my girls. “Look children! Guess what the turkey reminds mummy of!”

    but lol @ delmer!

  3. JD at I Do Things

    Well, I have only myself to blame for clicking here. “Ooh, I wonder what’s on Avitable’s table,” I said innocently to myself.

    Is this the craft project kids are presenting to their families these days? Well, obviously just the boys . . . unless . . . nope, it would just be the boys.


    (Happy T-giving!)

  4. Audrey at Barking Mad

    I’m going to have to leave carving the bird up to my hubby tonight because I’m going to have this mental image stuck in my head all damned day and will be laughing too hard. However, I won’t be showing this to the hubby BEFORE he carves the bird because let’s face it, after seeing this, it becomes personal! *LMAO*

  5. Moon HalloranLeady

    OMG that’s the most precious thing I’ve ever seen! Woulda been even cuter had you done the “hand-print” thingy preschoolers usually bring home to their parents. Mumma would have been so proud πŸ™‚

    LOL — thanks for making me cackle and nearly wet myself…you rock

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