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I’m a Gleek and proud of it

How awesome was Wednesday’s Glee episode? I’m not going to spoil it for those of you who haven’t watched it yet, but HOLY SHIT!

It’s a lazy Friday, so here’s a Glee extra – the Glee cast singing “Last Christmas”:

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57 Replies to “I’m a Gleek and proud of it”

  1. CP

    Did you see the rendition of True Colors they did last week? I know you love that song and I thought it was brilliant!

    I just ordered my “Gleek” T-shirt online.

    I heard that Glee isn’t coming back to Fox until APRIL because of American Idol starting up in January! I think that is an insane move because Glee has such a huge audience right now. We have to wait until APRIL for more GLEE awesomeness! *sobs*

    In the meantime, NBC has this show coming on called “Sing Off”. Should be good for those of us who will be missing our Glee fixes come two weeks from now.

    Sing Off

  2. Breigh

    hehe I did a post about Glee last week, not quite as positive as this one, but I’m still watching!! This latest episode gave me hope though, as it addressed at least one of the problems I had with it 😛

  3. MB

    I’m a total Gleek too!

    My sister is getting married later this year and Jane Lynch is going to officiate her ceremony. I’m so excited I’m going to get to meet her. She is hysterical.

  4. Kal E.


    Just kidding. I don’t watch that crap.

    Although I will probably tune in for the episode that Joss Whedon is gonna direct/write next Spring. Which probably makes me a bigger geek than you. Just not a gleek.

  5. Hockeymandad

    I have un-purposely seen every episode and enjoyed them. Maybe next season I will come out of the Glee closet. If you never heard or saw Lea Michelle in Spring Awakening, it’s worth a soundtrack pickup. I actually saw her in the lead role of Spring Awakening and she was amazing. Really cute too…

  6. Laurie

    I love that shit actually happens on this show and they aren’t making us wait years for storylines to play out.

    I AM bummed that we have to wait for what is going to seem like a year to get new episodes though.

  7. Marta

    So you were nice enough not to leave any spoilers but the others were not. I’m still looking forward to watching it on Hulu later but ugh. I guess that is a lesson not to read comments.

  8. Randa

    I uhm stalk people on twitter, and found you through someone else, I believe redneckmommy…and then you hooked me with being a Gleek. I have loved Glee from before the beginning and have yet to profess my love for it on my blog or any other blog. Until now. I read around and I had to comment because you told me to in your about me section. So here I am professing my undying love for Glee. For the first time. In your comments.

  9. JD at I Do Things


    How funny is it that your whole post was pretty much about how you didn’t want to spoil the episode, followed by the first comment that TOTALLY spoiled the most important part of the episode!

    Well, I thought it was funny.

    I’m a Gleek, too, and proud of it. Loved the “Smile” segment.

  10. Ren

    OK, I just hulued this episode — maybe the 2nd or 3rd I’ve watched — and I just don’t get the draw. It was just like any other dramedy of recent years, with the possible exception of the annoyingly lip-synced singing.

    Oh well, I’m happy that you and others get so much enjoyment out of it.

  11. Employee No. 3699

    I haven’t seen the newest episode because someone at is out for a loooong lunch. Anyhoo, GLEE…GLUE? Synonomous. I’m stuck.

    I love this show but is it the best show evah? No.

    Is it in my top ten TV shows evah? No.

    Is it, however, new and refreshing in the midst of the last dismal decade or so of reality T.V.

    Blah, blah, blah can you sing, dance, loose the most weight, survive whateverpartoftheworldtheyputyouin, be the new apprentice/top model, live/compete with others for three months, be the biggest tool, blah, blah blah? Don’t care…get a real job.

    Yes, Glee makes me happy.

  12. Candace

    I really, really like this show. I’m not sure how I feel about them humanizing Sue as much as they did in the episode before this most recent one.

    The only thing that really bugged me and the DH about this most recent episode is that Will shouldn’t really be disqualified as an advisor for accepting the mattress. Only the kids need to have amateur status. Of course suspension of disbelief and all that–but internally consistent logic is important.

    Jump was awesome. Will getting angry was amazing. The great thing about Will is they give all the usual after-school special cues that he’s “like totally the best thing” that ever happened to those kids when in reality, though his heart is in the right place, more often than not he cares more about how “cool” he is, screws up, acts like a baby, or does something completely unethical. Despite all of that he is incredibly attractive. That’s right, he’s no Justin Timberlake. He’s way better than that.

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